The 5 Best TV Remote Apps For Android Phones [2018]

Android is a versatile platform to try out lots of hardware supported tools, Android also supports OEMs concept that allows selling the product which is actually not made by itself, OEMs stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. So, it will become more useful for users and Developers. If you want to make a good spiced android device that is handled by the Android system, then you can use the most powerful equipment of android, that is sensors. In this list, we have gathered some of the best TV Remote Android Apps that you use right away on your phone to control most of your wireless devices.

There is a lot of reason behind worth downloading android app, cause sometimes they provide some different features which are not in the current Remote Control App. In this article we discuss “Remote Control App” for android user, there are a lot of remote apps that provide to control your TV remotely, but here is our list of top remote apps which provides you the best experience and easy to use. If you have multiple devices like TV, Air-Conditioner, DVD player, Printer, and other.

Using these apps you can control all of these devices by only one app. These apps user IR (Infrared) rays that broadcast signal to android device and control over on.  For different TVs and devices, they have their own remote controller to control on it, Instead of that thing you have a choice, and that is TV Remote Controller Android app.

In this gathering, we have summoned some of the best IR based remote control apps that should help you in multiple ways. You just read it’s working, features, compatibility, and decide which one is for you, So, let’s dive in.  Kindly note, you need an IR (Infra-red) Sensor for accessing these apps. IR control work on only IR Devices. Therefore, make sure your device’s configuration before you download and install these applications. If your phone doesn’t support IR sensor, these apps have nothing for you.

The list of best TV Remote Apps For Android User

1. Peel Smart Remote:

Peel Smart Remote

The Peel Smart Remote App works on almost all Televisions. The  Peel Smart Remote app is trying to become a replacement for the TV Remote and TV Remote Guide App. In this app, you get features like something different than other app and provide the built-in Remote guide.

How it works:

  • Step-1: First download from given below link, install & Open it.
  • Step-2: Login to Peel Smart Remote App.
  • Step-3: You need to select Your Local Provider from a given list, It’ll use your location. Or instead of selecting a local service provider, just select the national option.
  • Step-4: Now, time to connect to your TV and try to test every control.

Features of Peel Smart Remote App:

  • Universal Remote Control
  • Easy to setup & Easy to use
  • Never miss a favorite show
  • Easily Discover Streamed contain
  • Help & Support

2. Smart TV Remote:

Smart TV Remote

On the other hand, the Smart TV Remote is another app to remote control your TV, Smart TV Remote app is downloaded by 20 million people and become the most popular app.

This app support universally all smart TV’s, If you want to access multiple devices with one app controller then this app is best for you, It handles 4 devices at a time with IR waves.

Features of Smart TV Remote App:

  • Simple App User Interface
    Control multiple devices at a time
  • Working on almost all TV’s
  • Quick Navigation
  • Free for all users

3. Sure Universal TV Remote:

Sure Universal TV Remote

If you’re looking for something that works as an all-in-one solution then you should install this app. The Sure Universal TV Remote App has a very solid option in TV Remote Apps.

This app work with both IR & Wireless Signals, So, you have two options for using it. This app supports almost all TV’s. It also works on multiple smart devices. Best features of this app are tabular form switching, It means each device has each tab to handle it.

Features of Sure Universal TV Remote App:

  • Tabular Form Switching
  • Work with multiple
  • Better User Experience
  • Easy to use
  • Use Infra-red & Wireless Signals
  • Free for all users

4. AnyMote Universal Remote:

AnyMote Universal Remote

The AnyMote Universal Remote App is Another Controlling TV’s app. If you’re in a modular Remote control app market, then this app is best for you. Using AnyMote App you can control almost all android devices like a DSLR camera, AC, TV, Heating Devices, Video game console, and other. You can also combine multiple devices on one screen, So, you can handle multiple devices with time-consuming.

Features of AnyMote Universal Remote App:

  • Floating Remote Widget
  • GUI based Gesture
  • Automate Stream Function
  • Support Almost Devices
  • Free for all users

5. Remote CT – Smart Remote:

Remote CT - Smart Remote

Another App can control like TV Remote called Remote CT – Smart Remote App, using Infra-red signal it controls smart TV, DSLR camera, Washing machine, AC, Game consoles, etc. this app is specially made for HTC and Samsung TV, but letter on its work on almost all TV, this app also multiple devices controlling like another Remote app.

Features of  Remote CT – Smart Remote App:

  • Support multiple devices
  • Easy to use
  • GUI based Gestures
  • Advance remote system
  • Free for all users

That ends our roundup that covers some of the best TV Remote Apps for Android user. In this article, we discuss Remote IR control apps which are doing what you want from the Remote app, its features, and analysis on different apps.

So, in which you need to decide which app is a comfort for you. We hope that our readers would find this list helpful. If you’ve suggestions for us, do let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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