Top 7 Helpful Tools for College Students

Managing your academic writing assignments and preparing for exams at a go can be daunting and exasperating. Additionally, there are curricular activities that you need to take part in. Hence, this makes you wonder how you can manage your time well and handle all these responsibilities without outweighing another. This can help you lessen the heap of writing tasks you need to work on thereby granting you more time to study as well as participate in school activities.

Moreover, there are various learning tools and apps that you can use to study as well as manage your tasks. With these tools at hand, you will no longer need to procrastinate working on your assignments regardless of how busy your schedule is. And, below are some of the most efficient university student tools, apps, and websites that will not only enable you to organize yourself but also prepare you for any academic challenges.

Different tools are very useful in college

Technology has a significant impact on the contemporary educational system. Students take their courses online. Additionally, they utilize the internet as their primary source of information for their tasks as well as learning objectives. Moreover, you can find a plethora of apps, tools, and websites that you can use to boost your productivity as well as beat all the assignment deadlines that your academic instructors impose on you. These tools are very beneficial in college and they include the following.


Coursera is one of the best online tools for students. It is a collection of online courses developed for free in partnership with top universities. Using this platform enables you to acquire certificates once you complete the courses. In the end, these can sum up to a degree, which is a significant bonus to the knowledge you earn.

The courses are like interactive textbooks, featuring projects, quizzes, ad pre-recorded videos. Moreover, there is a social platform that you can use to connect and interact with other students for discussion and debates on the basis of the courses you are pursuing or your interests.


A significant part of your college life comes with writing several essays. And since you cannot boast of outstanding essay writing skills, you are bound to face a number of challenges with your assignments. Fortunately enough, Grammarly can help you save a lot of time with your projects, essays, and book reports among other assignments. Not only does it check out for grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but also sentence structure.

This app provides you with all the possible options of refining and polishing your work as well as elucidating the errors you make. This learning tool has a free version and supplementary functions such as professional proofreading. But, you need to pay for it to update to the premium account.


Evernote is one of the apps that you are bound to come across on your search for useful tools for students. Not only is it good for the organization but also effective time management. Additionally, you can use it to write a book or for teamwork purposes. Due to its remarkable features, students who use it do not intend to switch it for something else.

One of its essential features is note-taking. Hence, this makes it a go-to tool for students who would rather take their notes on a laptop than write. Moreover, it allows smooth synchronization between your devices, thus you can work on your projects

Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is one of the online tools that students can use to complete their writing assignments. The online app helps students in editing their works by enhancing the sentence structures. Hemingway App serves to trim down long sentences that limit the understanding of the information delivered. The online tool also identifies the unjust use of passive voice in the text as well as the overuse of adverbs. The online tool makes it easy to correct errors in writing assignments. The online tool highlights the errors and sets them apart by using different color codes for each of the errors identified. The edited text provides fluency of information, limits repetition, and is easy to comprehend. Hemmingway App allows students to save on the time taken to edit their writing assignments.

Dragon Dictation

Students can also make use of online tools that feature speech-recognition and text-editing abilities. Dragon Dictation is one of the online applications that allow students to dictate their works while it types the dictations. The online tool helps students in dealing with writing assignments that require the presentation of more information. Dragon Dictation requires one to have an internet connection to enhance the feature of speech recognition.

The online tool also requires training or recurrent use to increase its ability to recognize the speech and edit the dictation. It is an application that saves on time and energy as it allows one to complete more tasks without getting tired from typing. Dragon Dictation may also save on the expenses of seeking the services of online platforms for assistance in completing loads of writing assignments.

Word Counter

One of the instructions for writing assignments for students is the pages required for completing the task. The size of the writing assignments varies according to the number of pages required to complete the article. Other writing assignments may also require students to maintain a specific number of words for a given paragraph or in answering the prompts of the task. Word Counter is an online application that students may find useful in completing their writing assignments. The online tool allows students to keep and achieve the word count required for a given task.

Essay word count tool


The delivery of quality articles and documents also depends on the use of presentation techniques that reinforce the quality of work presented. The Zoho app is an online tool that provides assistance to students in the presentation of their writing assignments. It is one of the tools that students should use to manage and organize their writing assignments. It is easy to use and enhances the quality of work presented by students. Also, students go for the professional writing service to complete their work and that’s really good in cases.

There are various online tools whose websites college students should know about to help them in completing their writing tasks. These online tools help students to save time and energy for dealing with other demands of their coursework. Using the online tools also save students from the expenses incurred in seeking the services of online platforms as some of them are free. The outlined Study tools for college students are easy to use and allow students to gain knowledge and skills for delivering quality articles and documents.

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