Pros And Cons Of Online Anonymity

When you have your online presence, it is important to participate in the online forums as a responsible Netizen. Most of the people do not understand netiquette and would indulge in practices that aren’t safe. Most of them hide their identity and choose to perform things that aren’t meant to be while others use this anonymous tag responsibly.

Everything that we do in our lives has pros and cons; likewise, even online anonymity has its own pros and cons. Knowing the right and wrong aspects of anything would always help us to stick to the rules and perform our duties well. Also, when you are online, you would be having access to a lot of information. Using them in the manner and disseminating the information accordingly would help you to become famous and also you would be respected in the online world.

Some of them end up hiding their identity and indulge in activities that can harm the entire online community at times. There are a lot of rules that are available related to online anonymity; however, not many of them follow it. Hence, in this article, we have come up with certain pros and cons of online anonymity. We are sure that this information would help you to understand everything about what does an anonymous blog mean?

Freedom of speech
Freedom of speech

Pros- Freedom of Speech

When you are hiding your anonymity, you would be able to take part in all the online forums. Some of the forums would not be of your choice yet; you would love to post some comments on the discussion.

During such times, without any fear, you would be able to take part in all the discussions without revealing your identity. Also, you would not have any fear of being targeted when there is an anonymous tag. Hence, in certain places, it is required to stay anonymous along with your freedom of speech.

Cons – Abuse

Some people might misuse this opportunity and start abusing the other unnecessarily. Also, if you are the owner of a website, you would be able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of anonymous blogs.

Some people just come and use the opportunity to abuse or even pass comments that are completely harsh and absurd. Hence, at times the anonymous blog post would certainly hamper the growth of a particular website or a blog that is doing well.

no judgement
No judgement

No judgment

When you are posting as an anonymous user on any blog or website, you would be free from all the judgment. It becomes people to target you and start passing their comments and judge you for writing on an anonymous blog.

This would actually help you stay at peace, and also you may not have to confront anyone or even avoid yourselves from getting into unnecessary conflicts. This is one of the major advantages of having the label of an anonymous user.

Cons – It is easy to lie. 

If you are a regular contributor on a particular website or a blog, then having an anonymous tag would not be much beneficial as there is zero credibility that comes with anonymous users.

Hence, the information or even the comments that you are passing genuinely might be considered as a lie. Also, when you look at from another perspective, it becomes pretty easy for a person to lie on any online forum or channel using the anonymous tag. Hence, this is one of the greatest problems that one can face the anonymity tag.

Dismiss users
Dismiss users

Pros – Can dismiss such users easily

It becomes easy for people to get the details of an anonymous user, and there are a lot of sources that encourage such people to be dismissed from the community or the group. As there is a lot of accessibility, though people are posting anonymous blog posts, they can be easily removed off as well.

Cons – Information cannot be trusted.

The information posted by an anonymous user cannot be trusted all because there would be no mention of the source or even the name of the user to trace their details. Hence, such comments would not even be taken into consideration.

Participate any group
Participate any group

Pros – You can easily participate in any group

With an anonymous tag, you would be able to easily participate in any of the group activities, and also some people might hesitate to reveal their identity when it comes to political conversations. For such people, this is a great feature.

Cons – Defaming

With the anonymous tag, some people might be waiting to defame a particular community or a particular party, and that can turn out to be a controversial post. Everyone has access to information, and if one fails to understand the sensitivity of the information, then, this anonymous tag can become highly dangerous.

Well, these are some of the pros and cons that are involved in using the anonymous identity on websites and blogs. It is always important to understand the depth of the internet and online rules and then start using them properly.

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