How to fix Samsung Galaxy J5 that’s stuck on boot screen

Since the launch date, the Samsung Galaxy J5 has been one of the most popular smartphones released so far. This smartphone blends both; decent hardware specification and performance. In this tutorial, we will troubleshoot the different problems that you might face using this smartphone. If you’ve somehow bricked your phone and it’s not booting beyond the boot screen/logo, then you should follow the troubleshooting solutions we mention in this guide. Using this tutorial, you should be able to fix these boot stuck, boot loops and similar problems on your Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone.

It is much easier to troubleshoot Android smartphones as compared to other operating systems. It comes preloaded with multiple maintenance related tools that could help you fix most of the Android related problems on your phone. However, you must know that exact steps to access these tools and features. We would go start with some basic solutions and go advanced if they won’t work. Until the problem is linked to Android OS, we can fix it easily. Boot stuck, boot loops and lags generally occur after we update our phone, flash custom ROM and a third-party application.

Boot loops and stuck problems are quite frequent these days. In some cases, users face these problems update an OTA update. That’s where you need to troubleshoot your phone. During this tutorial, we’ll go through different troubleshooting solutions to fix Samsung Galaxy J5 that’s stuck on the boot screen/logo. The Android OS can be malfunctioned due to different reasons. The system files might have been damaged or corrupted somehow, cached/junk files may be resisting the OS to load properly or entire Android OS could be corrupted. Whatever that exact cause to these problems, we would try to fix it thoroughly.

Since we are about to troubleshoot your Galaxy J5, you must aware yourself that we might need to format your phone. That will delete all things stored within the internal memory. If you’ve any chance to back up, you must back up the important files. Once the action is performed, we cannot revert that action. You can use the inbuilt application called ‘Smart Switch’ to back up most of your content to other devices. Otherwise, just sync your phone to Samsung Kies tool and perform this task. Also, if nothing seems to work out, we may flash the new copy of the firmware on this phone.

No matter if you’re a complete newbie to this. These troubleshooting actions are easier to implement. For most of them, you don’t need any kind of third-party tool or utility. We would use the inbuilt tools like Recovery Mode, Safe Mode, etc, to fix boot stuck and loops problems on Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone. If you’re facing any other problem, then do let us know through comments. We would try our best to provide an appropriate solution to your problems.

Solution 1: Boot into Safe Mode to remove toxic apps/settings to fix boot stuck on Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone

Getting into the Safe mode is much easier. This mode disables all the third-party applications, services and custom settings. So, if you’re able to boot into this mode, that means some applications/settings/services are resisting your phone to work properly.

If you’ve recently engaged with third-party applications or customized with some settings, that might have stopped your phone to work properly. Thus, you can disable these apps or reset the system configuration to make your work normally.

Follow the below steps to boot into the Safe:

Turn OFF your phone using the power button.

  1. Turn off your phone first.
  2. Then, press and hold the Power key.
  3. Once the Samsung Logo appears, release the Power Key and suddenly press and hold the Volume Down button.
  4. Keep this Volume Down button pressed until the booting process is completed.
  5. Now, your phone should reach the ‘Safe Mode’.

Now, you’re in Safe Mode. If nothing happens and this mode doesn’t appear, that means somehow the Android OS has malfunctioned.

If your phone has booted into this mode, try to uninstall applications that you think of culprits resetting your phone to work normally.

Also, you could try resetting the system settings using below instructions:

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Now, open the Backup and Reset
  3. Then, tap on Reset.
  4. Then, tap on Reset Settings.
  5. And confirm your action.

Now, reboot your phone and observe whether your Samsung Galaxy J5 is able to boot further or it still stuck at the boot logo. If the problems were related to apps/settings, it should boot beyond the boot screen/boot logo.

If nothing happens, you just need to move forward to the next recommendation.

Solution 2: Wipe cache partition on Samsung Galaxy J5 to fix booting problems

It works most of the time to fix such Android problems. Over the time or while we update/flash the firmware, the cached data becomes corrupted and that results in different issues and bugs. Even in some cases, it won’t let the Android OS work properly and boot beyond the boot screen. This is the most preferred solution to cure such problems.

Most importantly, wiping the cache data won’t delete any of your apps or documents. Basically, the Android uses different partitions to save data. For cached files, it uses cache partition. So, wiping the cache partition won’t have any impact on files\apps stored within the internal storage. This action will wipe all cached data, expired files and clutter/junk data. That will clean your phone and fix boot stuck and boot loops problems on your Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone.

To wipe the cache data, we will use the recovery mode. You can easily boo into this mode using the physical buttons.

Here are the required steps to enter into the recovery mode and wipe cache partition:

  1. Turn OFF your phone.
  2. Now, press and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons at the same time.
  3. Release these buttons once Samsung Logo appears. That will boot your phone into the recovery mode.
  4. Now, under the recovery mode, select ‘Wipe cache partition’ and perform this action.
  5. Exit the recovery mode after this action.

Now, allow your phone reboot. This time, your phone should boot to Android interface without any problem. Wiping cached data also improves performance, storage space, and battery life. Thus, it should help you in multiple ways. For better performance, you must check our tutorial on how to speed up Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone.

If you still figure that your Galaxy J5 doesn’t boot after the boot screen, then you should format it. That will wipe your entire phone including the internal memory.

It is the most helpful recommendation that resolves almost all problems linked to Android OS. During the factory reset, your phone is formatted thoroughly and turns into a factory fresh piece. All third-party apps, services, settings, and downloads are wiped out permanently. That leaves no space for bugs and issues to persist after we perform a factory reset on a Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone.

Whenever we manually update or flash a custom ROM, a factory reset is the next thing you should perform. That removes all the expired and clutter files, preventing the phone to run normally. You can consider this as the last resort (if you don’t want to flash firmware) to rescue your phone. And most probably, this will resolve the boot stuck and infinite boot loops problems on your phone.

Follow the below instructions to perform a factory reset on your phone:

  1. Turn OFF your phone.
  2. Now, boot into the recovery mode. Instructions are already discussed in Solution 2.
  3. Under the recovery mode, tap on ‘Wipe cache/factory reset’.
  4. Perform this action using Power Key and give your confirmation.
  5. Once you’re done with performing it, tap on ‘Reboot system now’ to exit this mode.

After this action, your phone will reboot and bring you to the setup screen. For the first boot up, it might take several minutes to turn ON. That usually happens, so don’t get worried about it. That’s it, you’ve probably fixed the boot stuck problem on your phone.

That ends our tutorial here that helps to fix boot loop/boot stuck problems on a Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone. Other than these troubleshooting solutions, you could flash the stock firmware on your phone as well. That will restore the entire operating system on your phone. That nullifies all the bugs and issues easily.

If you are still facing problem on your phone, do let us know the exact issues you’re facing. We would try our best to fix that issue and provide alternate solutions for that problem. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedback about this troubleshooting guide. We would love to hear from you and improve our tutorials.

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