10 Best Android Apps for Students [2019]

In this modern technology world, we do have need of applications instead with having a strong hardware if that is Gigabits of RAM or Gigahertz of the processor. Developers develop applications for the ease of humanity and also for the society’s every person from doctor to an assistant and from a businessman to a student they all to have some applications for their ease or to comfort their selves. Therefore, here we’ve got some of the best Android apps for Students that they must installed on their phone.

Not only these applications will help them while they study, these should also them manage time effectively. Through these apps, students should be able to improve their study time, reduce efforts and time to do some project work and taking notes. Though, students should not use smartphone too much. Such telecommunication and media device can turn them into a different direction.

You must use your phone wisely and make use of it to make improve your learnings and take help in the study. Now, we shall get started with our list best Android apps for Students this year.

List of Best Android Apps for Students

1.  Andie Graph [Price: Free]:

This is one of the best and underrated apps for the students of mathematics. This app will really help you in graphing and you obviously you will have no need place a graphical calculator with yourself, instead, you will have that in your Smartphone.

2.  CamScanner [Price: Free/ In-app Purchases]:

This is one of the amazing apps for you if you do have a problem in taking images from the camera of your lectures or notes and that have sometimes some nasty background or not clear image, just with the help of this app you can take image from your paper and it will automatically adjust your image like you have taken a scan from it.

This app has another amazing feature of sharing and faxing if sometimes you need it for faxing to somebody.

3.  Evernote [Price: Free/ In-app Purchases]:

It is one of the best and amazing creations for android. This app will help you in taking notes by creating notes for every subject separately. This app has also the feature of collaborative group projects. You can also have recordings from your lecturer during lectures with taking images and saving videos from them.

The great thing is this it is literally compatible with any computer so you can easily transfer the information between app and computer.

4.  Google Drive [Price: Free/ In-app Purchases]:

This is a cloud storage which gives you 15GB of free storage on which you can permanently store your data which includes Google keep, Google photos, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Docs. You can also add your photos, videos, with your most precious files to it and the great thing for you is that you can have all the educational software, projects, lectures notes, etc.

5.  Microsoft Office [Price: Free/ In-app Purchases]:

MS Office is one of the most important applications in this modern world of technology because today it is the need of every person from a supermarket holder to a doctor and from an engineer to a go-down holder everybody is using this package.

For students, it is the most important to keep this app in their smartphones because today’s every lecture and writing something this all is going in this Microsoft’s package. So, if you are a student you must have the Microsoft office in your pocket’s smartphone.

6.  RealCalc Plus [Price: Free/ $3.49]:

It is another powerful app which is a scientific calculator for those buddies who don’t need a strong app of graphing like ‘Andie Graph‘. It is cheap and more effective app who has got all the basic functionalities to get through math’s class. Its interface is too complex and busy if you once use it for some time then it will be like a normal to you. This app is too quick and really quite efficient.

7.  Todoist [Price: Free/ In-app Purchases]:

This app is the best assistant of you which helps you stay organized. Its features are the way simple that everybody can use it, which do have the day-based interface which helps you to wake you up in the morning as alarm does; you check that what to do today and much more features.

This is great in remembering assignments with which you tag a topic or task so; you know what exactly it is for. The desktop application is also available so that you can sync your tasks between platforms. It is efficient and really effective to use and it really works.

8. Udemy [Price: Free/ In-app Purchases]:

It is the best app for college students, especially because in college you may need a little extra help to learn more advanced things.

This app has classes some of them are expensive but you can have free classes also. Udemy is the perfect app for learners to learn something new concepts in their field areas and also external from them. It worth’s a shot If you need a little supplemental learning.

9. Wikipedia [Price: Free]:

This absolutely free mine of knowledge is known by every person in this era. Wikipedia has developed an app also for their crowd to help them more efficiently. If you are a student of a school, college or university you must have this app in your pocket.

It will really and literally help you in your projects.  Besides these, if you want to gain more knowledge about something or any topic in detail it will help you much.

10. Wolfram|Alpha [Price: $2.99]:

This incredible educational app will help you throughout your career. This app can give the answer of those questions even Google might have problems with it sometimes. Using this app you can explore your answers throughout every field like that of engineering, astronomy, earth sciences and even subjects like statistics, math, physics, and more academic subjects.

This app has the ability to show you the math questions and problems that by which steps you can solve it by yourself.

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