How to Spy on Facebook Messenger on iPhone

If you want to spy on Facebook Messenger, there are many ways you can do it. Here we’ll look at the best Facebook spy app while considering other methods you can use to read someone’s messages. Let’s get started by looking at why you’d want to spy on Facebook Messenger.

Reasons to Spy on Facebook Messages

Have you ever thought of who your child is speaking with on Facebook? Ever wondered what they talk about?

You can easily have a conversation with your child regarding online safety while also explaining the do’s and don’ts to them. But the thing is, how can you make sure they’re taking your words to heart and follow through? Also, how will you make sure they’re safe? 

Facebook Messenger is the most popular Messenger app in the US, and it has been found that of all the social networks, in 49% of cases, kids were cyberbullied on Facebook.

It can be important for employees too. Are they keeping company information secure and not sharing them with other people they communicate with?

The average employee usually heads to Facebook during their break or even in between work hours to relax. They check messages or send a few to let off some steam while at work. But how do you guarantee that their messages aren’t filled with company secrets?

Ideally, you don’t want to completely ban them from using Facebook Messenger. But as a parent, employer, or spouse, sometimes it’s good to know what others are saying.

5 Ways to Spy on Facebook Messenger on iPhone

If it’s really necessary, you can easily spy on a person’s Facebook messages. You’ll be able to view any videos, messages, or even listen to audio transferred via Messenger. Here are ways how to spy on Facebook Messenger on iPhone.

Try Keylogger

These are tricky types of spyware that steal and record successive keystrokes (among others) a user enters on their smart devices. “Keylogger” or “keystroke logger” is a self-explanatory term. So basically, it’s software that logs and records what a person types on their device’s keyboard.

You don’t need to be a complete expert to use a keylogger. Just make sure you’re tech-savvy enough to be able to set it up, as it can be hard to do it without jailbreaking the phone, but there are a few non-jailbreak apps out there.

Installing the software on a smartphone or computer will record keystrokes that will be sent to your email.

Use Spy Apps

Another way to spy on Facebook Messenger using an iPhone is by using Facebook spy apps. Spy software is the easiest, most convenient, and most reliable way to check Facebook messages without the user knowing. While it’s easy, you’re probably not going to be able to do it without target phone.

A Facebook spy app for iPhone will be user-friendly and affordable while providing you with real-time updates regarding the user’s activities. We’ve checked out and tested some spy apps that are available and listed some of the most effective ones:

Best Facebook Messenger spy app for iPhone:

  • uMobix
  • SpyBubble
  • SpyStealth
  • Spyic
  • GEOfinder
  • Cocospy
  • Hoverwatch

You can check out the features of the best iPhone spy apps and see which one is going to be the best option for you.

Try Password Reset Method

The password reset method requires you to log into your target’s Facebook account. Remote install is possible here, but you’ll probably need their phone for any security checks or access to their email account.

Log off the Facebook account, then click on reset password, and then follow the instructions that will follow. Don’t forget to leave the account logged onto the phone with the new password.

Now that you have access to their Facebook account, you can open the messages using your mobile phone or computer. This is a great way to spy free, but it can be risky because as soon as they log out, they can reset the password again once they notice that they can’t access their account.

Clone the Phone

Cloning your target’s phone is another way to spy on Facebook Messenger if you’re tech-savvy. You can install tools on your phone to clone another. Modern phones have become quite good at resisting cloning, which makes this one of the more difficult methods, but it becomes much easier if you can access their SIM card.

If you can connect these devices to the same WiFi network, then all you have to do is send all the data from the target’s phone to yours, then you’re all good. This is a great way for checking on other messages and not just Facebook.

Try Phishing

This method is not for fearful or amateur computer users unless you have the money to hire a professional phisher. The phisher creates a Facebook Messenger clone and replaces it with the real app. So when the user types in their password via the clone app, you can keep track of what they’re doing.

However, phishing is the most difficult method to use when trying to access someone else’s messages. You’ll need extensive tech knowledge since it involves using complex programs and a lot of software codes. Also, it only has a few chances of working unless you are a pro hacker or have enough technical skills.


Is there any iPhone spy app that can see Facebook messages?

Numerous iPhone spy apps let you access Facebook messages, and one of these is uMobix. It’s a brilliant app and has an excellent customer rating due to the amazing customer service they provide. Other great cell phone spy apps are also available, as we listed above.

Is it possible to spy on Facebook without access to target phone?

Spying on Facebook messages has become easier since it’s now possible to do this without accessing the target phone. Most methods don’t require accessing the phone that you want to monitor. You can do it via your phone, laptop, or computer.

But of course, the easiest way is to log into your target’s account from another device. By doing so, you can access all the messages since they come in real-time.

Can I spy on Facebook Messenger secret conversations?

Spying messages is only possible up to some extent, and when it comes to secret conversations, you can’t spy on these. You can’t see the messages from previous secret conversations using another or a new device since these have end-to-end encryption.

Secret conversations are only accessible by the two people contacting each other. Even Facebook’s staff cannot see these messages.

Is it possible to read deleted Facebook messages?

Recovering deleted Facebook messages is possible by downloading them from the settings section or checking old email notifications. If you use an Android device, you can look in the cache of the Messenger app. Also, you can use third-party software – Facebook Messenger spy app – to retrieve messages.

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