The Different Types Of Property Management Systems And How They’re Useful

Property management systems are useful in managing property or items within the property. These types of systems may differ in the way they function and it is important for one to know what type of system would be most suitable for them to properly manage their properties efficiently. Here are the different property management systems that could be used.

Automated Property Management Systems

An automated system is one that uses technology to manage the property. Automated systems are known to be effective in making work easier, more efficient and faster since they use computers to store data. An automated property management system makes use of software that enables it to communicate with other computing devices including bar code scanners, PDA’s or handheld scanners, web-based applications, and keyless locks. This type of system is especially useful to hotels, whether protel or another hotel property management software is used.

The installation of automated property management systems is quick and easy so one can use it right away without having to wait for too long. And for the management fee, it can be concluded with such software easily as well. Most importantly, the system’s interface allows people who are not tech-savvy to learn how to use it conveniently since there are touch screens that function as buttons.

The following are the types of automated property management systems that property owners may consider using:

Wireless Entry Systems

Wireless entry systems allow access to a property or even an area through the use of cards or tags that have radio frequency identification chips embedded in them. This is an excellent system since it takes away the possibility of having duplicates of the same key. Access is only given to those who are authorized so it helps in preventing theft, unauthorized entry and other security breaches.

Also, electronic locks are similar to conventional door locks but contain microchips that enable people to have access or gain entry through a particular code or by simply swiping their identification cards.

Security Cameras

A security camera is a device that monitors the activity within a particular area to make sure that it remains secure at all times. It provides an extra sense of security and protection for those who are inside or outside of the property. A system could have just one stationary camera which records images from different angles or it could contain several cameras that are used in the surveillance of different areas.

Video Door Phones

A video door phone enables one to see who is outside their property before giving access to them. It works by sending images of people wishing to gain entry. One can then decide whether they would like to open the door or not. This is helpful in protecting children from possible abductions as one can only allow those they recognize to enter their property.


A PDA or handheld scanner is an electronic device that permits people to easily access information. This type of system makes work more efficient by avoiding the need for people to carry paper files and schedules around. A good thing about this wireless property management system is that even if one is away from their desks, they can still make any updates in the schedule and access information easily and quickly since this system has a wireless network.


An intercom is a communication system that enables people to have a direct talk with another person without having to actually go there. It is like calling someone on their mobile phone only the other person can hear what they are saying in real-time. This type of system helps when one wants to know what is happening or if someone needs help anywhere in the hotel.

Non-automated Property Management Systems

Non-automated systems are those that do not use computers or machines. This type of property management system is simpler as it only makes use of paper files, schedules and pencils to store data. It is an effective system since it does not require technicians to constantly monitor or fix any problems that may arise in the system. This can save property owners a lot of money in the long run compared to automated systems which will require more maintenance and repair costs.

This type of property management system, just like automated systems, are divided into various categories including:

The sticky note

This type of system uses small pieces of paper or notes which are stuck on certain surfaces to make them easily accessible. Since these notes are usually yellow in colour, they can be used to highlight important details regarding schedules, dates and other information. This makes the schedule less cluttered and serves as a reminder for homeowners so that they do not forget any important tasks or appointments.

The manual

Manual systems are similar to sticky note systems because both use paper logs to make notes of the activities that need to be done for each day. However, instead of using small pieces of paper, this kind uses notebooks which usually contain charts and lists where people can write appointments and schedules. The manual system is convenient since it provides homeowners with the chance to write down any other activities that they might want to do apart from what’s in the schedule.

The daytimer or organizer

This type of property management system refers to planners which consist of several parts such as calendars, addresses, business cards and phone numbers. It can be very helpful for homeowners because they can schedule different activities and appointments using the calendar while keeping track of them using the address book. They also have easy access to information since all of these are compiled into one single system.

The wallboard or whiteboard

Another non-automated property management system is the wallboard or whiteboard which can be used to write down tasks, activities and schedule details. This system makes use of a wall where people pull out a certain number of magnets containing notes so that they could easily see what needs to be done for different days.

Semi-automated Property Management Systems

This type of property management system is also known as a hybrid system. It is different from automated and non-automated systems in the sense that it makes use of both computers and paper files to keep track of information. Some property owners choose to use this type instead of fully automated ones because they feel that they have more control over what happens with their properties since data is written and updated manually.

The Different Types Of Property Management Systems And How They're Useful

These are just some of the property management systems that property owners can use to maintain their properties. It is important for people to do a bit of research on the different types so they would have an idea which one will best suit them and their needs. Understanding all of these systems helps businesses save money, time and effort since they know what kind of system does what.

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