How to update Samsung Galaxy S6 to Android 9 Pie [Custom ROM]

There’s no point in waiting for the official update for this smartphone as Android 9 Pie is scheduled to roll out for specific smartphones. Initially, launched with the Android Lollipop operating system, the Samsung Galaxy S6 eventually updated to Android Nougat firmware. However, there is no further intimation from Samsung that it would receive further updates. It doesn’t mean that users cannot update to the latest firmware. There are plenty of custom ROMs that keep smartphones updated with newest skin and features. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to update/install the Android 9 Pie on Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone using a custom firmware. This ROM is stable and good enough that you can replace your current firmware with it.

This custom ROM will bring the latest Android 9 Pie firmware on your phone. You can expect improvements in many aspects including performance and stability. While it brings the latest Android UI, it brings multiple ways that improve the productivity and usefulness of this phone. The credit goes to @lukasb06, a member on the XDA forum, who brought this NexusOS Android 9 based ROM for Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone. Mostly all features work fine on this firmware. However, you can expect some minor bugs which you can easily manage. This ROM works with most of the variants including flat and Edge display screen.

If you’ve been looking to update your Galaxy S6 to latest Android 9 firmware, then you could install this ROM. Basically, this ROM is based on LineageOS build. The LineageOS is the most powerful and popular aftermarket custom firmware, developed and distributed by the third-party team. It is mostly known for its stability and performance. You can expect better performance while using this ROM. Whilst it improves many aspects, it gives you many advanced features to customize and personalize your phone easily. You can revamp most of the Android UI through inbuilt customization settings and theme engine.

There’s no harm having a custom firmware installed on the phone. However, you must be aware of the fact that Samsung doesn’t support such things officially. That means, if you choose to install this firmware on your phone, it will void the warranty on your phone (if any). You can not relate this third-party firmware with Google or Samsung in any manner. In order to reverse these changes, you need to flash the official stock firmware on your phone. That will remove all the related custom aspects along with the firmware and restore the warranty on your phone.

Since we are about to perform a custom operation, there are chances that we might end up sadly. Therefore, it is suggestible that users should backup important stuff present on the phone. Of course, this process will wipe the internal memory. Therefore, you should carefully save all of your important files and documents before heading forward. For that purpose, you could follow our guide; how to backup Samsung Galaxy phones. This tutorial includes a step-by-step guide to backup important data like images, videos, contacts, messages, and documents. Either you can save them on your computer or other devices.

In order to update your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone with this custom ROM, you need a latest TWRP recovery image installed on your phone. This smartphone has a stock recovery and due to stock restrictions, it is not possible to flash this custom ROM successfully. Therefore, you must install the TWRP recovery on your phone first and then proceed further. You can download the latest TWRP recovery for this smartphone from →here and use this tutorial to flash this recovery image on your phone.


  1. This custom ROM supports Samsung Galaxy S6 Flat/Edge International (SM-G92[0/5]F/FD/I/S/K/L/T/W8), both flat and Edge display screen variants. Therefore, you should check the model number of your phone before you begin.
  2. During the installation, your phone’s internal memory will be wiped out completely. All the data stored within this storage will be deleted. Therefore, you must back up all important files before flashing this firmware.
  3. Most importantly, the warranty on your phone is voided during this process. In order to get it back, you gotta flash the official stock firmware on this phone. That will remove all the custom aspects including ROM, recovery, and configuration.
  4. To be able to flash this ROM, you must have the TWRP custom recovery on your phone. One cannot flash it using the stock recovery due to some restrictions. You must install the latest TWRP recovery on your phone, and then install this ROM on your phone.
  5. Ensure that your phone has enough charging. Above 50% is enough to complete this process. Your phone shouldn’t turn off during this process. Otherwise, that could brick it.

Now, you’re ready to proceed further and have this Android 9 based custom ROM installed on your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone. The following instructions should help you.

How to install Android 9 Pie ROM on Samsung Galaxy S6

  1. First of all, download this custom ROM for your phone from →here and save this file on your phone. Make sure to download the latest firmware file from the list (.zip file).
  2. Now, power OFF your phone using the power button.
  3. Then, boot into the recovery mode:
    1. Press and hold Volume Up, Home and Power buttons at the same time for a few seconds.
    2. Release the buttons once Samsung Logo appears on the screen.
    3. You should enter into the recovery mode.
  4. Under the TWRP recovery menu, tap on ‘Install’ and load the firmware file.
  5. Install the firmware file using the on-screen instructions.
  6. Once it is complete, tap on ‘Wipe’ and perform this action.
  7. Now, exit this mode.

You’re done with all the essential steps. The phone will reboot and within a few minutes, it will boot up to the configuration screen. Just enlist your Google account Id and other details. Now, you can follow →our performance tips and tricks to speed up things on your phone.

So, this ROM is available at your disposal. If you wish to update your Samsung Galaxy S6 to Android 9 Pie firmware, you should use this ROM. For Advanced users, this ROM is highly suggested. It gives you many extra privileges that we won’t find on the stock ROM usually. That ends our tutorial here.

Don’t forget to let us know your experience with this custom ROM. Or if you get stuck anywhere, do let us know through the comments. We would surely help you with an appropriate solution.

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