Best Hookup Apps Free 2018 [BEST TINDER ALTERNATIVES]

So, if you are one of the people who doesn’t like true love, dating and all those types of things and you just want some good dose of enjoyment then you would be probably looking up for Best hookup apps for one night stands. Major of the apps out there in the market is actually for making out love, relationship, blah blah. So, if you don’t like that thing, then you are in the right place. Let’s have a look at the best hookup apps this year you should try and get hooked up with someone near you.

Dating Apps or hookup apps are the best way to find your perfect match. With these apps, You can find someone for friendship purpose and have a relationship with them. Also. These apps were selected based on our choice and choices can vary from person to person. Thus, we have combined a list of more than one app. Of course, this list is not absolute. We think differently. So, you might or might not find these applications helpful. Thus, if you have a better one, do let us know. We’ll be glad to hear from you and update our list with more such applications.

Yes, you deserve friends and loved ones. Such hookup applications make easier to talk to different people, he or she, and makes you comfortable while you connect with them. If you do not prefer to connect directly or hesitate in reaching others directly, you could these applications instead. That should give you a good start and different options. Now, let’s look at these helpful hookup applications that you could try to get into a relationship and make good friends.

The best Hookup Apps and Tinder Alternatives

1) Tinder – Free

Tinder free hookup appTinder is actually one of the most popular and used the app on the market. But, the main purpose of this app is actually dating and meeting new people. But, with over time people have started to utilize this app more as a hookup app than a proper dating app.

Anyways, to start off in the app, you need to link up or you can say authenticate your Facebook account with the app. (Note: It’s safe to use, you can use it without worrying about your privacy). Now, it will use your GPS system to find some people looking for the hookup. Then, to start you will be shown a picture of the person, if you like it then you have to give it a right swipe. If not liking it, just swipe left.

The other person should also perform the right swipe and then only you can get hooked up for the night. Pretty good deal? Anyways, just go ahead and install the app absolutely free from Android & iOS store. Currently, Tinder is one of the best hookup apps in the market.

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2) Down – Free

DOWN Dating appWell, this is another best hookup app actually works on your Facebook friends system. So, it’s important that your social life is good on the network. Anyways, the app was earlier named as “Bang with Friends”, but later on there were some Terms & Conditions, due to which the name had to be changed to “Down”.

This app works with most of the genders, no matter whether you are a lesbian or gay, you will surely find someone with whom you can get hooked up for one night. As the earlier name was “Bang with Friends”, you would have got some idea about what the app does. Well, using the app you can send messages to your friends by being anonymous for hook up. If they agree to your proposal, then have fun in the night.

Well, basically the whole concept revolves around your Facebook Friends only. Thus, it’s an important factor to have a good amount of friends on the social networking platform – Facebook. Anyways, go ahead and download this app for free from Android or either iOS market.

3) Skout – Free

Skout free dating appThis app actually reduces your distance problems by a lot and tries to find someone looking to get hooked up as near as possible. It may be some girl in your next lane only! Using this app, one can easily find a hot guy or hottie for a one night stand.

There’s one bad thing about this app is that the minimum age requirement to register for getting hooked up is only 13 years. Maybe, if that’s the case then it’s time to keep younger ones in your family, relatives, away from this app. Still, it’s totally your choice!

Overall, the app is interesting and saves your distance problem also! You will surely find a great guy/girl for your one night stand. You can visit the official site, or can download the app from Android or Apple Store.

4) Blendr – Free

Blendr chat appWell, you may have heard somewhere about this app also as it’s a very old and best hookup apps since 2011 in the market. It has got a simple to use interface and follow the below guide to start in the app.

To start the app, we need to install it from Android or iOS market, and then there’s no need of connecting it to your Facebook account as we did earlier for Tinder. Instead, if you are a person who doesn’t straightaway want to reveal their personal information, or maybe you are a shy guy, then you can instead create a fake profile, by inputting fake name and picture.

But, don’t think that you are just done! You would have to now verify at least through Mobile verification! This way, it keeps the app free and safe to use for people. Once you have done chatting with specific people and you are satisfied, then you can simply share your real details, which include the real name, and pictures. The app helps you to connect with people within a radius of 1 km.

You may find some great life partner or you can use it to get hooked up. It serves both the purpose well! So, what are you waiting for? Just go and download this app from the market.

Wrapping it Up!

This is the end of the best hookup apps for one-night stand article! We hope you liked reading the article! The article should have ended your search on “free hookup apps” now! If still, you have any suggestion or doubt then kindly drop it in the comments section below. We would love to help you with your solution.

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