10 Best Spending Control Apps for Android

Personal finance and your mobile, two things that after reading this article will be quite well related, since we are going to show you the best spending control apps that work on Android and that will improve your personal economy.

We all know that a mobile phone is an essential tool, that although it is used for trivial matters, most of the time, it can be the perfect tool for much more important matters, even life, and death as is the case with your personal finances.

We have all thought at times that we are wasting our money and that with a balanced spending plan we could make better use of it.

Have you ever thought about that? So, maybe you need a personal finance course and use, right now, one of the apps that we show you below.

There are hundreds of apps available in the Google Play Store that can help you with the management of payments, collections, and deductions that you must make out of your pocket. Many of them are paid, but you can also find them for free.

The operation of these apps is very similar: you have an income or budget and several categories, for which you establish an amount that represents what you are willing to spend in that category (product or service).

Based on that, the app will show you in a graphical and quite simple way the resulting balance between your income and your expenses.

10 spending control apps for Android

The list of expense control apps available for Android is extensive. Therefore, we invite you to know 10 of the most popular, and currently the best valued and reviewed in the Play Store.

1. 1Money

1Money is a simple but powerful application. Its way of working is quite basic and is the same as that used by many of the apps on this list.


  • It is divided into categories that can in turn be subdivided to have a more specific expense ratio.
  • Something interesting: you can put the official currency of different countries and see all the accounts, income, and expenses in that currency.
  • It has a light and dark theme.
  • In the center of all the categories, there is a circle with a very intuitive graph that will help you to know where you spend more or less money.
  • It has a premium plan that adds several extra features.
  • You can use it in multiple languages.

2. Money Manager

Money Manager is an app that belongs to the top of this list due to its simple nature. Like 1Money, it is very easy to use and its functions are essential.

With this application, you can keep a detailed record of each of your daily expenses.

The app will allow you to see through very simple graphs the way in which all your money moves with respect to expenses and income.

With Money Manager, you will have control over your monthly expenses and this will allow you to improve your budget for the week or month without a problem.


  • A simple interface.
  • Very intuitive graphics.
  • A template with a large number of predefined products and services in the expense and income categories section.
  • You can add your own categories for expenses and income.
  • Define the source of your income.
  • Export a report of your balance in CVS format.

3. Spendee

Spendee has been voted the best of the spending control apps more than once.

With Spendee you will be able to keep a record of all your operations and, of course, obtain a detailed report of all the expenses and income that you have had in a certain period of time.


  • It has the possibility of synchronizing with different banking entities.
  • Additionally, you can create a wallet that you can use in case you want to share expenses with family and friends.

4. Wallet

Wallet is a heavyweight, although perhaps a bit more sloppy than the previous ones.

It is quite similar to Spendee since you can synchronize your bank accounts with the app without a problem.

This app is so good, that we assure you that you will be able to say goodbye to many of your notes in the expense book, and in some not so complex cases, you will be able to get rid of the spreadsheet that you use to plan your budget.


  • Is free.
  • Something very particular about this app is that it gives you the possibility to mark the location and the exact moment in which you have carried out an operation.

5. Moneyhero

This app is available on both Android and iOS, Moneyhero becomes the ideal option if you use a device with iOS in addition to your Android.


  • The app is paid, but you can enjoy a trial period of 15 days.
  • It has a relatively intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • You can set savings goals for the month.
  • The application, based on your savings goals, will give you a budget according to your expenses and income.
  • It will tell you when you are about to exceed the savings goal you have set.

6. Bluecoins

Bluecoins is not the most popular spending control app on the Play Store. This is due to its design and interface, which is not up to the standard of other more popular ones. However, Bluecoins may surprise you.


  • It is available for free.
  • It has very complete functions, similar to those of Money Manager and company.
  • It has a Pro version that allows you to access some extra functions.

7. Subscriptions

Subscriptions is an app that solves the problem of paying service subscriptions on time.

For those who have subscriptions to different services, Subscriptions is the best apps to keep track of their payment. Paying for Netflix, Spotify, or any other service to which you are subscribed, has never been so easy.

Subscriptions is completely free. The way in which you can add all kinds of services is quite simple and intuitive, so it will be easy to keep up with your subscriptions for the month.

8. Money Lover

Money Lover is one of the most complete spending control apps in the Play Store catalog.


  • Similar to Spendee: you can create wallets that allow you to share expenses with friends and family. All of this is done according to your personal planning.
  • Like the previous apps, it allows you to better plan your budget.
  • Thanks to its push notification system, the app keeps you informed at all times of the money movements you make.
  • As you would with Subscriptions, you can manage the payment of services and subscriptions.
  • With its synchronization service in the cloud, you can consult your information at all times. And as if that were not enough, you can also create backup copies and store them in Dropbox.

9. Splitwise

Splitwise is ideal if you share an expense account. This is the perfect option for it.


  • It allows you to create groups and add participants to the shared expense account. Keeping track of expenses in a group has never been so easy.
  • The application will record the expenses and income of each of the group members associated with the expense account.
  • You can export a report on all your movements to a spreadsheet. This format is very easy to open to read from any compatible device.
  • You can send this report via email to people who have not installed the app on their mobile but are registered within the group of participants.

10. Finerio

Finerio for Android is the number one expense control app that you should not stop installing on your mobile.

Given the trust it offers for several banking entities, it is possible to synchronize information with respect to your different bank accounts.


  • Among its main features and functions is available the ability to configure notifications or receive alerts for duplicate payments or purchases, service payment management, and more.
  • With Fintonic you can even finance purchases on Amazon from zero percent interest.

Enjoy and get as much benefit as we do of these best spending control apps for Android that will surely make your finances more bearable since having things registered somewhere helps free your mind from the thought process associated with them.

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