How to MAKE MONEY making MEMES?

Today, memes are images that have a message, gone viral, and are a phenomenon on social networks. They must be original, attractive, useful, and thanks to their great reach many people are looking for a way to know how to make money making memes. We have this guide, where we discuss how to make memes and make good money out of them.

The word meme originates from the Greek word “mimeme” which means what is imitated. It was used for the first time in the book “The selfish gene” by Richard Dawkins, who defines it as a “unit of cultural transmission or unit of imitation”, that is, memes transport information from one person to another and have the ability to mutate and evolve.

Most of these memes appear from a political or sporting event in order to make fun of a situation. Sometimes just a funny photo and a clever phrase are enough to have a viral meme.

Anyone with social networks knows well what a meme is, which is why brands now dare to use them in their advertising campaigns. Any situation can become a viral image, which is why some use it as a way to earn money making memes on social networks.

Is it possible to earn money making memes on social media?

Memes have become so famous that some brands have used them as an advertising method, becoming a marketing milestone. Advertisers have taken advantage of this trend to give visualization to their brands and are very aware of these phenomena and know-how to reach the audience they want.

Is it possible to earn money making memes
Is it possible to earn money making memes?

We saw an example of this in the Gucci brand, which launched a campaign through a collection of memes where their line of watches was referred to. This campaign was a great success, a renewal for the brand, and a presentation to a new generation.

Until recently, the monetization of memes was done with the product placement method, which consists of placing a product in the content narrative, without the need to mention it directly. After Gucci’s successful campaign, we found pages that pay to make memes for their social media campaigns.

Among the famous meme creators, we find Elliot Tebele who has managed to amass a fortune with this. He has more than 11 million followers on Instagram who are watching his creations.

It is not so easy to monetize the memes that are shared on different social networks. One way to earn money making memes is by posting the material you have on your own websites and generating income thanks to AdSense; Another option may be to become a contributor to platforms that pay meme creators.

How to make memes?

The secret of success is in humor, creativity, and irony, then it is only necessary to have many followers on social networks or a platform that shares it all over the world like Facebook or Instagram. When publishing a meme on the web, it is shared so many times that the author’s name can be lost along the way, so it is important to sign them to gain notoriety.

There are platforms where you can make memes, such as memes Generator, this tool will help you with the creation of your memes, you just have to download the application and create them with the images you want.

It’s important to stay up-to-date because while memes can be intentionally created, most of the best memes are spontaneous; Once they have done it, it is time to post it on their social networks.

How to make money making memes?
How to make money making memes?

How to make money making memes?

How to make money with memes on Instagram and Facebook? In order to make money with a meme, it must be viral, in this way companies will know them and want to hire them, so it must be funny so that people want to share it. One way to achieve greater reach is to use attractive hashtags and tag those who might enjoy it. Send it also by WhatsApp, since this is a great viralizer for its immediacy. If it’s good, it will go viral in no time.

If you are creative, humorous, and active on the internet, creating social media memes can generate additional income. Let’s see what else they need to achieve it:

1. Become a meme pro

They can start by posting content on their fan page and sharing the memes with acquaintances and friends. This is a way of creating a community that can grow.

This fan page can be used as a portfolio to show their work, which they can present for review if they want to apply as meme creators. There are many advertising companies, marketing professionals, and even influencers who want this type of content for their social networks.

2. Get followers on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks

What they need to do is post quality work frequently, successful accounts tend to post multiple times a day, they may even have multiple accounts in different languages. This will attract new followers to social networks and thus a brand could be interested, of course, you can also search for brands through the different platforms that serve to make contact.

One of the platforms that sponsor brands to prefer is Instagram since in general the public of this network is usually more consumerist.

3. Monetize a meme website

If they already have at least 1000 followers it is time to make money with these followers. One of the ways to make money making memes is by creating a meme website where they will share their work, they can monetize their website with the visits they receive through Adsense.

As they already have followers on Facebook and Instagram, they can continue to share their memes on these networks, but in the description or comments, they can share the link to the website, offering followers much more material to enjoy.

They can also put the link of the web page as a watermark in the memes they publish.

4. Join a news program, newspaper, or online portal

Information platforms need to make publications constantly, although every day they are more informal, they can include in their programming a section where they comment on the most trading on the internet.

They can send them part of their material and offer them work for free for them, for about three months of trial, if they like, they can ask them to hire them. Many creatives started out working for free or charging very low prices and currently live very well from their work.

Opportunities will not always come to them, they must also go out to look for them and make their work known. Think and ask yourself who your work can serve you, talk about the benefits it can offer you, and present your proposal.

5. Accept donations and contributions to continue working

Internet users, especially millennials, are not characterized by being very financially supportive, but there are always those who collaborate. Offer the option of donating a dollar per month to continue providing fun and entertaining content. There will always be grateful people willing to donate to you if they feel your work deserves it.

There are different ways to receive donations, for example, the method to receive donations with a PayPal link, or through Patreon offering jobs to those who pay. On Facebook, they also have the option of receiving donations through PayPal from anywhere in the world, so it is an excellent option if you are looking to make money on Facebook by making memes.

They may think that a dollar is too little, but if they have enough followers, they could make a good income. Another way to earn money making memes is through platforms such as Kickstarter, where they can raise money through contributions for the execution of a project.

6. Make memes for apps and websites that pay for it

They can get various apps that pay to make memes. One of the best known is the App “Dopameme“, which is very similar to “9GAG” and any other application of memes. They just have to enter and register, and they can start uploading content.

In order to receive payments from the app, the meme enters a kind of contest, where other users vote for the memes or give it a “Cool”, which is the equivalent of a “Like” on Facebook, in this way they start to make money as those cool turns into dollars

When they consider that their meme has already reached the maximum of “cool” they can make a withdrawal of their earnings from the platform where they will receive tokens, which they can then add to their account to convert them into money.

Another page to earn money uploading memes is “PicturePuncher“. They just have to register and they will access a control panel where they can upload their content to a room. On this platform, each meme they publish will be sponsored with an ad that is managed from impressions.

7. Offer your memes on Fiverr

This is one of the best options out there to make money making memes. They can offer their memes for 5 dollars they can even offer them specialized. There are people who have made memes for their wedding invitations, New Year’s Eve parties, etc. As you can see, not only can you make money by posting memes on Facebook or Instagram but we also have the option of Fiverr and other platforms.

How much money can you earn making memes?
How much money can you earn making memes?

How much money can you earn making memes?

If they work for a marketing agency, it will depend on what they offer them, but they can usually earn 3-4 dollars for each meme. This means that they can earn $ 300 a month working 9 hours 5 days a week.

They should take into account that in general, they will request a minimum of memes that will be related to a brand or a specific topic. Therefore they will be busy much of the time. This job can be a lot of fun, but it’s also very overwhelming and stressful, especially when you run out of ideas.

This is why many meme creators do it only as a supplement to their regular work. In this way, they work less and enjoy more, but charge less.

If they decide to have their own website or work with their social networks, it can be very different, since they do not have a salary and will be able to monetize through online ads. Here the more followers you have on your networks or the more people enter your website, the more income you could generate.

In the beginning, it will be difficult, but as the traffic increases so will the profits. It is a job that requires patience and many visitors.

That is why it is very important to promote the accounts as much as possible. They can do this by participating in meetings of entrepreneurs, in contests, or interviews of some medium. In this way they will be made known and will advertise for free, reaching listeners and users who participate in the contests.

Earning money creating memes for advertising campaigns or simply because it is something they like and uploading them to your website, is something totally real and possible. They just have to be very creative, punctual, with a sense of humor, and know-how to make people identify. If they achieve this, it is very likely that they can generate good income.

It is a great way to earn money from home and for people who like to travel as they only need a device and an internet connection. They can do something they like without much effort. Do not forget that you must be patient since for a brand to hire you they must be famous for their memes.

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