25 Best apps for Samsung Galaxy M51

To get more out of this smartphone, we bring this list of best apps for Samsung Galaxy M51

Released this month, Samsung Galaxy M51 is buzzing all around. This smartphone packs most of the things that users can demand. That makes this smartphone an affordable option that comes with solid hardware configuration and outperforms many smartphones when it comes to the performance. To get more out of this smartphone, we bring this list of best apps for Samsung Galaxy M51, from the best mobile app design services.

If you think you have already seen it all, take a look because surely you will find some pleasant surprise. All the applications mentioned have a rating of more than 4 stars and are part of the most select within their category. Quality as a hallmark. We are pretty sure that users would like these applications.

Although, just like the other smartphones for Samsung, the Galaxy M51 comes pre-loaded with a plethora of applications, but you may not find them much useful. That’s where you should straight head on to the Google Play store and search for the apps that list below. If you find this list helpful, make sure to leave your comments below. We would be happy to hear your suggestions and feedback.

List of best applications for Samsung Galaxy M51 [Free apps]

1. Trello

Application with which we can create boards to organize projects individually or collaboratively create to-do lists and workflows for different projects. Winner of the “Best Productivity App” award at the 2019 Webby Awards. So, you can use this application on your Samsung Galaxy M51 to improve your productivity. Whether that’s related to your work or study.

2. NiMO TV

Live video game streaming platform where you can find some of the most popular YouTube and Twitch streamers in Latin America. There’s no doubt that in recent years, streaming games have been a very popular topic. If you do like games, you should install this app on your phone.

3. WiFiman

A tool to analyze Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices. It allows you to perform internet speed tests, see all the devices connected to our network, and the less crowded channels so that the Wi-Fi signal has less interference.

4. Opera Touch

Web browser with an innovative interface designed for one-handed searches. Winner of the Red Dot Award, it also allows fast file sharing between PC and mobile. Although, most of us rely on the Google Chrome browser in our day-to-day basis, but if you want a better alternative, Opera Touch is the best browser for your Samsung Galaxy M51.

5. Zello

Turn your Android into a walkie talkie with this radio PTT tool. It allows you to speak privately and also create public channels of up to 6000 users. If you have several friends, you can really have a good fun with this application.

6. Lantern

Application to access blocked content from school or work. Designed to bypass firewalls, it enables video, messaging, and other popular applications. A free application, it also has a pro version with more features.

7. Kitchen Stories

App with culinary recipes for aspiring chefs and foodies. All recipes include step-by-step instructions, video recipes, and tutorials with basic information completely free. Let the chef within you make something best for you.

8. Zoho Mail

Email and calendar application, compatible with several accounts with which we can see all messages in a unified inbox. Optimized for Android tablets, it includes advanced searches and offline work.

Basically, this app is preferred by the business owners. It has many advantages over Gmail when it comes to productivity and business related work.

9. Easy Voice Recorder

Simple voice recorder for students, work meetings, and musicians. It records in high-quality PCM and MP4, has support for Android Wear, and allows recording in the background and creating widgets. One of the most complete recorders for Android that you can install on your Galaxy M51 smartphone.

10. Mirofox Numerology

Application is based on the assumption that the numbers and information obtained from your date of birth help you better understand your talents, strengths, and weaknesses. Personally, I would recommend not taking this type of pseudoscience too seriously, but as a curiosity, it can be interesting and even fun.

11. SuperSound

Complete music and audio editor with which we can cut, splice audios, change the format, equalize and even change the voice and tone. Also, there are more audio and media editing apps that you could use on your M51 mobile phone.

12. Revolut

With this financial app, you can manage your daily expenses, send money abroad, or exchange currencies, among other functions. Compatible with Google Pay, it also allows you to buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

13. Microsoft Kaizala

New Microsoft messaging app aimed at the educational and business world. Allows you to assign tasks, communicate, and keep your work up to date.

14. Yoga Down Dog

Utility to do yoga where you will get a new practice every time you step on the mat. It has over 60,000 different settings and 6 different teacher voices. One of the best-rated yoga apps with 4.9 stars and more than a million downloads

15. DocuSign

Simple and secure application to sign documents and collect third-party signatures electronically. The most used eSignature and Digital Transaction Management platform in the world.

16. Castbox

Free podcast platform that has won multiple awards from Google Play. It has more than a million channels and more than 95 million audios in 70 different languages.

17. Diary

A password-protected personal diary where you can write down your experiences, memories, and private notes. It features different themes and font styles, photo journals, cloud copy, and more.

18. JotterPad

This app is designed for creative writers. A hassle-free, distraction-free text editor with dark mode, phrase search, word count, version control, and more.

19. Genius Scan

You can use this tool to scan documents with your mobile. Export in JPEG or PDF format, includes text-to-image extraction (OCR), document merge and split, and smart scanning (background removal, distortion correction, shadow and flaw removal, etc.)

20. One-Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0

This official manga anime game starring our bald man with a favorite cape. Automatic card strategy with character enhancement, story mode, Extreme Test mode, PVP Tournament, and more.

21. Score! Hero

3D soccer game with more than 700 levels, easy to play but difficult to master. It has an intelligent AI system that adapts to your passes and shots so that each game is different.

22. Magic Rampage

A game with a lot of action that combines the genres of platforms and RPG. It mimics the classic style of 16-bit games from the 90s, with campaign mode, competitive mode, and weekly dungeons.

23. PPSSPP Emulator

Do you like playing Sony’s PSP games? If the answer is is yes, you would be happy to know that you can play those games on your Samsung Galaxy M51 smartphone using the PPSSPP Emulator. This gaming emulator is able to play most of the titles. Here are the resources that you should follow below resources:

24. Kung Fu Z

A game for all audiences with a zombie apocalypse as a backdrop. Kick, punch, and head your way through countless hordes of the undead.

25. Progressbar95

A curious and super fun casual game for those nostalgic for Windows 95, the classic sound of hard drives, the obnoxious Office clip, and 90s modems.

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