7 Best Offline Games for Samsung Galaxy A50

No internet connection? Don’t worry… There are many Android games available in the Play store which you can enjoy offline. Playing multiplayer games online is the best way to kill time. Here you can find a very short but interesting line-up of offline games to play alone or with friends. Here are some of the best offline games for the Samsung Galaxy A50 that you can play during your free time.

Nowadays, we find that most of the games require Internet data to work. And in the absence of that, you wouldn’t be able to play those games. Therefore, you have gathered these games that you can play with access to the Internet. We hope that our readers would find this list helpful. If you have anything better to share with us, make sure to share with us through the comment section.

We would love to hear from you and make this list even better. Now, we should go further and walk-through our list of best offline games for the Samsung Galaxy A5 mobile smartphone:

List of best offline games for Samsung Galaxy A50

1. Can Knockdown

Can Knockdown

Can Knockdown is an interesting game available offline for Android users. This fascinating offline Android game offers the players with gameplay where you can make records and then break those records.

As the name suggests, ‘Can Knockdown’ is a game where you have to knock down the cans which are organized in the same situation. We highly recommend you to keep this game on your Samsung Galaxy A50. This should help you pass your free time.

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Each of the game levels consists of different arrangement of cans and points to score. The game-play of Can Knockdown is interesting; as it includes the use of different techniques for knocking out correctly. Even the graphics of the game is very much realistic. Can Knockdown is available for free and can be played offline; except while downloading.

2. Mekorama

Mekorama offline game for Samsung Galaxy A50

Mekorama, another Android game is available for free and can be played offline too. The levels are designed in an ironic manner where the players have to solve interesting puzzles. Also, the graphics and levels are designed with wonderful tactics.

The robot is a solitary character in the game to play with. As the robot gets trapped and doesn’t know the exit points, the players should try helping him in finding the way out. This is one challenging game where you can find different game-play elements, different stories, random robots and even short-circuit robots.

3. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2

From the top listed Android games, Shadow Fight 2 is the one game which is freely available to play offline. In this game, whenever you reach a new chapter there is a need of an Internet connection for downloading the extra file.

Players can experience remarkable gaming strategies. Fight against new enemies in every level. The game is designed with a cool game-play plot where there is a protagonist who becomes a shadow with a curse and now has to combat against the master to get back into the original kind. Play & fight with sets of weapons in every level with intuitive techniques.

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4. Lonewolf


Lonewolf is a mix of gunfire shoot and story-based game. This offline game is very stimulating as it consists of remarkable FPS shooting and interesting game-play plot. Again, this is a really good game if you’re looking to pass the free time on your Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone.

In this game, start the journey as a shooter, while playing you come across different missions and can find some hand-drawn cards. As you go ahead in levels, you will find shooting objects like rifles, etc. There are a few levels where you have to play with bare hands. The Lonewolf game itself includes 12 mini-games, 30 missions, and realistic sound effects.

5. Angry Birds Star Wars II

Angry Birds Star Wars II Free

Angry Birds Star Wars II was an addition in the list of smash hit games. Angry Birds Star Wars II is very much related to Star Wars flick and it has a scenario that gives a Star Wars feel. But apart from these, you can find many other important factors that make Angry Birds Star Wars II a different game for players.

Players can find features like intriguing gameplay, +30 characters and a Telepod feature that let you bring all those favorite characters in the game-play itself.

6. Stack


Stack, an offline Android game has a simple concept. The game-play of Stack is included stacking pieces on one another. This puzzle game requires to compete for precision and timely creativity. Stack Android Game has a powerful impact on providing hours of game-play.

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You have to just stack on the rectangular blocks on each other in horizontal formation with absolute perfection. If any of the blocks is misplaced the previous stacked block will get removed and the game again continues in the same way.

7. Into The Dead

Into The Dead

The Google Play Store has included a very much remarkable and offline available Android game named ‘Into the Dead’. The game Into the Dead gives you gameplay where you will come across a huge domain of zombies. Kill out the zombies along the road in a rich graphical environment and unlock missions.

The game consists of four interesting modes and a free trial game-play. The levels are designed with different plots, durability and an objective. This action game includes weapons and perks that give chance to collect coins.

That ends our list of some of the best offline games available for Samsung Galaxy A5 smartphone. We hope that our readers would like this list. If you have anything to share with us, use the below comment section to reach us. We would use your comments to make this list even better.


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