How to delete cache on Samsung Galaxy A50

The Android devices are blessed with multi-fold of facilities that ensure a smoother and faster experience. Over a period of time, our smartphone tends to become slower and the main reason could be the clutter and cache files that have gathered throughout the time. Therefore, it becomes important to get rid of them. In this tutorial, we’ll help you clear/delete cache files on Samsung Galaxy A50 for better performance, stability and fix most common bugs.

Basically, cache files are fetched and induced by the applications/programs and games that we have on our phone. That helps apps and games to present data or information to users with smoothness and so, users don’t have to wait for more. In short, cache files are used to improve the overall user experience. However, cache files are used for a certain period of time and after that, they become useless. Unfortunately, cache files do not wipe off automatically.

Users have to perform a certain action to remove cache files on their smartphone. These cache files expire after some time and they can cause different problems related to performance and stability. Most of the users notice a decline in performance and instability in the user interface. There is a greater chance that it could happen due to the cache files. Thus, one should know how to deal with this cache file on the Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone.

Clearing cache will calibrate both; performance and stability. Unlike the factory reset, deleting cache files on the Samsung Galaxy A50 won’t hurt any of your file and application. It only removes the cache files associated with the applications, thus you’re likely to lose saved data like login details, app/game progress and so on. Therefore, you better backup data related to apps and games. Or else you can create a general backup on your phone using this guide; how to backup Samsung Galaxy phone.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 facilitates two different ways to delete cache files; either user could delete the cache files associated with individual apps or wipe it off completely at once. During this tutorial, we’ll discuss both the methods and where they are applicable. There are possibilities that one or more application is causing problems on your phone. Or the entire firmware doesn’t work properly. That’s where you can choose between these two methods.

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In order to delete the cache on a Galaxy A50 smartphone, we don’t need any kind third-party app or utility. This mobile phone facilitates this ability. Either we can use the Settings’ menu to wipe cache files or use the recovery mode to clear the entire cache partition. Deleting cache files will improve the overall performance and stability on your phone. If your phone is running slow and throwing bugs, you can use the following instructions to clear cache files and clutter out of your phone.

Clear App cache on Samsung Galaxy A50

How to clear cache on Samsung Galaxy A50

  1. Open ‘Settings’ menu.
  2. Now, scroll Down and tap on Apps-> Apps list.
  3. Under the list of apps, tap on the App, to clear its cache.
  4. Then, tap on Storage.
  5. Now, tap on CLEAR CACHE.

The above steps are required to delete the app cache on Android smartphones. Many times it happens that certain apps behave abnormally and cause different problems. So, instead of performing this action site-wide, we can clear the cache of that particular app or apps.

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Problems like app crashes, app freezing, and similar ones are solved through deleting the cache files on Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone. Furthermore, it brings more free space for storage purpose. Perhaps, you must ensure that back-up apps and game data. Otherwise, you may lose the app/game progress that you’ve done so far.

Further, there’s one more way to clear clutter data that has been gathered on your phone. The clutter files include some non-required cache and junk files. Within the ‘Storage’ section, there’s an option; ‘Clear Now’, once performed, it removes clutter files that outcome both; better performance and free storage space.

There are many applications that can summon heaps of cache files within just a few weeks or months. Especially, those social media apps – Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, etc., induce a huge amount of cache files, that over time directly affects performance and usual running of the smartphone. Therefore, it is highly recommended to perform a cleanup frequently or you might face low performance and internal storage issues.\

Next, there’s another method to wipe entire cache files at once. Through recovery mode, we can do that. Within the recovery mode, there’s an option – Wipe cache partition, we can us that wipe entire cache at once.

Wipe cache partition on Samsung Galaxy A50

How to wipe cache partition on Samsung Galaxy A50

If you find that the entire performance has been affected and facing stability problems frequently, then clearing cache files can help you solve these problems. Android phones smartly use different partitions to store different files. The cache files are stored within the cache partition that allows users to get rid of the entire cache files at once. That calibrates overall performance and bring it to near the stock one.

Even wiping the cache partition won’t hurt any of your app or game. It only removes the cache files associated with apps and games. This action helps to resolve most of the problems like lags, freezes, boot loops, random reboots, the app crashes and many more. So, when next time you face such problems, you can try this method to see if that fixes these problems.

We’ll use the recovery mode to perform this action. The following steps are set to help you wiping cache partition on Samsung Galaxy A50:

  1. Power OFF your phone.
  2. Now, enter the recovery mode on Galaxy A50.
  3. Within the recovery mode, select ‘Wipe cache partition’.
  4. Proceed with your confirmation and perform this action.
  5. Exit the recovery mode once this action is completed.

That’s it, you’ve successfully deleted entire cache on your phone. This should fix most of the bugs and problems on your phone. Most importantly, this action will free a good amount of internal storage space that you can use for a different purpose.

That ends our tutorial here that explains how to clear app cache and wipe cache partition on Samsung Galaxy A50 for better performance and stability. Over time, you might face different problems and bugs on your phone, therefore, you must prepare yourself for that. We hope that our readers would find this tutorial helpful. If you find anything that bothers you, do let us know. We would feel happy to help you further.

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