How to Install Android 9 Pie on LG G2 [CUSTOM ROM]

Released 5 years ago, the LG G2 has still some potential stand against current smartphones. Initially, it worked on Android 4.2.2 and then updated to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop firmware. After that, LG discontinued the support provided to this smartphone. Still, LG G2 is constantly receiving updates through third-party custom ROMs. Here’s one more development has been introduced that helps to update this device to the latest firmware. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to update the LG G2 to latest Android 9 Pie operating system with the help of a custom ROM. That brings the latest features, apps, and improvements.

Being an open source operating system, it’s a major advantage of the Android OS. The Android developers bring different opportunities for users to improve the user experience. The credit goes to YoDevil, Senior Member at XDA Forums who brought AospExtended V6.0 ROM for LG G2 smartphone. This custom ROM is based on Google Android 9 Pie firmware. Precisely, tweaked well for better performance and stability. Most importantly, all features are working fine in this ROM. That means if choose to install this ROM on your phone, you can expect all features and functions to work fine. It is a bug-less custom firmware you can use to update the LG G2 phone to the Android Pie operating system.

Specifically, this ROM works with LG G2 D802 (Europe) model and we could expect it to grow up and support other models soon. Basically, the AospExtended ROM is based on AOSP build with added extensions for better personalization, customization, performance and user experience. The user interface is similar to stock with various customization options. While it brings this new interface and features, it makes the device snappier and work fast. So, you can expect some improvements in the performance. Overall, it’s a good custom ROM to update this smartphone.

Because, we are installing a custom firmware, you must aware yourself with certain risks involved in this process. Firstly, you cannot connect this custom firmware with LG or Google in any manner. It has been developed by third-party developers. Most importantly, if you choose to go further and install this ROM on your phone, it will void the warranty. You must read all the terms and conditions before you step further. While we install a custom firmware, your current firmware will be wiped completely. Actually, this process will wipe the whole internal memory of the device. So, you must create a backup of your phone.

Your current firmware, including recovery, modes and other aspects are replaced with this custom firmware. We suggest you create Nandroid backup of the current firmware. So, if anything goes wrong, you could easily go back to the previous firmware with this Nandroid backup firmware. Otherwise, you should restore the official firmware on your phone to sort things.

In order to install this custom firmware, you need to flash it using the latest TWRP recovery. You must install the latest TWRP recovery on your phone. The stock recovery has restrictions that won’t allow users to install custom firmware. Therefore, you gotta install a custom recovery like TWRP recovery to have this custom ROM installed on your phone. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to update your LG G2 with this Android 9 Pie based custom firmware. You can download the latest TWRP recovery for your phone from →here and install it. You must read all the prerequisites that mention below and then proceed to further instructions.


  1. Currently, this custom firmware supports LG G2 D802 (Europe) variant only. Hopefully, it should soon support other variants. For other variants including d800/d801/d802/d803, users can apply LineageOS ROM mentioned →here. Thus, you must check the model number of the device before installing this firmware.
  2. This custom ROM has no connection with Google or LG. Therefore, it will void the warranty of the device (if any). You mustn’t involve if you’re not exactly sure about your actions.
  3. This process wipes the internal memory of the phone completely. You better back up all the important stuff before going any further. Once performed, there is no way to revert this action. You could lose your important files.
  4. You need the latest TWRP recovery image to flash this custom ROM on your LG G2 successfully. Otherwise, there are chances that you might face problems during the installation. You can download and install the TWRP recovery from the official site here:
  5. Charge your phone to a good battery level. Anything less than 40% is not recommended.

That’s you gotta do. Now, you’re ready to install this custom ROM on your phone and access the latest Android firmware on your phone.

How to flash Android 9 Pie ROM on LG G2

The installation procedure is simple and exactly the same as we usually install custom ROM. The following instructions are set to help in install this Android Pie ROM on LG G2 smartphone:

  1. Turn OFF your phone.
  2. Now, boot into the Recovery Mode using the below steps:
    1. Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons.
    2. When the LG Logo appears, release the Power button and press and hold it again quickly.
    3. Then, release both the buttons when the Factory reset screen appears. Press the Power button three times even when it says it will delete everything.
    4. Then, it will take you to the TWRP recovery mode.
  3. Now, perform Wipe action under the recovery menu and reboot your phone.
  4. As soon as your phone turns ON, download the Android 9 ROM for this smartphone from →here or if you want to download LineageOS visit →here. Save this ROM file on your phone and remember the name of the file.
  5. Now, turn OFF your phone and reboot to the Recovery mode again.
  6. Now, tap on ‘Install’ button and load the ROM package file. Install this ROM using the on-screen instructions.
  7. Once the installation process is completed, exit the recovery mode.

The phone should reboot now and bring you to the setup screen. There, enter your Google account details and configure other aspects.

That’s it, you’ve successfully updated your LG G2 to latest Android 9 firmware with the custom ROM. Enjoy the goodness of the latest features, apps, and improved performance. We hope that LG G2 users would find this tutorial helpful. Do share your thoughts and views in the comment section below.

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