Fix 10 Most Common Problems on Samsung Galaxy A50

The Samsung Galaxy A50 offers Android 9.0 Pie firmware backed with a powerful processor and sufficient amount of RAM. Although this configuration is sufficient enough to drive this smartphone quiet all the time, still you might face many problems/bugs/issues that happen on Android smartphones. During this guide, we’ll help you fix/troubleshoot some of the most common problems that could happen on Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone. This is a troubleshooting guide for this smartphone.

If you’re new to Android firmware or this smartphone, you must know the basic troubleshooting. Within the time period, you’re embarked using Samsung Galaxy A50, you may face different problems related to Android firmware. These problems could be linked to network things, performance/stability related bugs or something that is not expected. This guide shall aware most of the tools that you’re phone is equipped with and how one can use them to troubleshoot this smartphone.

For troubleshooting purposes, the recovery mode comes useful This is a maintenance mode provided to Android phones that work independently of the Android firmware. Through this mode, we can reset, clear entire cache and update firmware on the phone. While we start troubleshooting some common problems on Samsung Galaxy A50, one should know that we might need to factory reset this smartphone. If we do that, it wipes the entire internal memory.

Therefore, following that, you’ll lose everything that is stored within this smartphone. Thus, if you have any chance, we suggest you backup your phone. For that purpose, you can follow our guide; how to backup Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Or else, you can use Google Drive and Google Photos or similar applications to sync your personal data to online storage services.

Troubleshoot Common Problems on Samsung Galaxy A50

1. What to do when WiFi won’t connect on Samsung Galaxy A50

This is among the most common networking features, so you can’t stop yourself from using it. There can be different problems while connecting to a certain WiFi network, whether it is a public or personal one. Your Samsung Galaxy A50 might just not connect to some WiFi router and of course, that would causing you trouble.

Sometimes it happens our phone stops connecting with certain WiFi service. You might connect your phone to that WiFi network for the first time or it belongs to the existing ones. If you’re facing connectivity problems on your Galaxy A50, the following recommendations should help you get out of these problems.

  • First, we recommend you to reboot your phone. Just a restart is enough to solve minor and stability bugs. Just tap on the Power button and keep it pressed until the phone goes off. Thereafter, power ON your phone.
  • If you had connected with that WiFi Network in the past, we suggest you Forget that network and reform a new connection. This action helps to remove temporary bugs and issues.
  • If you were able to connect the WiFi router before, there might be chances that connection credentials have been changed or modified. Therefore, you must verify them.
  • Next, you can move forward reset entire Network Settings on your phone. This action will wipe all your connection that you’ve made so far through any medium, WiFi, and Bluetooth, and it removes custom settings as well. If there’s any problem due to wrong settings or configuration, this action should correct it. You can follow our guide; .

If your Samsung Galaxy A50 still doesn’t connect with the WiFi network, must check that WiFi router. There are chances that problem is somehow linked to that device instead of your phone. One of the above solutions should work for you. In the event, nothing works, do let us know through your comments. We would try our best to resolve the specific problem that you’re facing.

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2. Mobile Bluetooth doesn’t pair with other devices

Just like the WiFi connectivity problems, during the time you pair your phone with other Bluetooth devices, especially Bluetooth speakers and headphones, there is a probability that you find that not pairing correctly. Personally, I’ve observed this problem while connecting my wireless headphones to my phone or while pairing it with a 2.1 speaker system.

If you face such problems randomly, then there’s nothing to worry a lot. Such problems usually happen temporarily and through basic troubleshooting steps, we can fix them. Just follow the below solutions to fix this Bluetooth won’t pair on Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone:

  1. If your phone couldn’t connect with the Bluetooth device, before we can take a leap action, a restart always worth a try. Reboot your phone and try pairing your phone with the Bluetooth device. It works most of the time.
  2. Further, we recommend you to restart that Bluetooth device as well. Again, this works most of the time. Basically, some run-time clutter may cause such problems to occur. Thus, restarting does the job pretty well.
  3. Next, if you were able to connect with this device earlier and now it doesn’t connect, then you should remove this existing connection. Open Bluetooth settings on your phone and tap on Saved connections. Then, tap on the connection that fails every time you try and tap on Forget button. Afterward, try reforming the connection. Most probably, your Samsung Galaxy A50 should connect to your headsets, speakers, etc., Bluetooth device.
  4. Further, if you don’t find any above solutions helpful, you can reset Network settings on your phone. This will remove all the formed connections and their corresponding configuration. In simple words, it wipes everything in relation to Network and connections. After that, try reconnecting your phone with that Bluetooth device.
  5. If you’re sure that Bluetooth device functions correctly and something isn’t correct on your phone, then a factory could help you troubleshoot this problem. For that purpose, you can follow our dedicated guide here.

One of the above must solve Bluetooth connectivity problems on your phone. If you’re on the brink to perform a factory reset on your phone, make sure to back up everything important to you. Otherwise, once this action is applied, there’s no way to make it undone. All data will be deleted and settings are wiped during this action.

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3. Fix Overheating problems on Samsung Galaxy A50

Overeating is one of the most frustrating problems of smartphone users. Although, regardless of your smartphones, whether it is a flagship or a budget-friendly thing, it is usual to experience overheating issues sometimes. That happens due to extensive hardware usage by applications and games.

Thus, if you observe heating problems during playing games or using heavy applications, then, there’s no need to worry much. That’s completely normal and it usually happens on most of the Android smartphones. However, if you figure that phone heats up with no reasons, you must find out the problem and resolve it. Here are some useful recommendations to fix overheating problems on Samsung Galaxy A50:

  1. First of all, overheating problems could happen due to run time objects. Therefore, we suggest you reboot your phone once before we move further and take some real actions.
  2. If you observe overheating issues while you put it on charging, then there’s nothing to worry. This usually happens because of charging technology and hardware used on this smartphone. While you put this phone on charging, it highly recommended that you shouldn’t use this phone.
  3. Further, unusual heating issues are a by-product of applications that run in the background. Thus, it is recommended that you keep the battery optimize option enabled. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage > More > Optimize battery usage, and tap ‘All Apps’. That will restrict the apps from using the battery unknowingly.
  4. There’s one more thing that you could do. You should thoroughly observe the behavior of applications on your phone. There might an (or more) application that consumes a lot of battery life and does nothing. To observe that, you can take help of the Developer Options, enable this menu on your phone using this guide. Then, open this menu and tap on ‘Running Services’. There, you can thoroughly observe apps that consuming the battery most. Thereafter, either you can remove that or disable that.
  5. Many times overheating issues occur due to the clutter and cache data that gather within the phone’s memory while we use it. Thus it is important to remove this clutter data frequently. Otherwise, it may cause stability related to bugs and problems that include overheating as well. To clean your phone, open the Settings menu and tap on Storage. Under this menu, you’ll find ‘Clean Storage’. Tap on this button to perform this action.
  6. To get advanced, you can use the recovery mode and wipe its cache partition. This will remove all cache files on Samsung Galaxy A50, that would improve both; performance and battery life. Just boot into the recovery mode and perform ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ action.
  7. Moreover, you can factory reset your phone as well. This will likely to get sorted everything that isn’t correct on your phone. You can factory reset your phone using this guide.

If you still continue to observe overheating issues on your phone, then there can be two things; either there’s something isn’t right with the firmware or some sort of hardware issues is going around.

So, you can try re-installing the firmware on your phone. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you better take your phone to the nearest service center. Ask for appropriate help.

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4. Fix App crashes on Galaxy A50

It is one of the most common problems among Android smartphones. In no time you might face App crashes of freezing problems on your Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone. Such problems annoy the most. You might be working on an application or be playing the game then suddenly it stops working and eventually it gets closed. If that happens, possibly you’re going to lose work and progress.

App crashes occur due to expired cache files and clutter data. Thus, wiping these cache files will probably resolve this problem. Further, this problem can happen randomly on any application. So, we’ll help you troubleshoot your phone for both the case;

  1. Since app crashes happen due to expired or junk cache files, the very first step that you can take is to wipe its cache data. If you find that certain app keeps crashing frequently, clearing its cache data can help in solving this problem. Just open Settings on your phone, now tap on the Apps and locate that application from the list. Then, tap on Storage and tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.
  2. Also, you can uninstall that application from your phone. After that, download the latest version of that application and observe it further. Most probably, it should work fine.
  3. If the above two solutions do not work, you may contact the developer team of that application. You can notify them about the bug/issue that you’re facing on this application.
  4. If you figure that problem happens with other applications too, then clearing the entire cache data should work to resolve app crashing problem on your Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone. You can reboot into the recovery mode and perform Wipe Cache Partition action.
  5. And that even doesn’t work, a factory reset would be the next step that you can take. Just open Settings and navigate to Reset menu. There, perform a factory reset on your phone. This will remove all clutter and third-party data causing your phone to malfunction.

There’s one more recommendation before you factory reset your phone. You can check your phone if there’s any suspicious application. If you’ve recently downloaded third-party apps, then we suggest you remove them to see if that works.

5. Fix Samsung Galaxy Stuck at boot logo after update

The maximum time it happens right after we install an update or third-party firmware through recovery mode. The update can be an official one that device installs automatically or one might be applying it manually. Whatever be the case, getting stuck on the boot logo or random reboots problem is really frustrating. In order to tackle such problems, we use the recovery mode.

This mode allows users to perform maintenance related actions including factory reset and wipe cache partition. And most importantly, this mode works independently of Android firmware. That means we can still get into the recovery mode when the phone doesn’t boot after boot logo.

Boot loops and boot stuck issues are mostly resolved through wiping the cache files or performing a factory reset. During an update procedure, sometimes the cache or system files get corrupted that brick our phone. Thus, wiping the cache or performing a factory reset should correct this problem on your Samsung Galaxy A50.

  1. If you’ve updated your phone and landed to this condition, you must wipe its cache files. If anyhow cache files were corrupted during any action, this action is suitable. Just reboot into the recovery mode using below steps:
    1. Power OFF your phone.
    2. Now, press and hold Volume Up and Power buttons at the same time.
    3. Release the buttons once the Samsung logo appears.
    4. Press Volume Up button if any confirmation required to get into the recovery mode.
    5. Select ‘Wipe Cache Data’ and perform this action.
    6. Reboot your phone.
  2. The next thing that you could do it perform a factory reset. Again, we’ll use the recovery mode. This is among the most recommended actions that users can perform. Again, get into the recovery mode and perform ‘wipe data/factory reset’ action on your phone.
  3. And in case you’ve installed custom firmware, then you would need to re-install the stock firmware on your phone. While custom ROMs bring extended functionalities and features, however, sometimes things may not go as they should.

The above solutions are sufficient enough to fix boot stuck and boot loops issues on Samsung Galaxy A50. If you don’t find any solution working, use the comment section to get in touch with us.

6. Fix Slow performance and unstable Android interface

Or you can refer to slugging user interface. It usually happens if we continue to use our phone for a long duration. In order to sustain performance and stability, one should regularly perform certain cleaning and performing related actions. Throughout the time we indulge using our phone, it keeps on gathering chunks of cache and clutter files.

Over time, this clutter data becomes so large that it negatively impacts the overall performance and stability. If your device starts behaving sluggish and slow, one can clear cache files, remove unwanted apps or simply can format the entire phone to catch up with general performance.

Further, there can be a different problem. There might an application (or more) that keeps consuming the power resources boundlessly or affecting overall performance. That’s where you would need to observe your phone thoroughly and figure that application that might be causing your Samsung Galaxy A50 to work slowly. Here are some instructions to troubleshoot slow performance issues on this smartphone:

  1. If you’ve been using your phone for a long time, we suggest you clear cache files on your phone. That will boost the overall performance and remove most of the bugs or problems. To clear cache, just go into the recovery mode and perform this action Wipe Cache Partition.
  2. Still no improvements? You must format your phone. Over time, our phone keeps on inducing clutter files and eventually that affects the usual working of the phone. In some cases, they might even affect the system apps and files. Therefore, we recommend you to perform a factory reset. For that purpose, either you can use the Recovery mode or just stick the Reset menu given under the Settings.
  3. In order to keep the performance of your phone smooth, the following actions are highly recommended:
    1. Keep your phone as debloated as possible. Samsung puts tons of useless apps (bloatware), either you can disable them or uninstall them. Many of these application keeps on using power resources. Thus, keep minimum applications on your phone.
    2. To make the user interface a faster bit, switching from Samsung’s native launcher to Nova or Google Pixel would be good enough to bring better results. If you’re seeking better performance, then Nova Launcher fits you best. And the next best option is Google Pixel.
    3. Reduce DPI on your phone. This term is linked to the rendering process. It controls the size of the on-screen content like icons and texts. Reducing this aspect, makes texts, icons, and other on-screen objects become bigger. And those bigger objects are easy to render and use less amount of processing power. You can read more about this term here and how you can use it to improve performance on your phone.
  4. Also, you can re-install the entire firmware if you find that a factory reset/clearing cache doesn’t have any impact. There might be some problem with the firmware itself. So, you can re-install firmware on the phone.

If you want to speed up your Samsung Galaxy A50, these performance tips and tricks are most recommended to you. For app, related performance issues must check our number 4 fix.

7. Poor battery life on Samsung Galaxy A50

So before you can juice every once of battery life on your phone, it goes down abnormally. This problem is quite similar to overheating problems. Till the time, the problem is linked to the software part, we can troubleshoot it. However, if somehow the battery has been affected, you better reach out to the nearest service center.

The battery life is consumed by the applications and connectivity features that we use on our phone. If you’re too frequent in using Internet Browsers, YouTube, and other applications that use Internet data, then it acceptable that battery drains out quickly.

Further, if you observe abnormal battery drain issues on your Samsung Galaxy A50, then one of the following troubleshooting methods should help you:

  1. Firstly, we recommend you to observe applications on your phone. There might be an application or more, that’s draining your phone so quickly. Just open the Battery menu on your phone and check the usage. If you find any application using battery life unknowingly, just remove that.
  2. You must optimize your phone for better battery life. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage > More > Optimise battery usage, and tap ‘All Apps’. Once this option is enabled, apps won’t be able to use the battery life unknowingly.
  3. If you’ve been using your phone for a long time, then due to aggregated cache files, instability issues must have occurred that usually lower the battery life. Or in case, you’ve updated your phone, you must wipe its cache memory. This action will remove junk and clutter files that draining the battery so quickly. Just use the Recovery mode and perform ‘Wipe cache partition’ action.
  4. Further, a factory reset a thing that you can consider next. This action will clean your phone thoroughly, if there’s any application/game, settings or file causing this problem on your phone will be deleted. Just go into the recovery mode and apply a factory reset on your phone.
  5. There’s one more thing that you can consider and that will surely help you achieve better battery life and performance. You must remove or disable applications that you don’t use. Samsung smartphones come with more than enough pre-installed applications. Many of these apps run in the background without serving any purpose. So, you can disable those apps for better performance and battery life.

To get more out of the battery life of your phone, follow the dedicated guide: how to improve battery life on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. If nothing works in your case, there are chances that this problem is linked to the hardware part. If that’s the case, just take your phone to the service center and have it diagnosed.

8. Unexpectedly shut down and reboot problems

Such problems are somewhat rare to observe. Either it happens after we update our phone or if a user has been using the smartphone for quite a long time. Whatever be the case, we have solutions to fix such problems. Here are some recommendations to troubleshoot unexpectedly shut down and reboot problems on Samsung Galaxy A50.

  1. If you’ve changed some settings recently on your phone, then perhaps your phone might be unable to catch up with that. Therefore, you should try resetting your phone’s settings. Go to Settings->Reset-> Reset Settings -> Perform this reset. That will turn all settings to the default configuration. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any of your data.
  2. There can be an app or apps that resisting your phone to run normally. Therefore, you should observe apps on your phone and if you suspect them, you better disable or remove them. Most probably the recent ones.
  3. Further, if you’ve recently updated your phone, then you must keep clutter and junk files out of your phone. To do that, just open the Storage settings on your phone and tap on Clear Now. This action will wipe junk and expired files out of your phone.
  4. We also recommend you to perform a factory reset on your phone. That will thoroughly clean your phone leaving no space for a bug or issue to persists on your phone. Just use recovery mode or open Backup and reset menu on your phone to perform a factory reset on your phone.

Though these solutions are plenty enough, if you still don’t find helpful, you can try re-installing the entire firmware on your phone.

9. Low Speaker Volume on Galaxy A50

When it comes to low speaker volume, most probably there could two things; either phone’s speaker doesn’t output enough sound or the media file isn’t good enough. Further, there can be a problem linked to the hardware part as well. We have some useful troubleshooting solutions to cure such problems on Android phones. Here the fixes that you can apply on your phone:

  1. First of all, thoroughly observe the phone’s speaker. There might some dust over that resisting the full volume. You must clear those holes, there might be small particles stock over them. You can use a pin to remove them. Be careful while doing this. Or else you might end up damaging your phone physically.
  2. Sometimes, such problems happen right after n update. Therefore, we recommend you to perform some cleaning actions like wiping its cache data and performing a factory reset. That should help you get the original speaker volume on your phone.
  3. Further, if the problem is linked to the media file that you’re playing, you can use third-party apps like Speaker Boost. This app will increase the output volume, so you can listen to your music files easily.

10. Network issues on calls on Samsung Galaxy A50

Most of the time, the network issues happen based on geographical location and network strengths. If you’re residing in an area where network problems are more often, then there’s nothing you could on your phone. That’s what something your SIM operator service or higher authorities could do.

Otherwise, the following recommendation should work in resolving most the networking related problems on your Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone. Just follow the below ones:

  1. Firstly, you should try to remove the SIM card tray, clean it thoroughly and re-insert your phone. That should fix problems caused by the disposition of the SIM card. That should bring some improvements to the network signals.
  2. Further, we would recommend you to reset the network settings on your phone. That will remove old settings and connections causing network issues on your phone. For that purpose, you can follow this guide.
  3. If that has happened after an update process, you better perform a hard reset on your phone. That should fix all the problems on your phone.
  4. If nothing works, better reach out to the SIM Card operator.

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That ends our Samsung Galaxy A50 troubleshooting guide here. If there’s any other issue that is bothering you, make sure to leave your comments below. While explaining your problem, ensure to provide enough information. That will help us provide a more accurate solution to your problem. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and views on this troubleshooting guide.


  1. Samsung A70. Problems with the screen, if i type fast the keyboard touches by itself and don’t let me type the right letters.

  2. In my samsung a50 sometime charging gets very slow and sometime fast. Why such thing happen plz help.
    I dislike this phone.
    Sometime mobile takes 10 minute for 1% of charge

  3. I purchased samsung A50 on 10th May 2019.
    I received earphones without buds & hence I tried samsung original earphones with buds which I was previously using for samsung J5, I can hear music via earphones but control buttons of my earphones are working sometimes other times not.
    can someone suggest a remedy please.

  4. I bought new Samsung Galaxy A50 Today, when my friend try to call me with my network sim it takes 3 times before I received the call…1st & 2nd call he made it says the number is disconnected that’s strange is it a bug of A50?

    1. That doesn’t seem to be a bug rather it looks network problem. Try calling other friends to see if that happens again.

  5. Mine has network issues. I have removed the sim card severally but still have pathetic network. I watch most videos like it is censored versions. It is good in all but the primary role of a phone.
    Calls keep dropping.

  6. My samsung A50 seems to have unstable signal, unlike other phones my frends have., their fones got strong signal

    1. Hi Justine, if that’s not the hardware problem, performing a factory reset should fix it.

  7. I own a samsung galaxy A 50 , i an facing charging issue at some point of time say 90% the phone stays connected to charger but phone does not charge plz solve this issue

  8. I purchased samsung glaxy A50 factory unlocked mobile from Amazon in USA. I am using AT&T network. Its mobile data does not work. Any suggestion.

  9. Good day, please assist, when answering calls sometimes the sound is at the earpiece top of phone and next call at the speaker at the bottom, everyone can hear the conversation, adjusting in call volume don’t solve the problem
    Please assist

    1. Try a factory reset on your phone, if that doesn’t work, there’s a chance that is hardware fault. Take it to the service center.

  10. I purchased Samsung Galaxy a70 it is not connecting to my wifi router after doing all the possibles problem remain the same

  11. My A50 is getting stuck when I’m getting calls.after a call is dropped. System ui shows call active symbol in notification and phone gets heated up. Then after some time shows message “system ui has stopped responding” phone will work only after force restart. Tried software reinstallation also.plz help

  12. How about closing and opening of apps by itself? Have anyone experience like this? That is my problem in my samsung a50.

    1. yes I am also having the sane problem…and also while using my phone automatically goes to lock screen

      1. Hi Kishor,

        If would suggest you check whether automatic unlock feature is enabled or disabled. You must keep this setting disabled. Here’s how you can do that:

        – Open your device’s Settings app.
        – Tap Security & location and then Smart Lock.
        – Enter your PIN, pattern, or password.
        – Turn off available option.

        This should help you.

  13. what is the reason to giveup touch screen without any mistake? when I work with phone suddenly I cannot touch,can you help me for solve my problem.i am sure my phone didinot falldown.

    1. Hi there,

      This seems to be a common problem associated with firmware, itself. If there’s any pending update, download and install it.

      Further, a factory reset is highly recommended.

  14. my samsung a50 suddenly shutdown without any reason,after that it can’t be opened,what am i supposed to do? i’m so upset

  15. My samsung a50 touch is working itself and it’s like doing things itself please help me I don’t know what to do

  16. sir mere A50 ma internet nahi chal raha idea ha gyar ma sab ka idea ha aur sab internet chal raha ha what should I do. In j2 2015 my net is running very good. But in a50 nut running.plz plz plz pl reply

  17. My Samsung A50 touch has all of a sudden stopped working. I can’t even switch-off my phone without touch , how am I supposed to factory reset it?

  18. I cannot access page to sort my apps by alphabet or clean my apps on my A50. When I follow instructions in manual nothing happens when I hit the 3 dots and more options.

    1. Try performing a factory reset.

      If nothing happens, visit the service center. That could be a hardware fault.

  19. My A50 suddenly started crashing, restarts randomly, sometimes doesn’t even complete the boot process and restarts again. Applications crash randomly (including e.g. Google or Samsung keyboard) Tried Safe mode and Factory reset without success. It even restarted unexpectedly during the factory reset process 🙁
    Going to send it back for repair.

    1. Hi
      This is Asad, i have only one issue on my A50 phone. Sometimes I call to someone or anybody calls me and after discussion when i want to disconnect call but cant because my A50 phone hang. This problem I faced alot, please adv me solution. Will highly appreciated – thanks

      1. Hi Asad,

        I had this issue too, and fortunately, I had it fixed. Just open the Google Play store, and search for Google dialer and install this application.

        After that, use this dialer as your default one.

        That’s it. Try it and let me know if that works for you.


  20. Recently purchased A50. Very recently I cannot answer when someone calls. The red circle shows up the green phone logo shows but will not work. The swipe will not work. The person calling registers and or a number. Tapping the phone harder will not work either. I have had three other people try and answer a trial call and it does not work for anyone else either. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Rick,

      There are chances that third-party app or apps might be causing this problem. So, first of all, I would suggest you open the Applications list and figure out the ones you downloaded from Google Play store or any other source.

      Next, try uninstalling the suspicious ones and test calls on your phone.

      Further, I would suggest you to clear the cache files associated with applications. Follow these steps:

      Settings > Apps> See all apps > Phone > Storage > Clear cache

      I hope this helps you.

  21. Looking for alittle help..My A50 only recently started not letting accept or end an incoming call either friends on SIM card or strangers (now that’s not a big friends) Any suggestions? Did I hit something in settings that I shouldn’t have? Thanks in advance..

  22. my A50’s battery was low, I charged it, it showed it was charging, after an hour went to fetch it and now it doesn’t switch on completely. what must I do?

  23. I have had problems with my A50 since I purchased it in July 2019. I received a replacement A50 in October and am still experiencing the same problems:
    1) Phone dials numbers randomly while I am on a call and will put my call on hold and ask if I want to merge the calls;
    2) While on the phone it just types in digits and many times I lose the person I am talking to,
    3) My 1st phone made random calls while sitting on the table or in my purse;
    4) I can be listening to voicemail and a call will come through and then I have two calls going at a time..

    THEN – one morning I was on a cruise ship and went to use my phone and it was “Initialzing” – prompted me to enter my language choice, accept T&C’s, and then wanted me to connect to WiFi. Well – it wouldn’t connect and gave me an error message of “Abnormal reset? or reboot” and would not allow me to go any further.

    I tried to get on a chat with a Verizon rep but the system needed to send me a text to connect, but I had no access to a phone to get the text!!

    I then had NO phone for 4 days until we were able to get home and get to a Verizon store. There the tech got my phone back, but I was missing pictures and my complete calendar had not downloaded. 2nd visit to see what to do next: He said I just had to wait until all the apps had downloaded.

    3rd Visit – Next day, all apps had downloaded, but still no pics / calendar info. told there was nothing they could do.

    4th Visit – when to another store. She suggested working with Tech Coach.
    5th attempt. On the phone with a technician for 4 hours – results:
    * Pictures missing from 10/1/2019 until 1/13 when my phone restarted EXCEPT for one picture on 1/5.
    * Calendar missing some data;
    * pictures connected to any text messages are all gone;
    * Some phone contact pictures are missing;
    * some text messages are missing all together;

    None of them makes sense as it’s all very random. How can I have lost all pictures but 1, since I received my REPLACEMENT/REFURBISHED phone when my phone went dead. How can contact pictures be gone that I have had for years?

    I am so frustrated. I know this data has to be somewhere.

    1. Hi Deborah,

      That’s really bad happened to you. Sometimes even brands like Samsung failed to deliver the correct support. There must be someplace where you could find your data. Probably, try Google Photos, with the same Google account that you logged-in your previous phone. There, you can find your photos and videos.

      Try this and let me know if you find anything that is important to you.

  24. This blog Fix 10 Most Common Problems on Samsung Galaxy A50
    helps me a lot with my battery problems.
    😉 Kiss you all!

  25. The phone is fine but I can barely hear the person on the other side when I get a call. Have volume etc up to full, I cleared the phone to factory settings, cleaned the area around the phone itself and made no difference 🙁

  26. I have two (2) Samsung A50’s. Until the last update on 29 Dec. 2020 to A505USQ9CTL1 / A505UOYN9CTL1, the phone worked well. Now, as we’re going places such as the Doctor’s office or the grocery store, there’s “No Service”. Having gone through the exercise of doing a network reset and reconnecting to my Wi-Fi and all bluetooth devices, the problem still exists. One “work-around” I’ve found is to turn on Airplane Mode and wait 30 seconds to turn Airplane Mode OFF again. My working theory is that the phone has lost its ability to shift from tower to tower and stay on the network. Wi-Fi calling and data works fine and reconnects to the home Wi-Fi MOST of the time (it sometimes stays connected to some Xfinity hotspot that has minimal bars of signal strength. Is there any setting someplace that might have gotten toggled in the latest update? Is it a bad update?

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