8 Best Online IT Courses in 2020 for Beginners

Information Technology is becoming an essential job requirement in almost every industry. As a college student, you need to learn IT whether or not you’re taking a computer science course. This way, you’ll gain a competitive advantage over other students once you graduate. As you know, getting your first job is a hassle because there are so many graduates looking for a job just like you.

If you’re a computer science student, use the resources you have to improve your performance. Don’t forget to find reliable online resources for computer science homework help. As you know, you need to submit your assignments on time at all times.

Even after you’ve graduated, you can still take an online IT course for purposes of career advancement. After all, no one wants to do an entry-level job all their lives. At some point, your work will get boring because we all need the challenge to keep us going.

You can also take up an online IT course to learn a new skill. Whether or not it’s a job requirement in your field, learning IT will make your lie easier. Before you enroll for an online course, make sure you ascertain that’s it’s a legitimate online learning institution. There is nothing as frustrating as using time and resources only to realize you won’t get certification for your efforts.

IT is a covers a wide range of topic which allows you to specialize in what you’re interested in. you don’t have to learn everything there is about IT because different sets of knowledge have applications in different fields.

Here are the 8 best online IT courses for beginners in 2020.

1. HarvardX CS50 Introduction to Computer Science on edX

At number one we have an online course offered by the prestigious Harvard University. If you’re hoping to get a comprehensive introduction to coding, then this course is for you. Harvard has selected all of the most visited IT courses and put under one roof. This is a very extensive course that covers everything you need to know about computer science.

It is a free course that allows you to learn IT without spending a die. If you want a certification of completion, then you’ll need to pay for exam fees. This course offers you video recordings that make the material easy to digest.

For each block of content, you get an assignment that tests your knowledge so you don’t move to the next chapter before fully understanding the previous one.

2. Codecademy

If you want to learn how to code, Codecademy has got your back. This is the perfect beginner course as it touches on all the basics. This course offers something for everyone regardless of proficiency in computer science.

The extensive categories ensure that whichever you choose, you get all the learning materials you need. Codeacademy is free, however, you can choose to subscribe to Codeacademy Pro to access unlimited resources.

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the gift that keeps giving because it has extensive resources on almost everything on the face of the earth and IT is not an exception. This is a non-profit organization that helps self-learning individuals to get access to all the learning material they need.

Whether you want to start with a simple or complex topic, Khan Academy will ensure you have access. Even if you have little to no experience with IT, the courses available are easy to understand and follow.

The courses are structured in such a way that you’ll go through the content in bite-size chunks. This allows you to easily understand what you’re studying. This also makes it easy for you to remember key concepts. This is a completely free recourse that comes in handy for anyone who doesn’t have the funds for a college degree.

4. MITx Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python on edX

MIT, like Harvard, also has an online site for those who can’t make it to on-campus lectures. Just like Harvard, the courses are completely free unless you need a certification for completion. The exam fee is affordable, which means you can get your degree without attending on-campus lectures.

The course is quite challenging, which means it tests you in all fields. This offers you the proficiency you need as a certified IT expert. Whether or not you have prior knowledge of IT, you’re bound to have an easy time following the course.

5. Pluralsight

If you want to look more up-to-date on your resume, then you should definitely take up an IT course. Pluralsight offers you all the resources you need to achieve this. You can also use this resource as an employer to get your employees up to scratch.

This is a resource for people who’re willing to spend money to get the knowledge they need. You’ll need to pay $35 monthly, or $299 yearly to get the services. The course is quite expensive and you get access to a library of worthy learning materials.

6. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is formerly known as Lynda.com and it offers professionals the resources they need to be IT proficient. You can also get access to other courses aside from Information Technology. This is a free resource that ensures you have that competitive advantage over other job candidates.

7. Code Avengers

This is an excellent resource for school going kids. As a parent, you need to introduce your child to such resources as soon as they can access the internet. School institutions also need to take advantage of these resources to ensure students can be the best they could ever be.

 This course comes with different complexity levels that allow schools to offer students grade-appropriate resources.

8. Udemy

This is a resource that offers you variety. Regardless of what you want to learn, you can always depend on Udemy to provide you with the resources, whether you want to create the next hit Drift Hunters game, or create a killer app


IT is an essential part of our world today; that’s why you should use online resources to learn. Make sure you find a resource that meets you at your point of need. Remember that whatever you want to learn, there is a resource out there to help you.

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