How to Root Huawei Honor 10

If you really want to personalize your phone, then you must explore the root access. Then, you can extensively customize your phone the way you want. This is the definitive guide to root Huawei Honor 10 through the easiest method. The Honor 10 has been launched recently by Huawei. The fascinating specs have managed to gather millions of eyes to this smartphone. If you have or planning to purchase this smartphone, you’re about to make a right decision. And with the root access, possibly you could a lot more on your Honor 10.

The access opens opportunities to make things betters. With the root access, it becomes easier to manage and control our smartphones. Most importantly, it improves productivity extensively. If you’re anything serious about customization, then you should root your Huawei Honor 10. In that regards, this guide will help you. We will cover all the required actions and risks involved in this process. There are certain things that you must know. The rooting process is not an ordinary process. The OEMs do not support it. That means, rooting your phone will void the warranty of your phone. Therefore, you must be sure to proceed further or not.

There are some requirements as well. In order to root the Huawei Honor 10, you need the TWRP recovery. This is a custom recovery that offers extended features over the stock recovery. Keep in mind that custom recovery can be installed only on the unlocked the devices. That means you’ll need to first unlock its bootloader, then install the custom recovery and then proceed further to root it. Both processes do not take much time. You can easily unlock your Honor 10 and have TWRP recovery installed on it. If you’ve not done these two things, then you first achieve them and then read the below procedure.

In order to achieve the root access, there are some prerequisites and risks that we must discuss. Thoroughly read the below prerequisites and prepare your phone.


  1. We wholly dedicate this guide to Honor 10 smartphone. You shouldn’t apply this guide on any other smartphone. That could hard brick your phone.
  2. Getting root access on Huawei Honor 10 voids the warranty of your phone. If you’re not sure about this action, then you mustn’t associate with it.
  3. It is highly recommended to create a general backup of the phone. Generally, it doesn’t wipe the data. But sometimes we required to perform a factory reset to boot up the phone. You must back up all the important stuff before commencing the rooting process.
  4. In order to root your phone, a custom recovery is required. We recommend using the latest version of the TWRP recovery. That will ensure that your phone gets rooted successfully. And reduce the chances of getting stuck.
  5. If possible, try to backup your firmware. This can be done using the TWRP recovery. You can actually back up the current firmware along with all the apps and data. That will improve your confidence in the rooting process.
  6. Charge your phone to a good extent. Anything more 50% is recommended.

Make sure to read all the prerequisites carefully, and make sure to compile them. We hope that you’ve managed to compile with the above requirements.

If yes, then proceed further. Now, we will get to the core part of this tutorial. Follow the below instructions to root your Honor 10 smartphone.

Root Huawei Honor 10

How to Root Huawei Honor 10

  1. First, download the Root Exploit package from →here on your phone. Remember the name and the location of this file your mobile. We will use this file to root this smartphone.
  2. Turn OFF your phone using the Power button.
  3. Now, boot into the recovery mode – press and hold Volume Up and Power buttons together for a while. Release both buttons once the screen gets turned On. You’ll be in the recovery mode soon.
  4. Under the recovery mode, tap on Install. Then locate the downloaded Root Exploit package and flash this file.
  5. Wait till the process gets completed.
  6. Once it is done, exit the recovery mode by tapping on the Reboot system now or similar.

Now, your phone will turn up and take you to the home screen soon. After boot up, everything remains the same. In order to check whether it has been rooted or not, just use a dedicated application from the Google Play store.

Open the Google Play store and look for the root checker application. Download a dedicated one, and check the status. It should be positive. Now, you’re ready to use root applications.

There are tons of applications that you can. These applications explicitly improve the productivity and the user experience.

The Troubleshooting

Sometimes it happens that we end up stuck at the boot screen after flashing the root exploit package. If something like this happens to you, then you’ll need to perform a factory reset on your phone.

That’s the reason we recommend creating a backup before doing such things.

If something happens to you, just follow the below instructions to factory reset your phone. That will help your phone to boot normally.

  1. Turn off the phone.
  2. Enter in the recovery mode. Steps are mentioned above.
  3. Under the recovery mode, tap on Wipe option and perform it.
  4. Exit the Recovery mode.

That will help you to remove bugs and boot stuck issues. This time, your phone will turn up to the home screen soon. Now, check the root status using a dedicated root application.

In this way, you can root your Huawei Honor 10 anytime you want. That ends our tutorial here and we hope that our readers would take advantage of the root access.

If you stuck anywhere in this process, feel free to write us through the comments. We’ll happy to help you and fix these issues.

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