6 Most Common Honor 8X Problems and Fixes

Whether it is a low budget or premium segment, there are plenty of options for Honor smartphones. There are two advantages of their smartphone; the trendy looks and features. The Honor smartphones are blessed with a beautiful body and customized Android firmware. Like any other phone, there can be different issues on the Honor 8X phone that can stop this phone from working normally. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss some common problems that Honor 8X users face and solutions to fix these problems and bugs.

Within this troubleshooting guide, we have covered most of the problems that frequently occur on Android phones. If you don’t find a solution to your problem here, use the comment section to let us know. While writing to us, ensure that you provide as much as details possible. That will help us recommend solutions more precisely. From some basic to complex problems are discussed during this tutorial. If you’re new to this phone or the Android operating system, you should thoroughly read this guide. This will help you learn more about this phone, its functions and how to troubleshoot most of the problems.

There are many essential things that you must know about this phone. During this guide, we will discuss some basic to advanced settings. The most common problems are generally linked to connectivity features (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc,.), stability, updates, and performance. For uncertain reasons you might face app crashes, sluggish behavior, or in the worse case, you might end up stuck at the boot screen. In order to troubleshoot these problems, we have different solutions. Thus, you can try one or more solutions to fix the problem you are facing on your Honor 8X smartphone.

Troubleshoot some common problems on Honor 8x

1. How to fix app crashes/freezes on Honor 8X smartphone

On Android phones, this problem happens frequently. Due to some reasons, some applications become unresponsive and crashes/freezes each time we open it. We can totally under things become frustrating if some like this happen.

There can be two reasons for that; either there’s a problem with the application itself or something is resisting this app to run properly. There’s nothing to worry, just try the following solutions to fix this problem:

  1. The very first thing that you should try is to reboot your phone. Most of the time, a reboot is the only thing that one needs to fix many problems. This will give a fresh start to your phone and this app.
  2. You can clear its cache data to reset it. Basically, a cache is generated by the applications and over time it expires. This expired files can create problems and affect the application. Just open the Settings->Apps->Apps list-> tap on the application->tap on the Storage->tap on the CLEAR CACHE and CLEAR DATA.
  3. If that doesn’t fix the app crashes and freezes problem on your Honor 8X, you must uninstall that application and re-install it from the Google Play store. Make sure to install the latest version of that application.
  4. There’s one more thing, if you find that most of the apps are crashing on your phone, you should try to clear its entire cache data or format your phone. That would the correct action to troubleshoot shoot major problems.

If none of the solutions make a difference, use the comment section present at the bottom of the post to write to us. Ensure that you provide enough information about the problem that is bothering you. In that way, we would be able to help you with correct solutions.

2. What to do when WiFi won’t connect on Honor 8X on a particular network

Sometimes we do stuck on our phone and find that our device couldn’t connect to a particular WiFi network. Even if it connects, the Internet service doesn’t work. This problem can occur on your own WiFi modem. We try to connect, but it gets failed each time we try.

Such problems are solved easily most of the time. There are some basic troubleshooting solutions that you need to implement. Just follow the below solutions and we’re pretty sure that one of them would resolve this problem.

  1. The very first step that you can take is to restart your phone. Most of the time, rebooting helps to fix connectivity issues. If there’s any clutter resisting your phone to connect to the WiFi Network, it is wiped off.
  2. If that’s is your Home’s WiFi or one you can access, reboot that WiFi router. This should sort the issue present within that WiFi modem. Now, reconnect your phone. Possibly, it should work now.
  3. Try to connect other devices. If any other smartphone is able to connect with that WiFi Network, possibly there’s something wrong on your phone. Try this to figure if that’s the problem.
  4. If you find that your phone isn’t paired after you’ve rebooted both the devices, there are chances that the problem is within your device. After your suspect that, you can reset the Network Settings. This will calibrate the Network settings and remove the related bugs:
    1. Open the ‘Settings’ menu on your phone.
    2. Tap on Reset tap on General management section.
    3. Then, tap on Reset Network Settings.
    4. and perform a reset. This will reset all the network configuration.
  5. Now, try to connect your phone to that WiFi Network, and probably, it would work. If you still find that it doesn’t work, there are chances that the WiFi Network is limited to connect with a few devices. You better reset that modem or contact the customer service.

Apart from that, if you face any other troubles while using the WiFi service on your phone, do let us know through the comments. We would try our best to resolve your problems.

3. Troubleshoot Overheating/battery drain issues on Honor 8X

There’s a solid link between overheating and battery drain issues. Most of the time, both originate from the same source. Although, these days overheating seems to be a common issue that most of the Android smartphones shares. This happens because of hardware configuration and charging adoption criteria.

In current days, most of the smartphones support a quick charge. That makes them vulnerable towards heating up quickly (that’s normal, nothing to worry). However, you might be experiencing a quick battery drain and overheating issues in an unusual way. If you suspect that, you should follow the below troubleshooting solutions to cure these problems:

  1. First of all, if you find that overheating problem occurs while it charges, then there’s nothing to worry. Currently, smartphones have the ability to charge quickly and that’s that reason they become heated while charging. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to not use the smartphone while it is charging.
  2. Further, there are greater chances that background apps might be heating up your phone and consuming its battery power. For that purpose, we recommend you to enable ‘Optimize battery usage’ option. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage > More > Optimise battery usage, and tap ‘All Apps’. That will restrict the apps from using the battery without your knowledge.
  3. In addition to that, there might be some applications that require to connect to the internet and processing power to work in the background. These apps cause smartphone to become heated and they quickly drain off the battery of the phone.
  4. To get some detailed insights about background applications, you can use the Developer Options. There you can get detailed information regarding each application. Using that data, you can conclude whether to keep that application or not. The following instructions will help you further:
    1. Open Settings on your phone.
    2. Tap on System (or proceed to the next step)
    3. Tap on About phone.
    4. Now, locate the Build Number and tap it 7 times to activate the Developer Options.
    5. Get back to Settings and tap on Developer Options.
    6. Now, under this menu, tap on Running services.
    7. Then observe the applications and uninstall the culprits.
  5. If you find that nothing has worked till now, you better wipe off the cache data on your phone. These issues, overheating and quick battery discharge can be caused by the cache data. So, you can try clearing the cache data on your phone using this guide.

The above solutions most helpful ones for such problems. Moreover, you can implement a factory reset on your phone. That will turn your phone into a factory fresh piece. That calibrates performance and stability on the phone.

4. Fix Bluetooth device doesn’t pair with Honor 8X problem

This problem generally happens while connecting with the Bluetooth headphones and similar devices. I usually face this problem when I try to connect my headphone to my OnePlus 5. And it happens randomly. Most of the time, it gets connected within one blow or sometimes it doesn’t. If you’re facing the same problems on your Honor 8X then there’s nothing much to worry.

These problems are generally tackled through a reboot. When it happens to me, first I Turn OFF and Turn On the Bluetooth service on the phone. Then, try to reconnect it. It works most of the time. Or else, we just Turn OFF the Bluetooth device and ON it again. Here are some recommendations that you can apply on your phone:

  1. Turn OFF the Bluetooth facility on your phone and ON it again. Now, open the Bluetooth Settings and connect to your Bluetooth devices.
  2. Turn OFF your Bluetooth device (headphones, speaker, etc.,) and turn it ON again. Thereafter, try to connect both the devices again. These two solutions work most of the time.
  3. If none of them work, press and hold the Power button your phone till your phone is turned OFF. This action is known as force restart. Now, turn ON your phone and try to establish a connection between your phone and Bluetooth device.
  4. Sometimes it happens are that our device is restricted to connect with a limited number of Bluetooth devices. Therefore, try to delete some existing connection. Open the Bluetooth Settings -> Tap on Saved connections. Now, ‘forget’ some connections. That will make some space for this connection.
  5. If nothing works, reset the Network Settings on your phone. That will refresh all connections, settings and existing configuration. Open Backup and Reset -> Reset Network Settings-> Reset.

These troubleshooting solutions should be sufficient enough. Now, there shouldn’t be any problems on your phone. Your Bluetooth device shall connect your phone successfully.

5. Troubleshoot Honor 8X that’s stuck on Boot screen after an update

This problem is quite common among Samsung smartphones. Many users find their smartphones stuck on the boot screen after an update. This could be an official update or you might up end up to the same condition while putting a custom firmware. Whatever be the reasons, certainly such condition is worse.

If your Honor 8X has stuck to the boot screen and doesn’t boot any further, there are several troubleshooting solutions you can apply. In worst cases, you might need to flash the entire firmware on your phone. If somehow, the Android firmware has been affected, you would need to downgrade your phone to its native firmware.

Before you do that, try out the following solutions. These should help you get your phone work again:

  1. First, you should try to wipe its cache partition. It usually happens that cache files turn to trash and junk while we update our phone through OTA. And these might stop your phone from running normally. Due cache files, you might face low performance and stability issues as well. Follow this tutorial to →clear cache partition on your Honor 8X.
  2. The next recommendation is to perform a factory reset. This is the most helpful solution that works in such conditions. There are greater chances that many system files and settings may be affected during the update procedure. However, this will wipe your phone entirely. Everything that is stored in your phone will be wiped out completely. The below instructions will help you format your phone:
    1. Turn OFF your phone using the power button.
    2. Now, enter into the recovery mode on your phone.
    3. Under the recovery mode, select ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ and perform this action.
    4. Now exit the recovery mode.
    5. That should fix boot stuck, performance and stability related issues on your phone.
  3. The last resort is to re-install the entire firmware. Sometimes it happens that we end up bricking our phone and Android firmware gets malfunctioned. Before you step forward towards the service center, we recommend you to install a fresh copy of the firmware on your phone. You follow this guide for that purpose.

These three solutions are available to tackle such problems. If you don’t find any of these helpful, you should reach out for some technical help. In most of the cases, the first two solutions work.

6. How to fix low performance and stability issues on Honor 8X

Link any other smartphone, it is common to observe low-performance and stability issues over time. If you’re facing these problems on your phone then you’re no different than countless people around the world. The reasons are quite common. Particularly, when the user is engaged with the phone for a long time.

The clutter and junk files that gathered over time cause different performance and stability related problems. Therefore, it becomes important to clear this unwanted burden. We start with cleaning actions and proceed to further optimizations.

  1. To remove the clutter and junk files, you can wipe the cache partition. Each time we open an application, it tends to fetch some important or produce some files. These files turn into junk over after a while. So, wipe its cache partition.
  2. If that doesn’t solve the problems, you must try a factory reset. For sustained performance, we should wipe everything on our phone once at least in four-six months. That will turn your phone into a factory fresh state. To perform this action just tap on Settings -> Backup and reset-> Reset-> Factor reset-> Reset.
  3. For better performance, we highly recommend that you debloat your phone well. Remove all unnecessary apps and games from your phone. Also, you would find many pre-installed applications that you usually don’t use. Either disable them or remove them permanently. This will free some good amount RAM memory and that eventually add some perks in the overall performance.
  4. Further, you →use the Developer Options to optimize your phone for better performance. This menu serves a lot of options that you use to customize your phone. And most importantly, using these options won’t hurt your phone in any manner.

Further, you can follow our dedicated guide that helps to improve the overall performance on Honor 8X smartphone. The steps are very simple and anyone can implement easily. These should help you maintain your phone smartly.

The Wrap-up

That ends our troubleshooting guide here that helps to fix many common Android issues that could happen on Honor 8X smartphone. We hope that our readers would find this tutorial helpful. If you’re facing any other problem, do let us know, so we can help you right away.

Use the below comment section to reach us and share thoughts, and problems. We would love to hear from you. While sharing your problem, ensure that you provide enough information about the issue that’s bothering you. That would help us find relevant solutions.


  1. Before updating my Honor 8x I forgot to uninstall playstore
    And now there is a problem the phone is not starting
    And there are three options reboot shutdown factory reset connect to WiFi
    But nothing is working
    Pls help me to fix this issue and then I can start the phone

    1. Hi Maaz,

      Seems that you’ve bricked your phone somehow. In order to boot up your phone, you would need to restore the stock firmware on your phone. Search Google it’s firmware and relative guide.

  2. There sound is too low while on a call and also the receipt doesn’t hear my voice clearly. But while using headset there is no problem. How can i fox it?

    1. Hi Susha,

      That problem could be linked to the hardware parts, mic and speakers. Therefore, I would suggest you get in touch with the service center soon.

    2. My x8,, 1st working good, but after updated firmware version pie 9,,
      Updating display & color problem,,iam quickly shutting down & on, than running good,, how to solve it?
      Pls tell me everyone,, if you know

  3. After update my phone(honor8x) it was going to sleep i mean it was not responding to watsaap msgs n app cals, not conecting to data and wifi

  4. is there any way to backup data if my honor doesn´t boot after an update?
    i know i need to factory reset, but is there a way to back it up now? or am i too late for that?

  5. The phone ran out of battery while a software update. the ‘download latest version and recovery’ is downloading but after that it says there’s heavy damage and I kinda have to do a factory reset but I don’t know when the last backup was and really don’t want to loose all my data. Is there any other way?

  6. my honor 8x is not connecting to pc via usb cable whenever i connect its only charge i am not able to transfer files,etc even i am turning on usb debugging there is same problem

    1. As per the information you’ve given, it seems to be related with the hardware fault. That USB jack might have been damaged somehow. Visit service center and ask for help.

  7. Phone keep restarting itself blue background `honor` writing comes for few second and restart cycle keep continue. i am trying to hard reset(volume up+power button) but couldnt do it. i did able to get in fastboot&rescue mode but seems that also do nothing. i dont know what to do from here. Any suggestion?

  8. Hi Deepak, my Honor 8x has suddenly started malfunctioning since yesterday. Videos are not playing on Apps or even YouTube. Also, phone service provider signals and mobile data signals not showing on screen.
    The SIM is also showing as undetected. What could be the issue?

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