15 Best MOBA Games Like DOTA 2 That Are More Powerful [2019]

Many mobile game developers who are inspired by the DOTA 2 game are on PC. Iyaps, this game is a game MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) which is currently the belle of various smartphones, both Android or IOS. If you are gamers, you should know about the game “DOTA 2” which from the beginning until now there are still many enthusiasts. In this list, we have gathered some of the best Android MOBA Games Like DOTA 2 with higher graphics, actions, and overall fun.

But you don’t need to worry guys, even though there is no rattan, the roots will be. hehe! on this occasion, I will inform you of the list of the best and newest MOBA android games that you can play for free. Not only that, maybe this game can be an alternative to the best Android DOTA 2 game that you can find on an android smartphone. What are the game lists? Immediately, here is a collection of the best Android MOBA games that are similar to DOTA 2, you must try these games:

Granting the title of “MOBA Game similar to the DOTA 2” that we shared, of course, we took from a large number of installations, quality of games, competitions, and others. So all of these games are fans from various backgrounds (students, students, parents) and have been played all over the world.

List of the Best Android MOBA Games Like DOTA 2 That Are Hot

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang best game like Dota 2

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The first MOBA game is Mobile Legend Mod Apk. Mobile Legend is the best Moba game to date. There are so many features available on this Mobile Legend, one of which is favored is the game 5 vs 5. This feature is much liked by lovers of Mobile Legend because this feature requires you to create or form a team of 5 people to fight enemies who also number 5 people.

What is interesting again is the number of heroes found in this game. You must control the hero to be able to defeat your opponent and conquer the enemy’s stronghold. Mobile Legend is a game that you can play for free and you can download it on Google Play. This game made by Mooton has a size that is not too large to be more precise the size of the Mobile Legend ranges from under 1GB.

No need for god-level smartphone specifications to play this game. Enough android specifications with 1GB of RAM you can enjoy the thrill of playing this game and for the sake of fluency in playing make sure the minimum version of Android on your Android is 4.0.3 and up.

Must see:

Vainglory best game like DOTA 2

2. Vainglory

Vainglory is a MOBA game that has been refined by developers to play. Like the Mobile Legend, we can also use Vainglory to play as a team. If on Mobile Legend we play 5 vs 5, but at Vainglory, we play 3 vs 3.

Lane, Jungle, and Roam are 3 roles divided into each hero or hero. Of course, the three roles have different functions and missions and are different from each other in order to win. Viewed from two points of view, namely the technical point of view and the point of view of the gameplay this game is truly amazing.

Garena AOV - Arena of Valor: MOBA Action

3. Garena AOV – Arena of Valor: MOBA Action

This game is not much different from the Mobile Legend in gameplay and available features. 5 vs 5 battles between players by relying on each mainstay hero into the gameplay plot of this game.

Of course, there are many hero choices available, but you must be able to advance to a higher level to get all the hero series available. With HD visual and graphic effects that you enjoy will add to the excitement of playing and make us not get bored quickly.

In gameplay, this game has controls and item managers that are easy to understand even for people who are playing for the first time. Gerena AOV has servers and local services in the Indonesian region. So you can meet a lot of gamers who love Gerena AOV and can fight and even make the best team with them

Legend of Ace

4. Legend of Ace

This game you can play for free without paying. Equipped with navigation controls that are always developed to simplify gameplay. The navigation control itself is used to determine the target of the attack.

With the help of navigation controls, you no longer need a lot of tapping, because navigation controls make it easier by simply directing navigation to your heroes.

This game also provides team-building features. You can develop attack tactics to defeat your opponents with your best team. If you can defeat all opponents with your team, as a reward you can level up.

You can also save data in offline mode and also customize heroes and weapons according to your desired taste. The graph is already very smooth and the details on the texture are very clear. Really a very beautiful game.

Bug Heroes 2 Best MOBA Game

5. Bug Heroes 2

This game has gameplay like Vainglory and Ace of Arenas that I have discussed before. This game also supports team play. Interestingly, there are more than 25 unique heroes characters that you can find in this game.

You can also choose the difficulty level of your enemy and adapt it to your playing abilities and skills. There are also leveling features that can make you the best player in this game.

But unfortunately, this game you can not play for free or free because this game is paid and you can buy it on Google Play. The good news, we have provided a free for those of you who want to play this game

Plants vs Zombies™ 2

6. Plants vs Zombies™ 2

The sixth best MOBA game is Plants War. Plants vs Zombies™ 2 becomes a MOBA game which gameplay is slightly different from other MOBA games. Having a fantasy concept makes this game different and has its own charm to be played.

Rely on plants as a hero to defeat your opponent. This game also has several features, including:

  • Realtime Online Strategy
  • Detailed Graph
  • Increased Skill and Level

Must see:

Heroes of Order & Chaos

7. Heroes of Order & Chaos

The seventh-best MOBA game is Heroes of Order & Chaos. This is a game made by Gameloft. Gameloft itself has created many cool and good games, one of which is this Moba game guys. Still carrying the concept of gameplay 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5, this Moba game also competes to be the best Moba game with other games.

Playing with a team, increasing levels and customizing weapons become features inherent in this game. Use the gold coins obtained throughout the game to buy potions or weapons and battle gear you need for the game.

Order & Chaos Online 3D MMORPG

8. Order & Chaos Online 3D MMORPG

The eighth best MOBA game is Order & Chaos Online. Not much different from Heroes of Order & Chaos that I have discussed above, this game is also directed by Gameloft. This game successfully supported a rating of 4.3 / (463,748).

In terms of gameplay and features are also not too different from Heroes of Order & Chaos because in fact this game is still a sibling of the game Heroes of Order & Chaos and are both directed by the same developer.


Glu as a developer makes this game have cool features. Awesome 3D characters adorn the beauty of this game. This game has been installed as many as 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 and received a rating of 4.4 / (131,956) on Google Play.

This game can be played for free or free, but you can also buy additional items through your Google account to support the game’s perfection. This game can make you able to interact with other players through the chat room feature that is connected to your social media accounts like Facebook.

Soul Hunters

10. Soul Hunters

The tenth MOBA game is Soul Hunters. A distinctive feature of the Moba game is also still attached to this game that is with a 5 vs 5 battle pattern. Similar to the Mobile Legends which also applies the 5 vs 5 game pattern, this Soul of Legends game has differences in terms of the available heroes.

The heroes found in this game are different from the heroes in other Moba games. This is the difference between Soul Hunters and other Moba games. But when talking about the excitement of playing, this Soul of Legends game is no less exciting with Gerena AOV or other Moba games.

But unfortunately, this game is still not available for Indonesia. But don’t worry, I have prepared a for you so that you can play this game.

League of Ninja: Moba Battle

11. League of Ninja: Moba Battle

This game is animated but comes with the best graphics. Although appearing with an animated feel, this game does not forget the elements of the Moba game or in other words, this game still embraces or has special features like the Moba game. With a size of only about 25 MB, this game appears with a different concept from other Moba games, namely with the concept of animation.

Heroes Charge HD

12. Heroes Charge HD

Heroes Charge HD is a MOBA game that has a variety of features, such as realtime games or gameplay, there are many choices of characters or heroes available, amazing animation effects, leveling features that you can also feel up to a cool and cool soundtrack also included in the superior features of this game.

uCool as a developer is able to make this game a lot of people like it so that it gets a rating of 4.3 / (28,994) and has been installed by 500,000 – 1,000,000 Moba game lovers around the world. For the sake of smooth play, make sure your android version is above 2.3 so that it doesn’t slow down when playing.

Heroes of SoulCraft - MOBA

13. Heroes of SoulCraft – MOBA

The next best MOBA game is Heroes of SoulCraft – MOBA. Present as a Moba game that has a file size that is not too large, which is only around 53 MB, this Moba game is suitable for you who have an Android smartphone but do not have a lot of memory space. Because this game does not require too much memory space.

Cared by MobileBits GmbH as a developer makes this game get a rating of 4.1+ and has been downloaded and played as many as 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 people via Google Play.

Legendary Heroes MOBA

14. Legendary Heroes MOBA

The next best MOBA game is Legendary Heroes MOBA. Right on December 22, 2017, Monstro as the developer of this game updated this game until it reached version 3.0.22. Titled Moba game this game certainly carries features and gameplay like other Moba games. Like the DOTA 2 game which is one of the best Moba games, you can feel the sensation of playing DOTA 2 in this game.

15. MARVEL Contest of Champions

There are interesting and different in terms of gameplay compared to other Moba games. When you play this MARVEL Contest of Champions game, you can finish the game in just 5 minutes. Gameplay features that you won’t find in other Moba games because it’s only found in this game. So make sure you download and play this game.

This game has a file size of only around 99 MB and you can play this game for free without having to pay. There are also tournament features that you can use to form your best team and beat other teams from all over the world to be the best and get rewards.

That’s the Best Android MOBA games very similar to the DOTA 2 game on PC or Laptop. The above game list will certainly always be updated if there is a new MOBA game that will become viral like Mobile Legends. Hopefully, this article can help you to find the MOBA game you are looking for.

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