How to factory reset Samsung Galaxy J4 Core

The Samsung Galaxy J4 Core is a budget-friendly smartphone that offers some decent hardware configuration. Though it won’t come hard on your pocket, still, it has some potential to keep you engaged throughout the time. Out of the box, it runs on the latest Android software that enhances the overall experience. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to perform a hard reset/factory reset on Samsung Galaxy J4 Core using the recovery mode. This reset will clean your phone thoroughly, improve performance, stability and remove most of the bugs.

This action has many benefits and sometimes it becomes necessary. While we perform this reset, the internal memory of the phone’s is wiped out thoroughly. That removes all the third-party applications, games, downloads, and documents. Phone’s settings turn to its default configuration. It removes everything except system applications and files. In simple words, it turns your Galaxy J4 Core into a factory fresh piece. That has no custom settings, and applications. There are many conditions where this action is very helpful.

For example, imagine you’re about to sell your phone or give someone else. If you don’t factory reset your phone, then the next person can misuse your data and information stored within the phone. Therefore, you better clear off your device completely before handing it. Also, if you’ve purchased the same from another user, you should probably reset it before you set up. That would give a completely fresh start with no existing files, apps, data or bugs/issues. And will deep clean this phone, so you won’t get any problem using it.

Most importantly, the factory reset becomes important when stuck with some problems. That could include boot stuck, boot loops, the phone becomes unresponsive after an update or after flash a custom firmware or recovery. Just after we update our phone with some kind of custom firmware or an update, a factory reset is recommended. Or else, most of the users end up facing booting related problems. Thus, to troubleshoot such problems on Android phones, this hard reset really help. That wipes junk and expired files causing such problems on our phone.

Also, we find that over the time our phone becomes sluggish and performance related bugs occur. This happens due to the clutter and cached data that keep growing over time and become a nuisance to Android OS and resist it from working properly. The symptoms are pretty easier to figure out. If you find that your phone becomes slower, unstable and similar issues occur, you better perform this action. That will calibrate the overall performance and stability on your phone. Such problems usually happen when we use our phone for a long time.

In order hard reset Samsung Galaxy J4 Core smartphone, we can either use the recovery mode or use the ‘Reset’ settings present within the phone. If you ever wish to factory reset your phone, we recommend you to use recovery mode to do so. This method is quite simple and works even when the Android OS isn’t working or loading up. This method becomes important right after we flash custom updates and stuck to boot logo or screen. To troubleshoot such problems, we could use the recovery mode.

Basically, recovery mode is an essential part of Android phones. This panel features some important tools that help to maintain performance and stability on the phone. Getting into the recovery mode and using it won’t void the warranty or hurt your phone in any manner. However, you shouldn’t possibly indulge with this mode carelessly. This mode is quite powerful and can wipe your any instant. Therefore, we recommend you to use this mode with proper guidance and when you actually need it. Now, follow the below steps to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy J4 Core smartphone.

How to factory/hard reset Samsung Galaxy J4 Core

  1. Turn OFF your phone.
  2. Now, boot into the recovery mode Galaxy A6s.
  3. Under this mode, tap on ‘Wipe Data/Factory reset’
  4. Give your confirmation and perform this action.
  5. Once this action is completed, tap on ‘Reboot system now’.

That’s you’ve successfully performed a hard/factory reset on your phone. After that, allow your phone to reboot and soon it will bring up the setup screen. There, you need to enter your Google account details to get started and configure your properly.

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Since this reset turns the device into its factory state, it wipes all of your settings and configuration that you’ve done so far. Remember, this reset won’t hurt the root access and custom recovery (if using). Neither it impacts the Android firmware you’re using. Means, if your phone running on a custom firmware, it won’t replace that with stock firmware.

For that, you gotta follow the downgrading process. Except for these things, it wipes your phone thoroughly. That leaves no space for bugs and issues to exists. If you were facing performance-related problems, those should be removed now. Make sure that you back up your phone before proceeding this action. Otherwise, once this action is performed, there’s no way to revert it. And recovery of deleted files is generally not that user-friendly.

That ends our tutorial that explains how to reset Samsung Galaxy J4 Core smartphone using the recovery mode. In your tough times, when you find that nothing is working your phone or it has malfunctioned totally, you should prioritize this method. Certainly, it will clean your phone and should make it work again.

Nevertheless, if you still find that some issues are still present within your phone, do let us know. That way, we would be able to help you. Do share your thoughts and views in the comment section below.

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