How to Root Samsung Galaxy J6 [2018]

The Android operating system is getting outrageous updates and upgrades. Since it is an open-source project, more and more individuals are coming front with new innovations. If you’re an advanced user, you must have known rooting and its advantages. In this tutorial, we gonna help you to root the Samsung Galaxy J6 smartphone. Once you achieve the root access on your phone, you’ll be able to customize it at a higher level. There are multiple advantages of the root access over the non-rooted smartphone. You must keep this tutorial with you, sooner or later, you’ll seek to root your phone.

For rooted smartphones, there are tons of applications. Through these applications, one can access the core settings and edit them. That can help you achieve better performance and productivity on a Samsung Galaxy J6 smartphone. Just the other Android smartphones, the Galaxy J6 can be rooted and tweaked for good things. In order to root your phone, you must have a custom recovery installed on your phone. There many custom recoveries available at this moment. We suggest installing the TWRP recovery on your phone.

With the custom recovery, you can easily root and install custom firmware on your Samsung Galaxy J6. Thus, before we begin the process, you must install this recovery on your phone. Further, there are some risks involved that we should discuss. Most importantly, rooting the Samsung Galaxy J6 will void the warranty. Such actions are against the manufacturer terms and condition. Therefore, think multiple times before you go further and root your phone. In order to retain the lost warranty, you might need to restore the entire firmware. That’s the way to restore things.

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If you ever wish to customize your phone in a better manner, then you need the root access. The root smartphones have many advantages over the non-rooted smartphones. With the root access, it becomes seamlessly easier to access/edit system files and applications. We can remove the bloatware completely from smartphones. Post that, you can configure your phone for better performance and reach its real potential. There are tons of root applications specifically built to help you personalize the phone the way you always wanted.

We hope that now you’re certain about the benefits of root and what it causes worse. Next, read all the prerequisites we mention below. And prepare your device accordingly.


  • This guide and tutorial mean to Samsung Galaxy J6 smartphone only. You shouldn’t use mentioned files and steps on any other smartphone. That could outcome some uncertain results.
  • Rooting an Android phone voids the warranty terms and conditions. You must read all the terms and condition before you step ahead. Be sure about your actions and merely then move further. There is only one way to restore your phone, you’ll need to flash the stock firmware on your phone. And sometimes it doesn’t work to retain the warranty.
  • A general backup is highly recommended. You should start by creating a backup of photos, contacts, messages, videos, and documents. Nowadays, there are tons of applications on the Google Play store that make such tasks easier.
  • In order to install root binaries on your phone, you need a TWRP recovery on your phone. Installing such a thing doesn’t take much time. You can easily install the TWRP recovery on your phone. Follow the tutorial below:
  • Once you install the TWRP recovery, you can create a Nandroid Backup. This backup includes the operating system. Using the TWRP recovery menu, you can backup your current firmware. If something annoys you or bad happens, you can switch to the previous state in no time.
  • At last, charge your phone at least 50%. It should have enough charge that it can last for a few hours.

That’s should enough to get started with this procedure. You must read all the prerequisites thoroughly and compile them. Make sure that you install the TWRP recovery on your phone first. Without that, it is certain that we cannot root this smartphone. Now, we begin the process.

How to root the Samsung Galaxy J6

The procedure is very simple. We will enter into the recovery mode and flash the root binary files. In that way, we achieve the root access to this smartphone. The following instructions shall guide you to root your Galaxy J6:

  1. Download the Root package file from →here ( on your phone. Remember the name and location of the file.
  2. Now, turn OFF your phone using the power button.
  3. Next, boot your phone into the recovery mode → Learn how to enter into the recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy J6.
  4. Under the TWRP recovery menu, tap on the ‘Install’ button.
  5. Then, locate the downloaded root package file and wipe right to install this package on your phone.
  6. Once the installation is complete, reboot your phone.
  7. Now, open the Google Play store and install the Root checker application.
  8. Check the root access — it is rooted!

That’s all you gotta do to root your smartphone. You’ve successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy J6 smartphone. Now, enjoy the goodness of root applications. Take absolute control over your phone using the root applications. Improve performance and productivity.

That completes our tutorial here. We hope that our readers would like it and appreciate our efforts. If it has helped in any manner, make sure to drop your comments below. We love to hear your feedback and help you further.


        1. Hi Martin,

          The link is still working. Try it once more and if it doesn’t work, try to use a VPN app to switch your IP address and try it again.

  1. Hi,
    I would like t root my Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) and tried it the following way;

    After opening “Developer option”, i left the phone on for a week until OEM came on and i activated it. I was then prompted to rest the phone to factory settings which is IGNORANTLY did and as a result OEM has disappeared.

    I am now at a loss to root my phone. How do i correct this issue and root?

    1. Hi Piet,

      That’s so sad that it happened to you. In order to restore that aspect, I would recommend you to flash the official stock firmware on your phone. That will restore all the stock aspects on your phone including OEM. You can use the following guide:

      I hope this info helps you.

  2. Hi! I can’t understand what do you mean when you say: tap on the ‘Install’ button. I can’t do nothing once I boot my phone into the recovery mode… Thank you!

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