6 Best Pokémon Games for Android

Let’s catch them all! —Every Pokémon fan and even casual gamers are familiar with this famous phrase. This is not a surprise as Pokemon is one of the most popular cartoons and game franchises around. But there is more to Pokemon for Android than just catching them all. Therefore, we have this list, where we share the best Pokémon games for Android smartphones.

Various games about this cartoon are currently available on Google Play. And this list is gradually growing. Who could have forgotten the Pokémon Go craze back in 2016? Even those who were not fans and did not watch the original cartoon at a young age joined in the fun.

There are other games now, and each one is not of the same type as the others. Each game gives you a new experience. Each game is another adventure to score and enjoy.

Followers of the original series will be able to travel back in time, retrieving forgotten memories from memory and plunging into new adventures. Casual gamers will also love the variety of games this franchise has to offer.

And who might not like these cute adorable Pokémon? Deep down, we secretly wish that they really exist. Today we invite you to make your dreams of becoming a Pokemon master come true by discovering a new world of Android games about these funny animals.

List of 6 best Pokémon games for Android

There are many Pokemon games to choose from. But some of them are of the same kind, which means you’ll get more or less the same gaming experience. This is why we decided to create a more varied list.

There is a game here that is hard to miss and easy to pick. Some are selected based on reviews and the number of users. Some are fairly new, while others were released a few years ago, but whose magic and appeal are still adorable. Rest assured that none of the games here are the same.

So let’s get down to the analysis of Pokemon games for Android, which we highly recommend to amateurs and casual gamers.

Pokemon Go

1# Pokemon go

This is perhaps the most played game on our list. It made the world a bombshell back in 2016, and it seemed like almost everyone was here and there busy catching Pokémon.

It was really complete madness. But, like all such madness, it also quickly faded away.  However, the Pokémon Go account remains one of the best Pokemon games you can find today. In our opinion, this game is the best that you can experience when plunging into the world of Pokémon. In our opinion, this game is the best that you can experience when plunging into the world of Pokémon. First of all, because you need to navigate and find virtual Pokemon in the real world.

The reason this is still a highly recommended game, despite the initial craze being a thing of the past, is because the game has undergone some updates. Now there are new mechanics, new Pokémon, and coaching competitions. Plus, you can now enjoy cross-platform entertainment because this game has been integrated with some of the Pokémon games on the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon Duel

2# Pokemon Duel

Another popular choice is the Pokemon Duel. If you are not familiar with this game, imagine a traditional card game with a board game twist. Unlike other Pokemon games, this game is more strategic. Fans of board games will surely appreciate it.

The essence of this game is as follows. Your Pokemon acts as a chess piece. You line them up and move them around the board. You must use a certain strategy and be very careful in every step you take. You can play against another player or artificial intelligence.

Since this is a Pokemon game, each Pokemon has special moves, strengths, and weaknesses, which gives a different level of fun and difficulty in this game. Finally, let’s say that Pokemon Duel is presented as a freemium business model.

Pokémon Quest

3# Pokémon Quest

Pokémon Quest is a newer game. What sets it apart from others is that it is a cross-platform game. This means you can play it either on your smartphone or on your Nintendo Switch. Pokémon Quest works exactly like the Pokémon world.

You catch some of the Pokémon, train them, then fight them. It is a complete game, so you can enjoy it to the fullest. There is even a campground where you can customize the space and make it your own. Recommended for adults and older children.

4# Magikarp jump

Magikarp jump

Despite the simplicity of this game, Magikarp Jump is one of the most popular Pokemon games today. This is one of the newest options on the market.

In this game, you will only have one Pokemon. And this is none other than Magikarp. The goal of the game is very simple: make your character jump higher than your opponent. Hence the name of the game. Sounds simple, right? But in spite of this, the game is quite interesting.

Make your Magikarp stronger by feeding, training, and competing with others. Other Pokémon may also appear, but only in cameo roles. Due to its simple mechanics, this game is clearly not for hardcore fans. It is geared more towards casual players.

Pokemon shuffle mobile

5# Pokemon shuffle mobile

Another casual game that you can enjoy is Pokémon Shuffle Mobile. In fact, this is a classic “triple” game. This means that you will have to pick up at least three pieces to attack and defeat your enemy.

The more pieces you pick up at a time, the more powerful your attack will be. Combined with combat mechanics, this game is not difficult to play at all. This is a great game to have a good time or just enjoy a casual game with Pokemon antics. Ideal for casual players.

To make our list more diverse, we’ve included something for kids. Pokémon Playhouse is a game for kids who are fans of Pokémon. This game has a large playhouse with many Pokémon and game elements.

Pokemon playhouse

6# Pokemon playhouse

There is nothing difficult in this game. In truth, because it is designed for children aged 3 to 5. Hence the easy navigation, sounds, and colors that appeal to kids. But nothing can stop older kids from playing the Pokemon Playhouse and really enjoying it.

So, that ends this list of best Pokémon games for Android smartphones. Not limited to this operation system, if you’re having an iPhone, you better search on Apple store for these games, at least you would find some best alternates.

Do you like these games? Make sure to leave your comments below. If you have suggestions, we are happier to add them to this. Cheers!

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