10 Best Bluestacks Alternatives (Best Android Emulators)

Are you a Bluestack User? Does it make your computer slow? If you are a Bluestack user then this article is for you because in this article I will show you some best Android emulator that are Bluestacks alternatives because Bluestack has lots of problem like slow down your computer and much more. Thus, in this list, we have gathered some of the best Android Emulator for Windows (and MAC) that users can use as an alternative to Bluestack.

Bluestacks Android emulator is an amazing tool which you allow us to run our favorite mobile games or apps in full screen using a PC or Mac. Just like it, there are many more alternatives available for different operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. Thus, users can run Android OS on these platforms. These emulators offer different features and abilities that make tough to find out one that fits our requirements.

There are tons of feature of Bluestack but the problem with the Bluestack is that it makes your computer extremely slow and require high specification computer. So we are here with some best Bluestacks alternatives that are similar to Bluestack and have tons of features and have lots more things than Bluestack.

List of best Bluestack Alternative Android Emulator 2019

1. Nox App Player

Nox App Player is the latest and the best Android emulator ever released. An app player is a software that allows users to install Android apps and games on PC or Laptop. Millions of users are using the Nox app player to play Android games and use Android apps on their desktop.


  • It is very quick and the emulator never freezes.
  • With Nox, you can see the highest performance with Nox emulator.
  • Nox is designed based on Android 4.4.2 Kernel and it is compatible with X86 and AMD.
  • The speed of Nox app player is really quick and very stable.
  • With Nox, you can see Best Game Experience with Nox Android app player. This is really an amazing Android emulator to play all kinds of games on this emulator.
  • It has Shaking features.

2. Console OS

Console OS is not a Bluestacks alternative, it is better than Bluestack. It comes up with extremely awesome features. It has lots of things compare to Bluestacks I will provide you a comparison picture between Bluestack and Console OS.So you can get the difference between Bluestack and why it is better than Bluestacks alternatives.

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Console Os is the best version of Android emulator compared to any other Android emulator to run Android apps / Games in your PC. It is very native as it ever could be.

Note: – Before installing console OS, You should check the unsupported system list for the console OS.

Features of Console OS

  • Console OS include running two apps side-by-side
  • It is Desktop-friendly user interface
  • It supports Google Play App Import support, etc.
  • It has full compatibility for Android KitKat.
  • If you are a gamer, then you will be happy to know that OpenGL ES 3.1 enables Console that allows you can play high-quality games on this OS without having to worry about anything at all.
  • It gives you the best boot time.

3. YouWave Android Emulator

YouWave allows you to run Android apps and app stores (Google Play Store) on your Desktop. YouWave runs Android apps on your Windows by creating a virtual Android environment inside Windows. It is very fast Android emulator than Bluestack so and have tons of features too, so it is an amazing Bluestacks alternatives

Although YouWave is specifically designed as an emulated environment to run Android games, apps and other things that you can run on your Android device sometimes the transition doesn’t always come off that well.

Overall, Youwave is not that much good it does not have native Android experience. But it is an amazing Bluestacks alternatives that you can have on your computer right away.

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4. Andy

Andy is an amazing Bluestacks alternatives which let you connect your mobile device and another device, together in a VE (virtual environment) without any additional software, which is pretty ideal for gaming. The application also provides you unlimited storage capacity with PC compatibility and gives you the freedom to play all the games and do any other things that you can do on your Android device

Key Features Include:

  • It provides seamless sync between your desktop and Android emulator.
  • It lets you connect Win/Mac with Android apps for launching, push notifications and storage.
  • You can downloads apps from any desktop browser direct to Andy OS which is an amazing feature.
  • It lets you view your favorite communication and entertainment mobile apps, right on your desktop.
  • You can use your mobile device as a joystick in andy.

Andy gives you seamless internet connections between your desktop and your mobile device. With this type of connection, you can also receive WhatsApp messages on your desktop.

Andy also allows you access to your computer file system, it has a camera and microphone integration through which you can do WhatsApp video calling and use Skype and much more.

It allows you to use your phone as a remote control when playing games. You can run all your communication apps from your desktop. It provides you the seamless transition of apps from PC to mobile device without the hassle of wireless connection.


KOPlayer is a free Android emulator that provides the best quality Android playing experience and running apps experience to the Windows platform.

KOPlayer uses kernel technology on the x86 architecture. Which provides superb advantages in performance, stability, and compatibility and much more. It also allows you to make use of a big screen, smooth operation, and provide you “unlimited” storage options available by using a computer.

Key Features of Koplayer include:

  • It is Free-to-play downloadable content.
  • It is Crisp display options on larger screens.
  • It brings Keyboard mapping brings streamlined controls.
  • It provides you an amazing feature through which you can record and share gameplay.

The great thing about Koplayer emulators is that it provides a native experience of Android, without having to an Android device. It support for the Google Play store, your virtual machine is compatible with all available apps. You can also download, install and play any game or any apps on Google Play or store in KOPlayer.You can also manually install apps, games as KOPlayer supports .apk files via drag and drop.

It supports a gamepad, keyboard, and mouse, and a microphone and camera and much more, you can enjoy Android games in your computer in the best possible way. KOPlayer is very easy to install and run. Who will not like?

6. Droid4X

Droid4X is a powerful Android simulator.it is a simulator, not an Android emulator, there is not too much difference it is pretty same.

It’s the only Bluestacks alternatives in this list which comes with an amazing feature of pre-rooted software for those users who wanted to try advance features of Android OS.

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7. Android-x86

Android-x86 is also the best Bluestacks alternatives. It is also a very awesome emulator. It has lots of features and much more things. It was made by Chih-Wei Huang and Yi Sun in 2009. But after some time Yi-sun leaves the Android-x86 project due to some personal affairs.

Features of Android-x86

  • Kernel 4.4, KMS enable
  • Wifi support with GUI
  • Battery Status
  • Software mouse cursor
  • Mouse wheel
  • Support netbook native resolution
  • Better disk installer
  • Mirror mode on external monitors
  • External storage automount support
  • Support external keyboard
  • Debug mode with busy box
  • Power Suspend/resume (S3 mode)
  • Audio (ALSA)
  • V4l2 Camera support
  • Bluetooth
  • G-sensor


AMIDuOS is really amazing software made for the Windows. It lets you run your favorite Android Apps on your Windows platforms.its has a handy feature which it offers to its users. With AMIDuOS you can easily run any Android apps on any Windows devices.

Due to this, you can easily switch between Android and Windows environment without the boot. It lets you run Android Apps/Games on the Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 platforms.

This software allows you to run Android apps/games on any Windows. Due to this, you can quickly switch between windows and Android environment without the boot. You can also download the Bluestacks Rooted Version.

9. MEmu

MEmu is simple to use a new Android emulator and Bluestacks alternatives. It was developed for playing Android games on Windows PC, but you can also run any Android app on your Windows PC using it.

MEmu also supports Windows tablet seamless. It’s free software so you can use it totally for free.

10. GenyMotion

Genymotion is an amazing Android emulator and best Bluestacks alternatives that have been designed to help app developers test their apps within their Android emulator.

GenyMotion Developers provide support for various different versions of the Android OS that you can choose from; 2.3 to 6.0. Genymotion also able to simulate the characteristics of devices as well.

Overall, Genymotion is really awesome software. If you have a high specification PC, then you are in for a treat, as the performance is very fast and virtual Android VM experience is extremely awesome. Ideally, the app is suited for running Android apps, games and product testing.

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