5 Must Have Gadgets That One Should Buy in 2019

In this article, we have written about five gadget you should buy this year. All of the devices in this list are being sorted from many of devices of their respective segments and I have tried to bring the best of them. These gadgets should help you get more out of your work and tasks. There’s no particular order we have maintained in this list. If you’re a gadget freak like us, then there’s no doubt that you’re going to love these gadgets.

We have also kept in mind the availability of the mentioned devices. All the devices mentioned in the list below can be purchased from, which is the most trusted e-commerce brand worldwide and you don’t have to wander here and there for purchasing these devices.

Neonode AirBar: Touchscreen Solution

1# Neonode AirBar: Touchscreen Solution

Neonode AirBar is an amazing gadget. This device has been developed by a Swedish company Neonode. It can turn your normal notebook screen into a touch screen in a blink. We all know how expensive touchscreen laptops are! So the question is how to convert a normal laptop to touchscreen? And the solution is here.

And the good news is that AirBar is very affordable and it won’t hurt your pocket.

Features of AirBar

  • This device is pretty handy and portable. It is easy to use, just plug the USB cord into your notebook and enjoy the touch functionality.
  • It is compatible with almost all notebooks and MacBooks available in the market.
  • It responses to almost everything. Touch with a finger, glove, paintbrush etc.
  • It adds touch functionality along with gesture support.
  • AirBar is compatible with laptop sizes 13.3”, 14” and 15.6
  • It is power efficient so you don’t have to worry about battery drain.

You can buy it from here.

WineOvation: Electric Wine Opener

2# WineOvation: Electric Wine Opener

We all love wines, aren’t you? Wines make our every ceremony complete and make those happy moments happier but why those wine openers are so boring. This question itself led to the invention of this beautiful device and save us from the tedious job of opening wine bottles.

Now opening wine bottles are enjoyable and not boring anymore with WineOvation electric wine opener gun. The wine gun comes in two styles, the one is Simulated Steel and the other one Firearm Pink.

These wine guns are wireless and can open wine bottles in seconds, you just have to pull the trigger to open and remove the cork from the bottle and push the trigger forward to extract the cork from the gun.

It can open over 30 bottles in a single charge and when you are done just put the gun in the beautiful base holster where it again gets charged.

So what are you waiting for! Go ahead and buy one and enjoy opening wine bottles.

You can buy it from here.

CANDY HOUSE Sesame Smart Lock

3# Sesame: Smart Lock

Do you often forget where you kept your house keys or lose the keys then this gadget is definitely for you because after purchasing Sesame you don’t need keys for your house door anymore?

Sesame is a smart lock and controlled by your smartphone and you don’t have to carry those irregularly shaped keys everywhere.

Sesame fits almost any cylindrical Deadbolts locks and it is pretty handy and easy to use, you don’t need a screw or any kind of tools.

You don’t have to remove the existing locks, you just have to place the Sesame on the existing lock and Sesame is ready to work.

Sesame Smart lock has some awesome features

Auto Unlock and Lock system

Sesame automatically unlocks the door when you are in front of the door and automatically locked when you close the door.

Long Battery Life

Sesame smart lock last about 500 day on a single charge and notify you when your lock is low on power.

Share Access

You can share access to your sesame smart lock with your friends and deny the access anytime you want to.

Notification feature

Sesame smart lock sends a notification to your registered phone number whenever your door opens or closes.

Key still works

You can still use your original keys after installing sesame smart lock.

Remote Knock

Sesame smart Lock can recognize your knocking pattern and unlock the door for you but your phone should be with you. You can also open the door by knocking on your phone.

It also has military-grade encryption so you don’t have to worry about hacking and keeps the bad guys away.

You can buy it from here.

Touchjet TP80WUS Pond Smart Touch Projector

4# Touchjet Pond: Smart Touch Projector

Touchjet Pond is a very unique device which can turn any surface into a touchscreen. It can projects screen up to a size of 80 inches.

Interact with a projected screen with a stylus which gives you more accuracy just like a smartphone or a tablet.

Connect via WiFi router or HDMI to project from your MacBook or PC. You can control the pond with a stylus or use a remote Touchjet app and hence you can stream from anywhere.

It also has gesture support function.

Touchjet Pond Functions

  • Touchjet pond is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. It comes with a carrying case.
  • It has a multitouch function, up to four people can touch the projected screen at the same time.
  • It has built-in WiFi along with the Bluetooth for connectivity.
  • It project screen up to 80 lumens of white brightness at 854 into 480 resolution.
  • Touchjet pond has a built-in speaker which offers you crisp sound quality and also has a headphone jack for more speakers.
  • Setting up the projector is very easy, you just have to turn on the pond and tap on the few dots to calibrate.
  • It weighs just 268 grams.

You can buy it from here.

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Fly More Combo Deluxe Bundle

5# DJI Mavic Pro: Drone with high resolution camera

DJI Mavic is a drone with a high-resolution camera on it. Drones have revolutionized both the professional and recreational photography and videography markets.

Drones make you grab an impossible shot where you cannot reach. Whether you are a professional or not, you’ll always shoot quality videos with Mavic Pro.

There are many quadcopters in the market but DJI Mavic Pro is the only device which offers you a compact and user-friendly design without compromising with the function and quality.

Unlike other drones, Mavic Pro is easy to carry anywhere you want. It is designed to fold in on itself and fits easily in bags.

DJI Mavic’s engineering leaves you amazed. I would love to talk about the DJI Mavic Pro’s camera.

This UAV has an amazing camera offers stable and crisp HD video at 4k/30fps or 1080/90fps and captures photos in 12MP Raw or JPG format. It offers you rotating module so you can change modes from landscape to portrait. It also features focus adjustment, which is a very useful feature in close-up videography.

It automatically follows you without any bracelet or any tracking device. It knows where it took off from and where it’s going and what is it capturing.

It remembers your locations using satellite and knows where your home is and return by itself. It’s precision landing technology enables the Mavic Pro to land almost where it took off from.

As it flies satellites keep tracking and works with the four vision sensors, so it can sense the obstacle in its path and avoid them.

The accompanying app with Mavic Pro is user-friendly and you can have total control of Mavic Pro and can adjust everything from the flight path to color balance.

DJI offers you different flight modes.

The controller incorporates with your smartphone and works as a live video monitor. After mounting the phone, you can track your shots along with the Mavic Pro.

It has a strong battery, which gives you 27 minutes of flight time.

You can buy it from here.

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