8 Features That Make Airy A Perfect YouTube Downloader

Watching YouTube videos is the favorite pastime of most people but do you like the ads that play during the starting, middle and ending of a YouTube video? No one does! To be frank the ones that you can’t skip are the most annoying ones. However, at the same time not many people are willing to shell out money for ad-free video streaming. The reason for this is the option of being able to download YouTube videos and watch them anytime at your own convenience.

Airy is a simple and handy YouTube Downloader that lets you download stuff that is otherwise not accessible. The software has been developed by Eltima Software and its journey began in 2013. Airy moved on from being a basic tool to one that has a lot of features to offer. It was initially meant only for Mac OS but now it works on Windows as well. Currently the mobile version of this tool is not available. You can only use it on your desktop for now. Airy has a very user-friendly interface much to the joy of users.

How it works?

To use the Airy YouTube Downloader for Mac, you need to log in to your account, copy the URL of YouTube video and paste it.

How Airy YouTube Downloader for Mac Works

Next choose the resolution and format of the video before clicking the ‘Download’ button. The last step is to choose the location to save the file on your desktop. That is it!

What are the features of Airy?

The free version of Airy has certain limitations. However, if you purchase the paid version there is nothing to stop you! Check out what all Airy has to offer below:

1. It lets you download complete playlists

Are you interested in one particular playlist on YouTube? You can easily download a complete music playlist without wasting any time. Create your own playlist offline with Airy and save it in one place or transfer it to your smartphone.

You can then plug in your ear phones and listen to all the songs without any hindrance while travelling or working out. You can even have a separate playlist of songs that lull you to sleep at night. All this can be done really fast with Airy.

2. You get to choose the video formats

As already mentioned above, you get to choose the video format and it can be anything – 3GP, FLV or MP4. Make the most of this feature of Airy and choose the format that feels right to you. This feature is very important users, it allows users to download videos in a specific format for different devices. That ensures that downloaded videos are correctly rendered and compatible with other devices. That simply helps to convert youtube to mp4 videos, you can play them any time you want.

3. Download restricted videos

You can even download restricted and private videos while using this software. You need to log into your YouTube account first and then download the videos of your choice. With this software you don’t have to worry about restricted videos, and that surely takes over using some sort of VPN or proxy services to access such videos. You can download any video right away on your Mac.

4. You can save YouTube subtitles as well

Airy pays attention to every minute detail while saving videos. Apart from being able to save videos in the desired audio and video formats, you also have an option of downloading the subtitles in case the particular YouTube video already has subtitles. Most video players support the SRT format.

5. Now save the entire YouTube channel

If you feel that being able to download a compete playlist is an awesome feature, what will you say when you know that you can save YouTube channels using the Airy YouTube Downloader for Mac? Yes, you can do that with minimal effort! Save full channels to your desktop!

6. Get to download HD and Ultra HD videos

With Airy YouTube downloader for Mac, you can choose the clarity of your videos! Keep your standards high and download amazingly clear videos with resolutions of 4K and 8K. This will give you an amazing viewing experience each time you play them.

7. You can pause as well as resume downloads

You can give yourself enough flexibility with Airy. It has a pause and resume function that lets you easily pause a download and then resume from the same point a while later. So, it is all up to you. Thus, if you next time face Internet data problem or closing down your Mac for some reasons, you can pause your downloads and resume anytime you want.

8. You can get Airy integrated with your browser

Airy YouTube downloader for Mac works with incredible speed but there can be situations where you want to download a video immediately from a website. To solve your problem, you can integrate Airy with your browser. On doing so, the download button will be there next to the videos on any site you open in your browser, making it easy for you to download whatever you like.

So, the above were some of the salient features of the video downloading tool. You will be able to extract even just the audio. However, the download bit rate will always be 256Kbps and nothing can be done about it. To make the most out of Airy, it is advised that you get the paid version. With the trial version, you won’t be able to enjoy all the amazing features of this tool.

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