13 ways to gain followers on TikTok and grow in 2021

TikTok has become one of the most popular social networks, in it, you can post short videos with a large number of filters and music. Growing up and staying on such a platform is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either. There is a lot of competition and not everyone manages to stand out, so we bring some tips on how to be an influencer on TikTok, and gain a huge list of followers.

This social network is considered one of the most profitable, surpassing Facebook, and Instagram. One of the first things to learn is how to gain followers on TikTok.

What is TikTok and why use it to be famous?

TikTok is a social network that consists of videos of up to 15 seconds, to which a large number of elements such as filters and stickers can be added. With a mixture of talent and humor, you can draw the attention of the main audience of this social network, teenagers.

Additionally, the influencers who develop in this social network grow rapidly and its character transcends borders with more than 500 million users from China to the West. Content that has become successful generally has good editing, without the need to be experts in programs or applications, since, fortunately, this network includes a simple editing tool that can be used by anyone. A well-edited video is one way to get more likes on TikTok.

Tips to be an influencer and gain more followers on TikTok

How to achieve success with our existing creations

  1. Old content: with this application, you can upload videos and photographs that have been in your possession for some time, in the “Upload” option on the right side of the “Record” button. If you want to upload more than one, press “Several” and they can be uploaded as a slide.
  2. Duo option: allows you to connect with another user with this option enabled, for shared videos, where we have the original video on one side and the reaction on the other. To do this, you enter the user’s video, “Share” and it will be activated only if it is activated.
  3. Reaction videos: they are similar to the previous ones, the difference is that in this type of video the original appears in a large size and ours in a small box. To do them, they visit the video of the profile with which they want to interact, and give the option “React”.
  4. Use of songs: if we like a song from another video and want to identify it, go to the circular icon to the right of the bottom, to see which song it is and which videos are using it at the moment.
  5. Downloading videos: the application allows us to download the videos of any user, as long as the user allows it by enabling it from their account settings.
  6. Hands-free option: to record a video offers the hands-free option. To record, you just have to click on “create a new video”, then on “more” and on the options that appear to the right of the clock icon. With this they can indicate the duration of the video to be made, it will begin to record after indicating the countdown.
  7. Effects: they are the greatest attraction on the web, on the left side of the button to record, you will find some of those that you can use before starting with the recording.
  8. Fast or slow recording: In addition to the effects, we find the option that allows us to record quickly. slow or alternating both. To use this option on the main button, the different recording speeds that can be used are shown, ranging from 0.3s which is the slowest to 3s which would be the fastest.
  9. See only what we like: we are going to find thousands of videos and it can be overwhelming. There is an option that allows us to discard what we are not interested in, to use it they must press and hold the video until a window appears and “I am not interested”. In this way, TikTok will not show this video again or those that resemble it.


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Tips to be an influencer and gain more followers on TikTok

Now is the time to jump into action and get to work to get more followers on TikTok. Remember that doing this requires a little effort, dedication, and discipline.

An attractive profile

You need to create a profile that is attractive enough to start gaining followers, as even the smallest detail matters. The profile photo, username, and personal information can cause more or fewer people to visit the profile and return.

The username should be easy to remember, if possible you can use the same as in the other social networks. In the detail of the profile description, try to explain the type of videos to be published, so that users know what to expect. The most important thing is to try to have a complete profile so that they can easily locate us.

2. Pay attention to every detail when making the video

When recording the content it is important to take into account the color of the clothes to be used, the music, the resolution of the videos, among others. To learn how to be famous on TikTok, it is necessary to pay attention to each of the details when making the videos.

Each video can be viewed by millions of people and many may realize the flaws or errors. Investing in a lighting system and editing software is not a bad idea to achieve better quality video.

3. Be unique and innovative

Avoid becoming imitators of other users’ content, remember that just because it works for them does not mean that it works for us too. It is best to choose topics that we like, not only what is in trend, without fear of doing something new from time to time, this will help to gain new followers.

4. Collaborate with other TikTok users

Accepting interactions with other users is a fun way to get new followers, collaborative videos since this can have a positive impact on our account. It is important to carefully choose the people with whom you will work.

If it is possible to collaborate with an influencer who shares the same themes, it would be a good option to grow in this social network.

5. Enjoy and have fun

The idea is that each follower enjoys the videos that are uploaded to this platform, the fun must be in front of the camera to put on a good show, in this way the viewers will always be wanting to see more.

Therefore, if you don’t like being in front of the camera and you don’t enjoy what you are doing, this social network is not for you. Remember that one of the main characteristics of this platform is the fun of the content. There is no definitive guide on how to become an influencer on TikTok, but these tips will help you get a good following.

Tips to increase TikTok followers

6. Do not neglect the followers

No matter how many views and comments the most popular video has or the brands that are interested in us, we must never forget about the followers. We must treat them with the respect they deserve and not belittle their comments, they are the ones who make us stand out, share the content, and follow our publications.

7. Follow and unfollow the most popular influencers on TikTok

This is a very simple strategy, but with potential. This is intended to attract the attention of the most influential users in order to gain more followers. The first thing to do is to identify the best TikTok influencers in the niche. Once this is done several times, they will see your profiles and if they are interested, they will possibly follow them.

8. Participate in viral challenges

Trends vary every day, it is best to check social networks and see what is the most popular content at the moment. Viral challenges are a way to gain followers on TikTok since they usually involve a popular song and as this platform is dedicated to this type of videos, it is easier to find them

9. Share the videos on other social networks

In order to be one of the best TikTok influencers, you do not have to limit yourself to using a social network, when handling several with the same name and theme, they will identify us in any other. Publishing videos on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube will give us greater visibility to the profile and will help to get more followers.

10. Editing applications that help improve videos

There are special video editing apps for Android and iOS, with the necessary filters and effects to be able to make good content. Additionally, in TikTok, you can eliminate all those parts that are not wanted and it also has a library of visual effects that will be very useful.

11. Short and concise videos

The videos that are recorded directly in the TikTok App cannot be longer than 60 seconds, but on the outside, they have no time limit. It should be noted that the longer the video is, the fewer people will see it completely, so it is preferable to keep the one minute limit.

12. Post content at the right time

You can upload new videos twice a day, this can help you get more followers on TikTok and improve the exposure of the content. But, it is important to publish at the right hours, according to some experts the perfect hours to publish content are between 11 am and 5 pm and when our followers are most active on the social network.

To know the right time to upload content, it is necessary to know the public, the time, and the frequency in which they use the platform.

13. Interact with your followers

As in all other social networks, to be successful on TikTok and gain more followers, it is essential that they feel that they are important to us. Therefore, it is necessary to interact frequently with them, it helps to build loyalty and build a relationship with the audience.

With all these tips on how to be an Influencers on TikTok and how to gain followers on TikTok, we are sure that you will be able to increase your reach, making your videos reach many more people. None of this happens by magic, it will take you some time and dedication, but I am sure that if you follow most of these tips you will notice before you imagine, how you grow in this social network.

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