8+ Best Alternatives To in 2021

Thanks to digital platforms such as, many professionals and amateurs have seen a window through which to display and publish their magazines and editorials.

It is widely known for being the best library of its kind since it will allow you to upload as many editions as you can think of and contains an original player to be able to view them dynamically. However, these are not the only functionalities in their class, as there are many best alternatives to that we want to show you.

If you have already used this proposal, you will surely be delighted by the accumulation of tools. But after having researched and tested several similar options, we realized that there are several identical or more spectacular applications to try. Therefore, we have this list where we gather some of the best alternatives that you can use in 2021.

1. Scribd

Although it is not designed to display big colorful and spectacular magazines like in Issuu, the truth is that Scribd does not stop being functional because of that.

It is actually the best option for loading large picture books, product or service user manuals, essays, documents, papers, and endless written files, depending on the subscription plan you have selected. Perhaps they are not as expensive as in Issuu and they work wonders for many cases.

In that sense, Scribd has a fairly complete viewer. You can choose between simple readings through the vertical scrolling of the pages that make up the work. Although if you prefer to spend them simulating real pages, then you also have this alternative.

This website is widely recognized worldwide, mainly by those who need to upload letters and entire pages without losing quality with a screenshot, so you should give it a try.

Visit this website here:

Also see:

2. Calameo

One of the great possibilities that Calameo provides us is being able to show our works, magazines, and documents to the public directly from our website, which becomes a difficult experience to discard.

This software is actually designed to transform all types of files into playable flash formats and supports the most common ones such as Word, PowerPoint and even PDF. Although there are still dozens more to enjoy as well.

On the other hand, Calameo has a “mini” player which you can embed on one side of the web so that visitors can read it, reproduce it at any time.

The only foreseeable downside is that this plugin will not work on devices and browsers that do not support flash. However, the team behind the company hopes to release an update soon to make it work on HTLM5. So it becomes promising and surprising.

Visit this website here:

3. Slideshare

With Slideshare, you completely change the theme, since this is one of the alternatives to Issuu designed for presentations. In the case of the player, it has one that closely resembles that of magazine software.

It has a page change timer, you can enlarge it if you want, alternate the order of each element, and move or change it whenever you want. All this through a super cute animation that will make you live a pleasant reading experience.

In addition, with Slideshare, you will not have to buy any type of plan or subscription and you have an unlimited number of publications to do. The tool is a collaborative community, as users share their magazines, slides and illustrated presentations to teach content and even show manuals.

The best thing about this proposal is that a hit counter is included. This is largely functional when it comes to knowing the impact your content is having on the platform.

Visit this website here:

4. Yumpu

If we can assure you of anything, it is that your experience with Yumpu will be totally innovative. This spectacular platform is perfect for viewing interactive magazines with animations everywhere.

To begin, you will need to have designed your magazine, book or literary work from another program and then upload it in PDF format, since this is the only one that can read the page. The reason for this is that PDF files have text and typography embedded as well.

Yumpu even works based on the technology of “FlipPage” which is responsible for changing the pages of magazines with a super dynamic and directive animation that you will love.

But what we like the most about it is that it lets you add videos and play them from any work page, without the need to add an external link or have to force readers to leave the site. And if you want something more compact, it works only through private links.

Visit this website here:

5. Publuu offers a unique approach to digital publishing, allowing you to transform a standard static PDF file into an interactive and visually engaging flipbook. This platform is perfect for those looking to enhance their publications, whether for detailed product catalogs, educational materials, or captivating business presentations.

What sets Publuu apart from the competition are its innovative features.
The product tag allows users to embed interactive labels on products within their catalogs, providing additional information and links, thereby enhancing the shopping experience. The Virtual Bookshelf offers an organized and attractive way to display multiple publications, making it easy for users to browse and access a variety of documents in one place. And these are just two out of many. 

Ease of use remains a key strength of Publuu, with an intuitive interface that enables users of all skill levels to create professional-looking flipbooks. The platform also includes robust analytics tools, offering valuable insights into how audiences interact with the content.

For a versatile, user-friendly, and innovative digital publishing solution, stands out as a top choice. Its unique features, combined with interactivity and customization, make it an invaluable tool in digital publishing.

Visit this website here:

6. Fliphtlm5

Flash has been forgotten, that is an undeniable reality. And while there is still a robust cluster of pages and services that have been built entirely on it, newer solutions like HTLM5 are forcing everyone to change quickly.

This service was designed to offer you a digital book and magazine player from a dynamic and entertaining space. It works quite similar to Issuu and you just have to select it from your desktop to upload it.

To make matters worse, Fliphtlm5 has completely eliminated tools designed with flash, so all its code, gadgets, tools, and functions are perfectly developed in the HTLM5 language.

This is extremely beneficial to be able to insert the works to pages and official websites, since most of them are probably created that way. But if you’re still using flash, this alternative may not work for you. There is still much more to see.

Visit this website here:

7. FlowPaper

There are those who are more demanding and hate having to wait for minutes and even hours while the pages of their digital magazines load. But the case of FlowPaper is completely different,

It was created with an extreme optimization system, which will allow you to make the most of your bandwidth to load everything faster. You no longer have to worry about pages taking a long time to slide! Well, the software is very fluid and intuitive to always use.

Best of all, it works for magazines, e-books, digital newspapers, invitations, brochures, pamphlets, and a ton of other formats to try. The animation system is so spectacular that the pages will change with a sound and a special effect that will make you live a truly realistic experience.

And if you are still not convinced, you should know that it is an installable program, being one of the most complete and functional alternatives to issuu.

Visit this website here:

8. Flipsnack

How wonderful it is to be able to enjoy a good digital magazine! However, Flipsnack goes a little further, as it has a special integrated editor that will help you create and design them completely from scratch.

The retouching tools work on a drag-and-drop basis. Thus, you will only have to load images to the interface and then move them throughout the work area. In addition, it will automatically anchor where you leave it to adapt and improve it.

However, Flipsnack is also an amazing player. After designing your magazine or e-book, your next task will be to upload it to the page’s servers. From there, you will see a completely innovative player so that you can read the content in a special way, without downloading or adapting anything.

Now, you can’t miss the PDF uploader either, perfect for those who prefer to design their magazines in other programs and then upload them for everyone.

Visit this website here:

9. Joomag

Nothing like an alternative editor to try. Joomag is one of the most complete of all, even more, advanced than Flip Snack itself, as it has complex tools, designed for professional digital magazine jobs.

The idea is that you can do them directly from your page, taking advantage of the included vectors and the positioning tools that will surely help you to do an outstanding job, if that is what you want to achieve with it.

In the case of the player, Joomag also has integrated some animations to change pages in a dynamic and fun way, completely changing the way we consume this type of content.

In fact, you can customize it according to the visual identity of your company or the magazine edition. All this has a subscription plan and is endorsed by companies like Google, being one of the alternatives to Issuu that will give you the most satisfaction.

Visit this website here:

That ends our list of best similar websites to We hope that readers would find this list of different digital publication websites like Issuu helpful. You can drop your comments and thoughts in the below comment section.

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