8 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives In 2022

Word processors are extremely indispensable for our daily lives. They allow us to produce documents, do important work and write anything we need at any time. Offices are the main beneficiaries, although they are also very popular among students and professionals around the world, with Microsoft Office being the most used. If you’re looking for similar software, we have this list of some of best Microsoft Office alternatives in 2022 that you will surely want to use.

With them, you will be able to do a lot of things through spectacular tools. Some are very similar to Word or PowerPoint, while others have original features. Tools like Simple Slides and Simple Sheets for PowerPoint and Excel, respectively, may make you reconsider ditching Office’s most popular programs. In addition, we also find several completely free options so that you can forget about paying for the full package. At, we have organized a list of the most basic ones. So, without further ado, our TOP 8 of the best alternatives to office.

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Best Zoho Office Alternative

1. Zoho

One of the main competitors of Office is Zoho, which brings together a complete package that has many of its main features. Although it is not a free service, as you will have to pay a monthly subscription, it has so many options that make it worthy of payment. You can do work on word processing sheets, design slides with a lot of tools, as well as work with spreadsheets, just like Excel.

To top it off, Zoho is compatible with several operating systems, including macOS, Windows, and even Linux. The fluidity with which you work will allow you to enjoy a pleasant experience while doing all your work. Besides, its interface is super simple and intuitive, so it will be very easy to understand all its utilities from the beginning, without having to get lost among so many useless functions. It is very similar to Office Original, so much so that you should try it.

Google Docs is the best MS Office alternative

2. Google Docs

If your thing is cloud-based programs and working directly from the Internet, then the word processor you need is Google Docs. In fact, it becomes elementary for anyone because it will allow us to edit, correct and design, from the start, hundreds of works without having to go to a desktop computer. You can work directly from its website or by linking the service with Google Drive, Gmail, and other great options for you.

Meanwhile, Google Docs is very easy to use and has all the basic tools for you to do outstanding work. You don’t need to be a great connoisseur of the office and all its functions. It is perfect for teamwork and organizes them through collaborations, so everyone can contribute with different points of the same document. You can create correction groups where you are the one who reviews everything, among thousands of functions that are waiting for you.


3. LibreOffice

Perhaps what you are looking for are alternatives to an office with featherweight and the lightness you crave. It’s no secret that Microsoft processors, despite being super essential and complete, also tend to be quite heavy and consume system resources disproportionately. With LibreOffice you will be able to say goodbye to these inconveniences and work from anywhere you are since it is a program for online and internet use.

If all you are looking for is good office software that helps you write on a blank Word-like page, then LibreOffice is your best choice. Don’t expect too much either, as it’s a fast-paced approach, so it doesn’t have a lot of features. But the basics like typing, aligning text, choosing the size, adding some margins, and changing colors are ready for you to enjoy. After all, it is an alternative for you to consider.

Apache OpenOffice

4. Apache OpenOffice

There are still those who have computers with ultra-limited resources, as their equipment has become obsolete. There are offices that have not taken the step of upgrading their computers, so you can still get some more use out of it with Apache OpenOffice. This software is designed under a free license, which means that you can download it, use it and take advantage of it without having to pay anything. But it only has three proposals: Basic, Calc, and Write.

With Calc you will be able to use an Excel spreadsheet, where it will be very easy to manage any business and even your personal economy. But it is very useful for any type of work that requires this system. While with Write you find pretty good writing support. It is as if you had Word under a simple screen, with enough tools to make changes, create jobs from scratch and make quality adjustments.

Adobe Acrobat Professional

5. Adobe Acrobat Professional

Believe it or not, Adobe Acrobat Professional also has an integrated word processing package that you can take a look at. The main mission of this program is to allow you to manage all types of documents, mainly PDF documents, so it will be easy to make changes, design them from scratch and convert other Word files to this format. It has a great viewer and there are functions to sign, add images and even highlight texts.

It should be noted that, as we told you, Adobe Acrobat Professional is perfect for writing Word-like documents. All you need to do is start a blank one and write what you need. You have several tools that will allow you to do organized and quality work. Then you have the option to share it and export it in. Docx and PowerPoint, in case you want to make it play as a great slide. You have a little bit of everything here.


6. NeoOffice

This is one of the alternatives to an office designed exclusively for Mac computers. In fact, you can download it directly from the App Store and some devices have it installed by default, making it an option to replace the Microsoft pack. Most importantly, it includes several word processing tools. For example, you can write Word-like documents, make letters, important papers, and organize large documents.

If you are still not convinced, then you should know that the user interface is extremely pleasant. It fits very well with the keyboard shortcuts that are available on computers with macOS operating system. NeoOffice will even make it very easy to make printable spreadsheets, create slides to show, export documents in different compatible formats, among other features that make it worthy of a special place in this review. Run and try it out!

WPS Office

7. WPS Office

WPS Office is the full version of this software and includes more incredible features. It is a word processor that works perfectly in different environments and architecture. You can install it on Windows computers among all its versions, macOS computers, and even those computers that have Linux as their preferred system. Thus, it will be very easy to write any number of files and documents in an unlimited way.

In this sense, WPS Office has a very complete package of processors, and the acceptable Word, PowerPoint, and Excel alternatives make it an option that you should not miss. Mainly because they are much less heavy, consume fewer system resources, and you can achieve completely professional results. And, the most important thing is that, like the apache version, it is free software, so forget about having to pay anything.

Evernote best office alternative

8. Evernote

We want to close with Evernote as part of the alternatives to office. You may be asking yourself, how can a few notes with a whole document help me? A lot, we say! Evernote is an application designed so you can create backups of all your ideas, keep track of important things and even use it as a diary, so you have the opportunity to keep all the details of your life and even write a book without even realizing it. So simple and effective!

Evernote works on desktops and smartphones, so the range of compatibility is much wider. You have the possibility of being able to synchronize all work between these devices, so it will be effective to make changes, make adjustments and create configurations with a few taps. It doesn’t have full processing packages, but it is effective for writing and jotting down important things. Yes, some people use the office for this too.

With these alternatives to office, you can download less heavy programs and apps, make documents, papers, letters, contracts, send letters, design scripts, among other amazing possibilities. Some of them are open source, so you will not have to pay anything to use them. While others require a minimum payment, but it is worth it with the services they provide. So download and take advantage of the one that works best for you, according to your needs.

Office packages are becoming elementary tools for day-to-day use. The contemporary man spends considerable time in front of a computer writing important things, so you will have to download good software that will ease that burden. We hope you have found a good proposal with this review that we organized for you in this list. This was our TOP 8 of the best alternatives to office.

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