7 Most Common YouTube App Issues And Solutions

YouTube App does not work on mobile or gives you trouble? Don’t despair, most of the YouTube app problems have a solution. You might be facing issues like app freezing, videos are playing at low higher resolution, random app crashes, or for some reason, a particular video isn’t playing. In this guide, we’ll troubleshoot some common YouTube application problems, and certainly fix them.

In some cases, it is just a matter of patience, adjusting some settings, or resorting to third-party tools. And to make your task easier, we show you how to solve common problems in the YouTube app on your mobile.

Fix most common YouTube App issues


If you have problems playing YouTube videos, and they are constantly loading, it may be the fault of your internet connection. So take a look at a speed test to rule out any failure or instability in your WiFi.

7 Most Common YouTube Apps Issues And Solutions

Another way to test if you have connection problems is by changing the quality of the videos. To do this, touch the menu of the three dots in the video and select “Quality”. If you have set to Automatic or high quality, try lowering it to 720 or 480p, and see if the videos manage to play.

I know, watching videos at lower quality is not the best, but it is a temporary solution until your connection is stable again. On the other hand, you can also try deleting the cache and all the data from the YouTube app to solve any conflicts.


Did this message appear while playing a YouTube video? Or maybe something along the lines of “Failed to load to try again.”

Most of the time this problem is solved by restarting YouTube or clearing cache and data of the app. But if the problem persists, try uninstalling the application and installing it again. This will not only ensure you have the most recent version, but it will also eliminate any conflicts that have been generated with the application.


Does this message appear when you open the YouTube app or while the video is playing? It’s one of the most common YouTube mistakes, and it can be fixed in a number of ways.

Before taking any action in the app, try deactivating the data or WiFi connection and reactivate it. Or simply, put the mobile in airplane mode for a few seconds. Although it seems like a simple option, it is enough to solve this error.

If you have not succeeded, then it will be necessary to clear the cache of the YouTube app. To do this, go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications and find the YouTube app in the list. Choose “Delete data” and select the two options, as you see in the image.


If YouTube stops working and the problem is not your internet connection, then check if the service has no problems. Yes, the dreaded “YouTube is down.”

7 Most Common YouTube Apps Issues And Solutions

There are several services that allow us to know this without having to resort to social networks. For example, Downdetector or Both services work with user reports, so you can know if YouTube is experiencing an interruption of its services.

If there is no report, then try restarting the YouTube app, clearing the cache, and making sure you have the latest version installed on your device.


If this happens to you, it is because your internet connection is unstable or because some app installed on your mobile is causing conflicts.

If it is a connection problem, you can apply some settings while your connection recovers. For example, you can lower the quality of the videos, as we saw in a previous item. Or disable autoplay from the app settings.

On the other hand, if you have downloaded an application other than from Google Play, a space cleaner, or have an option to root, such as Kingo Root, they may be causing you problems. Try uninstalling it (or disabling root permissions) momentarily to see if that’s the problem.

And if you want to rule out if there is an app that is causing a conflict or a virus on your mobile that affects the operation of YouTube, you can check the mobile with an app like VirusTotal.


If while browsing YouTube you come across the message “the video is not available”, don’t despair, there may be different reasons for this problem, starting with your internet connection.

If you have already tried all the basic measures… restart the app, clear the cache, update to the latest version, test the WiFi connection, then try opening the video on another device or in the web browser available on your mobile.

If you can see the video without problems then try uninstalling and installing the app. Or option B is to use a VPN in case you have some kind of blockage or are applying a bandwidth limitation.

Or you may see the message you see in the image “This video is not available with restricted mode enabled”. Restricted mode hides videos that may contain inappropriate content, either because it has been detected by YouTube’s algorithm or reported by users.

If you want to disable that option, just open your profile tab, go to General and scroll down to “Restricted Mode.”


One of the options offered by the YouTube app is to transmit the videos to the screen of our Smart TV.

The dynamics are simple, you just have to select the icon to transmit and choose the device. But sometimes the “connecting…” becomes eternal and you never manage to transmit the video to the TV. What can you do? Start the setup with your Smart TV from scratch.

To do this, go to the YouTube app settings, select “Watch on TV” and unlink the TV that has connection problems with your mobile. Don’t worry, your device will be registered if you have the TV on at that moment.

Otherwise, for the app to detect your TV, you will have to turn it on and connect it to the same WiFi network. Once you do these steps, you will see that your device appears in the section “What TV do you want to use? Select “Link” and you’re done. If you have a stable connection, you will have no problem streaming your YouTube videos directly to the SmartTV.

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