10 Best Online Games With Intense Battles

Want to know what the best online computer games are chosen by gamers from around the world? Then you are at the address. Especially for connoisseurs of MMOG, we have compiled a small selection of games of various genres, which can be spent a few evenings with friends. Therefore, we have this list of the best online games that you can enjoy with your friends or players all around the world.

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In our ranking of online games, there are options for connoisseurs of classics, and for those who are looking for something new. Well, let’s start at the end of the list. We hope that our readers would like this list of online games. If you have suggestions, we are open to accepting them. Drop your comments at the bottom of this list.

Dota 2 Online Games

1. DOTA 2

The second version of the popular browser game of the MOBA genre has an incredible number of clones. The official release of the game took place in 2013, and fans have been waiting for it for 4 years.

Two teams take part in the battles, each with five people. Teams fight for opposite sides – dark and light. The meaning of the gameplay is to destroy the opposing team and pump your own character. At the same time, no one forbids the destruction of mobs.

If in the first version of “Dota” could only be a participant in the battles, in the second version you can watch them as a spectator. By the way, “Dota” is an official e-sports discipline, and it deservedly got into the TOP online games that can be played on a computer.

World of Warcraft (WoW)

2. World of Warcraft (WoW)

In 2008, WoW entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most popular MMORPG: at that time it had 10 million subscribers. But the peak of her fame came in 2010 when more than 12 million people hung out at Warcraft.

WoW fantasy world now has about 8 million fans. According to fans, the uniqueness of the game is that you can not only fight mobs and other characters but also master non-combat skills such as collecting medicinal herbs or fishing. The characters have different cattle and animals.

This is really a huge virtual world, once immersed in which you want to stay in it for a long time. There have already been releases of seven additions, and on October 27, 2020, the eighth was released – “Shadowlands”. The game is not free, subscribers pay for the game month.

This is quite a legendary game, the gold standard of MMORPG. Warcraft has many experienced gamers who are nostalgic for their first acquaintance with the world of online gaming. But the developers are already breathing in the back of new, serious competitors, with a quality plot and newer technical implementation. In addition, the lack of monthly or any other payment there. So whether World of Warcraft will be just as popular is questionable, unless Blizzard makes an unexpected revolution in the world of online gaming.

Neverwinter Online Game

3. Neverwinter Online

Here is a popular multiplayer online game developed by Cryptic Studios. Among the advantages of Neverwinter Online is a high-quality implementation and a first-class plot, which, obviously, the developers relied on.

The gameplay does not bore everyone’s grind. Mobs are present, but the character is pumped not thanks to them, but mainly on quests, very well thought out, to pass them – a special pleasure. Neverwinter has a very cool action game – you can aim, strike and dodge them, and it’s even more like action than MMORPG. By the way, this game will appeal to those who are difficult to call a fan of MMO games.

Another advantage of Neverwinter Online is that it is quite simple: everyone can start playing almost immediately, no long training manuals are required.

If you have a few free evenings, then you can spend them on an online action game with friends. Especially since the game is free, although the graphics and technical level would suit a paid project.

Infestation: Survivor Stories

4. Infestation: Survivor Stories

Luxurious zombie shooter deservedly ranked seventh on the list. It has a world of gigantic dimensions and beautiful graphics. You can move on abandoned cars and knockdown zombies on the way.

In addition to your character and zombies, there are other gamers in the game. Meeting with them often ends in a fight or shooting, because after killing another player, you can take his provisions, equipment and weapons. The graphics in this game are so realistic that even the grass and trees sway in the wind. Shadows, as if alive, slide through abandoned buildings overgrown with grass and covered with mold. In the distance, there are beautiful landscapes and mountains. Even ants run away from such an atmosphere of post-apocalypse.

The only disadvantage of this fighter is that he is paid. But you only have to pay here once, after which you get a subscription forever. This game is very different from Warcraft, where players have to pay money monthly.

GTA Online Game

5. GTA Online

A legendary simulator of gangster life, in which you can gather your groups or join already created ones. Go on missions with friends, take part in robberies and fights, steal cars. Everything is possible here.

In GTA, gamers create their own character, build their family tree. In the game world, you can kill a character and take his money, but here too there is justice. The killers give a reward for the head, and this makes the game even more interesting.

GTA online is inferior to the single version: it loses a bit of graphics and has minor technical shortcomings. Therefore, it did not make it to the top 5 online games.

Wareface Best Online Game

6. Warface

It’s hard to find a person who hasn’t heard of this game. And it could be higher in the ranking of the best online games if not one BUT. Although “Warface” is free, but it’s real to play it, not to die 100 times per battle, not to do without a donut.

Donat decides a lot here, especially in the initial stages. Only those who really don’t mind time going through the same thing dozens of times will be able to ride without money.

But in fairness, it should be noted that for such graphics and great gameplay is not a pity and money, especially small. Only a hundred hryvnias for a powerful gun, armor and enjoy the victories.

The game has very detailed models of characters. They are realistic and flexible, they can fit each other, extend a hand, and pull up. There is a lot of equipment that can be used (for money) and fight on land, in the air, and in the water. There are also many special effects and various explosions in the shooter, and all this makes it bright and spectacular.

World of Tanks

7. World of Tanks

A feature of the legendary WoT can be called the fact that it is happy to play with and 40-year-old and 10-year-old audience. It’s really a hit for all ages and ages. The meaning of the game is to upgrade your main tank as much as possible, making it the most formidable enemy of all. Although, who knows, maybe you will come across the enemy on an even more reinforced tank.

Like the previous one, the game is absolutely free. Donat is present, and only for the money you can buy the coolest equipment, and come off in full. Although some players are upset by this fact, there is really something to pay for. Arcade tank simulator very accurately conveys the characteristics of real machines, with their power, scope, and slowness, and clumsiness.

Tens of millions of gamers around the world can fight on the famous tanks of the 21st century, including the Maus – the largest tank in the world, which released only two copies. And in the game world, unlike the real one, everyone can get such equipment. It is worth pumping your character – and you can ride on any technique, even the rarest and expensive.


8. Panzar

Get ready to meet the three best online games on your computer. And opens the top three cool MMO-game “Panzar”. Despite the fact that the game provides donations, it is really free. Yes, donuts help gamers pump the hero faster, but if you do it without their help, the game is no less interesting and fair.

Panzar can be called action, and it’s definitely a team game, because alone here nothing will work. Each player chooses a team to his liking: there are 4 of them – gnomes, elves, humans, and orcs. Different battlefield maps are available, and each has its own rules. There are miniatures, where they fight just for points, or multi-level arenas and castles, in which it is easy to get lost.

Whatever you want – the usual team battle “wall to wall”, to storm the fortifications, to capture checkpoints, to repel the enemies, Panzar can offer it all. After each fight, you get gold and experience, in a ratio that you can change. On them, players can buy medicinal potions and new armor, pump their character.

This shooter is a really rare project because it is based on the CryEngine 3 engine and has very realistic graphics. If you like to play in a team, and you like network battles with incredible visualization, then you will definitely like this world.

WareFrame Online game

9. Warframe

This is an online shooter, which form the first minutes clings to its dynamism and unusual style, even experienced players. The creators have invented an incredible number of ways to kill mobs in the game. It is quite possible to cut them into pieces or torture them with electricity. There are a lot of options, you just have to start.

The possibilities of the game are very wide – there are also elements of magic, blades, and a bunch of other weapons that you can upgrade. Opponents can be other mercenaries and zombie-like characters.

Warframe is gameplay built on a team game. It is the strength of team spirit and coherence that determines whether you pass or fail a mission. And it’s a great way to spend an evening with friends. It is especially nice that this game is absolutely free.

War Thunder

10. War Thunder

And our top online games are headed by this development from Gaijin Entertainment. The game is available in both the browser version and on the PlayStation 4. It is a simulation of war, also so realistic that it is breathtaking. You can fight here in the air, on land, and on water.

The developers have tried to glory, paying attention to every detail, and these details can be enjoyed endlessly. And they took care of the tastes of different players and offered a choice of several game modes.

  • Historical – for those who are interested in military campaigns.
  • Realistic – if you want a very detailed picture and want to see all the nuances of the battle, then here you are. Control of the equipment is also as close as possible to reality, so you will need all the knowledge and skills to deal with heavy military tanks, aircraft, and machines.
  • Dynamic mode: it can be called the most unpredictable. Management is easier here, so it resembles an exciting arcade.

This action is included in the FREE TO PLAY starter pack on the PlayStation 4. Donat solves little in it, and you can very well pump with elementary diligence. Therefore, War Thunder is definitely worthy to enter the ranking of online games and take first place in it.

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