How to flash stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy A6s [Unbrick Guide]

The Android phones much easier to troubleshoot even when things are worse. If for any reason you’ve bricked your phone and its OS isn’t booting up, you can re-flash the stock firmware on it. That will wipe off your completely and install a fresh copy of the native firmware on your phone. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to flash the official stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy A6s to unbrick it and deal with different problems. This process removes everything that is stored on your device and revives your device from the dead condition.

Flashing stock firmware is a solution to most of the Android problems that usually occur. There are chances that you’ve bricked your phone while flashing some sort of a custom firmware or similar thing. We know that the stock Android limits users from making big changes and that leads users to perform custom operations. And these custom options sometimes outcome bad results. If you do such things frequently, then you must have the knowledge to deal with such problems.

While we flash the stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy A6s, it would download this phone its native operating system. That means if your device running a custom ROM, that would be removed and all its aspects are replaced with stock things. Additionally, it goes through wiping the phone’s internal memory first. That completely cleans that device — that leaves no space for bugs, issues, and problems persist after the installation. This process is usually known as the downgrading process. It helps to troubleshoot bricked devices, which are usually stuck at boot logo, boot loops, or even not turn on.

Most importantly, you should know that this is the official method to repair Samsung’s smartphones. During this tutorial, we learn the correct method to flash the official stock firmware on Galaxy A6s using the Odin program. The Odin tool is developed for Samsung devices specifically. It allows users to flash official builds and updates. If you ever wish to downgrade your phone without using the Samsung Kies or similar tool, you gotta work with the Odin flashing utility. It is said that this tool has been developed the Samsung, where we couldn’t find such information on the official website.

Because this process wipes the phone’s memory, you should know that everything that is stored within your phone is deleted during this process. And it is obvious that this action is irreversible. Thus, you won’t be able to recover the deleted that easily. Therefore, if you any chance to back up the phone, you should do that. If you’re able to boot up your phone, just follow this guide; how to backup Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Or, use the pre-installed application — Smart Switch, to sync your files to some safe place. That would much safer for you to proceed ahead in this process.

There’s one more thing that you must know about the process. While we flash the official firmware on this phone, the root access is removed. Moreover, if you’re using some third-party mods or apps, those are wiped off as well. In short, this process will replace all the custom aspects with the stock things and limitations. Also, that should solve the warranty related problems. However, that does not restore the KNOX, if it was previously tripped during some custom operations. Here are some important prerequisites that you must read conscientiously.


  • We dedicate these guidelines to Samsung Galaxy A6s smartphone. Thus, you should not implement this guide and files that we mention on any other device. That can harm your phone badly. We suggest you verify the model number of your phone.
  • Installing the official firmware or downgrading your phone will delete all the stuff present within the internal memory. If there are any possibilities for back up, you should do that. Or else, once performed this action cannot be undone.
  • Root access and all other custom mods are removed during this process. If you wish for the root access, you can do it again after performing this action.
  • In order to work on this action, you need a Windows-based computer, laptop or desktop. Also, you must arrange the official USB cable of your phone. We need that for connection purpose.
  • You must install the Samsung USB drivers on your computer. So that your phone can be recognized by the computer. Download and install the USB Drivers from →here.

That’s about the requirements. If you’ve managed to arrange the above things, you can proceed further flash stock for firmware on your Samsung Galaxy A6s phone. The process is quite easier. As discussed, we will use the Odin tool to flash the official firmware image.

That shouldn’t take more than several minutes. The following instructions are set to help you perform this action and unbrick this phone:

How to flash stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy A6s

  1. Start with downloading the official stock firmware package of your phone through this link.
    1. Download the firmware package using the model number of the phone.
    2. Then, extract the package to get the .md5 firmware file. This is the firmware file that we will flash.
  2. After that, download the Odin flashing tool from →here. Extract the Odin program and run it. That Odin program looks like this:Flash stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy A6s using Odin Program
  3. Now, turn off your phone using the power key.
  4. Then, boot into the Download Mode using this tutorial.
  5. Now, you can connect your phone the computer. Head onto the Odin tool, it will auto detect your phone. The ID: COM section turns to blue. If nothing happens, just re-install the USB Drivers and reboot your computer. After that, try connecting your phone again.
  6. Now you’re ready to install the firmware file. Just tap on the ‘AP’ button on the Odin tool, then locate the firmware file (.md5), which have extracted before.
  7. Now, tap on ‘Start’ button to begin with the installation process.
  8. Take off your phone once the process is completed.

Now, your phone should reboot. Allow your phone to reboot and take you to the setup page. Because we have installed a fresh copy of the firmware, for the first boot up, it might take several minutes. That’s completely normal.

That’s it, you’ve successfully installed the stock firmware on your Samsung Galaxy A6s using the Odin tool. That should have unbricked your phone and removed all the bugs and problems. That’s an advanced troubleshooting method for Android phones. Through this method, possibly, can fix almost problems linked to your phone.

That ends our tutorial here that explains that easy steps to flash stock firmware on Galaxy A6s smartphone. One can use this tutorial to switch from a custom firmware to the stock one. Or for just sake of performance and stability. We hope that our users would find this tutorial helpful. If you’re facing any other problem on your phone, do let us know. We would love to help you out from that problem.

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