How to troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy A6s that’s stuck on boot logo/screen

This is the most definitive guide that should help you troubleshoot and fix boot stuck and boot loops problems on Samsung Galaxy A6s. Such issues generally happen after we update or flash some custom aspects like firmware, recovery, and mods. And if you’re out of luck, it can happen without doing anything. During this guide, we will apply different solutions to with such problems. No matter even if you’ve bricked your phone, we can easily fix that and make your work normal again.

To be able to apply these solutions, you don’t have to possess some technical knowledge. These troubleshooting methods are simple to understand and you can apply them anytime you want. We will move from simple towards advanced actions. There are greater chances that we might need to format your phone and re-install the firmware. That’s where you would lose the files and documents stored on your phone. Till the time the problem is linked to the Android OS, this tutorial should be enough to fix them. However, if that’s not the case and it happens due to some hardware failure, you better seek help from a technician.

There can be different reasons that you’ve ended up this situation. If you were updating or customizing your phone intensively, you’re not different what many of us do. This happens due to clutter/junk files that affect that normal functioning of the phone. That eventually prevents from phone to boot up to the usual Android UI. So to deal with such problems, the Android OS comes loaded with a few tools like safe mode, recovery mode, etc. We would use these tools to fix Samsung Galaxy A6s that won’t boot up or stuck at the boot logo.

First, we would try clearing the cache memory to see if that works to turn ON your phone. Basically, while we update or flash some sort of custom firmware, the previous cache files may expire and become junk files. The cache files generated by the applications that we have on our phone. This memory keeps on growing over the time and it may affect the performance of the phone when it becomes excessive. If that doesn’t help your Galaxy A6s to boot normally, the next ideal option would be formatting it. We can perform a factory reset that will wipe internal memory.

That removes everything that is stored in it except system applications and files. The factory reset deletes all third-party applications, files, downloads and cache files related to them. All custom settings and configurations are replaced with the default parameters. If the problems were caused by the third-party apps or files, that should be removed during this action. Thus, after this process, your phone should boot up normally. There’s one more thing that we could. We can flash a fresh copy of the official firmware on this phone.

If somehow the Android OS has been affected or its files have corrupted, flashing the stock firmware will help in that case. Of course, that’s not a tough job either. Flashing the stock firmware is helpful in troubleshooting most of the Android problems that usually happen. If you’ve been using your phone for a long time, probably you’ve observed the dip in performance and stability. For drastic dips, we would recommend re-installing the firmware. That helps to calibrate the device’s performance and stability.

You should aware yourself with the fact that following these solutions will wipe your phone. The files/apps/games/media stored in your phone are deleted during these actions. And once performed, we cannot revert them. Therefore, if you have any chance to back up your phone, you should do that. Or follow our; guide on how to backup Samsung Galaxy phones. Without ado, we should start troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy A6s that’s not booting up.

1. Fix Samsung Galaxy A6s that won’t boot up through cleaning cache files

  1. Turn OFF your phone through the power button.
  2. Now, boot into the recovery mode using this guide.
  3. Under the recovery mode, select ‘Wipe Cache Partition’
  4. Perform this action and wait till it gets completed.
  5. Exit the recovery mode.

Or follow this tutorial: how to clear cache on Samsung Galaxy phone.

That’s the easiest way to calibrate performance, stability and fix many Android problems. Performing this action will remove all the cached data present on your phone. Note, it won’t hurt any of your app or data. It only removes the associated cache files.

Basically, the cached data grow bigger over the time. These files are temporary in nature and become junk and clutter soon. These cache files cause many problems linked to performance and stability.

If you figure that your phone is not responding beyond the boot logo, the next probably should fix that.

2. Factory reset Samsung Galaxy A6s to fix boot stuck and boot loop issues

The factory reset wipes your phone thoroughly. It removes everything including apps, game files, and downloads except stock apps and files. This will turn your phone into a factory fresh piece with default apps and settings.

If there’s anything that resisting your phone to boot beyond the boot screen/logo, performing this action should take care of that. Just follow the below steps to troubleshoot your phone:

  1. Turn off your phone through the power button.
  2. Now, boot into the recovery mode.
  3. Under the recovery mode, select ‘Wipe data/factory reset’.
  4. Perform this action.
  5. Exit the recovery mode.

Or just follow this guide: How to reset Samsung Galaxy A6s

That should reset and reboot your phone. For the first time, it would take several minutes to boot up. That usually happens. Now, wait for several minutes, so the phone can boot up. Thereafter, enter your Google account details to set up and configure your phone.

If still, your phone won’t boot up, that means somehow the operating system/firmware has been corrupted. In that case, ideally, you should re-flash the firmware on your phone.

3. Flash the stock firmware on Galaxy A6s to unbrick it

This action replaces the entire existing operating system with a new one. All the corrupt files are deleted and replaced with the fresh files. That leaves nothing that could stop the phone from booting up and work normally. Though it is an advanced action, it won’t take your much time and efforts.

If the problem is linked with firmware, flashing the stock firmware should fix that. However, if the problem is linked with hardware parts, you better take your phone to the service center. Only they would be able to resolve such problems. To unbrick your phone, just follow the tutorial below:

We have specifically created this guide for this smartphone. It will help you flash the official firmware build on this smartphone. That should fix the boot stuck and infinite boot loops problems on your phone.

The wrap-up

These are the available troubleshooting solutions to these problems that resist the phone from booting up. You must know that applying such actions would wipe your phone’s internal memory. So, it is certain that you will lose files and data stored within your phone. That’s how you can easily fix such booting problems on your Samsung Galaxy A6s smartphone.

We hope that users would find this tutorial helpful. If you stuck onto another problem on this phone, do let us know. We would try our best to provide an appropriate solution to that problem.

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