Fix Samsung Galaxy A50 Won’t Turn ON/stuck on boot logo

Probably, your phone might have landed to this problem after an update or while installing third-party apps, ROM or a similar thing. And you’re running out luck, this can happen without prior doings. These problems, boot stuck, boot loops, and similar ones, can be fixed using the recovery mode. In this tutorial, we’ll help you fix Samsung Galaxy A50 that’s stuck on the boot screen and not getting beyond that screen.

Or it might just keep rebooting itself to boot logo and keeps doing that. That is usually known as boot loop problem where device keeps rebooting and doesn’t go beyond that. That’s is really something that annoys the most. If that happens, users would not be able to use their smartphone, and to troubleshoot such problems, there are greater chances that we might need a format that smartphone. That means, you might lose everything that is stored within that smartphone.

Whether you were updating your Samsung Galaxy A50 through an official update, or install third-party firmware, there are always chances that our phone might get bricked during these processes. Moreover, if you’re using this smartphone for a long time, there are chances that you might face such issues. It happens due to clutter, junk and cache files that keep accumulating and they eventually may cause different problems on your phone.

If you’ve been using your long time, most probably, you would be facing common problems corresponding to its performance and stability. There are many common troubleshooting solutions to cure such problems. For that purpose, you can follow this guide to solve performance and stability related problems on your Samsung Galaxy A50. And keep reading this guide to troubleshoot boot stuck and boot loops problems on your phone.

For troubleshooting purpose, we’ll use the recovery mode and safe mode. And during this procedure, we may have to proceed through a factory reset. Therefore, you’re most likely to lose stuff stored within this device. You must acknowledge this risk and only then proceed further. First, we’ll boot Safe Mode on Galaxy A50 smartphone to figure out if a third party app or custom settings causing this problem. Then, we’ll move forward with cleaning actions; wipe its cache partition and perform a factory reset.

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We are pretty positive that application of these solutions, one of them, should fix your Samsung Galaxy A50 that’s not booting up and going after the boot logo. Follow the below troubleshooting solutions to cure this problem on your phone.

Method 1. Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy A50 that is stuck on Logo using Safe mode

  1. Turn OFF your phone using the power button.
  2. Then, press and hold the Power button to turn ON your phone.
  3. Once Samsung Logo appears, release the Power button and immediately press and hold Volume Down key.
  4. This should boot your Samsung Galaxy A50 into Safe Mode. If this mode boots up successfully, you should see Safe Mode text at lower-left of the display screen.
  5. Now, you can uninstall third-party apps, files or remove settings that have bricked your phone.

That’s among quite common methods to troubleshoot Android smartphones. If your phone boots up to this mode, that means that there’s something that is restricting this phone to work properly. That might be the recent app that you’ve recently installed on your phone or some settings that you’ve put have overreacted.

When the safe mode is booted, all third-party apps and settings remain unused. So, they don’t impact your phone in any way. Thus, if your Galaxy A50 reboots into this mode successfully, there must be an application, recently downloaded files or some settings that are causing the problem on your phone. And in result, your phone couldn’t boot up and stuck on the Samsung Logo screen.

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We highly recommend that you try this method above, at least, before you format or clean your phone. There are some chances that you might be able to troubleshoot your Samsung Galaxy A50 using the Safe Mode. If you find that your phone doesn’t boot into the safe mode, then follow the next method to fix this problem on your phone.

This another most recommended action that users can perform to fix most of the problems and issues that happen on Android phone. Through recovery mode, we can delete entire cache files on the phone and that won’t affect any other app or file. Basically, cache files are induced by the applications that we have on our phone. And over time, the cache files grow up and might affect different aspects like performance and stability.

Also, during update/upgrade procedures, these cache files might get corrupted as well. That may outcome problematic conditions, stuck at the boot screen are among them. Since you’re facing such problems, performing this action may help you out. To perform this action, we’ll use the recovery mode. Through clearing cache files won’t remove apps or delete files on your phone, however, it will definitely wipe app/game’s progress.

Thus, you would lose data related to apps like login details, progress, downloads, and similar things. Just follow the below instructions to boot your Samsung Galaxy A50 to wipe its cache partition. This will most likely to fix most of the problems on your phone.

  1. Turn OFF your phone.
  2. Now, follow this guide to boot into the recovery mode or below steps:
    1. Press and hold Volume Up and Power buttons at the same time.
    2. Release these buttons once Samsung Logo Appears.
    3. If required, press the Volume Up to confirm your entry into the recovery mode.
    4. Now, you should be in the recovery mode.
  3. Within the recovery mode, tap on ‘Wipe Cache Partition’
  4. Perform this action and exit this mode.

This action will wipe entire cache files on your phone. It helps to restore general performance, fix bugs and problems. If the problem was caused by the cache, junk or corrupt files, then this should have fixed your phone. Now, turn ON your phone and observe it boots up normally. If you don’t find this method working, performing a factory is the best next action you can take.

Method 3. Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A50 to fix boot stuck and boot loops

If you were updating your phone with an official or third-party firmware and after that, you end up with a bricked phone, then performing a factory reset can fix that. While performing a factory reset, this action wipes everything that’s present on your phone. All third-party apps, downloads, games and custom settings are deleted during these actions. In simple words, this action is going to restore stock settings and apps on your phone.

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It will turn your phone into its factory state. If you were using custom firmware, custom recovery or have achieved root action, this action won’t affect them. It just removes everything that is not stock. It restores original performance and stability. Until the firmware itself hasn’t been hurt, this action stands working. Just use the following instructions to perform a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy A50 to fix boot stuck issue:

  1. Turn OFF your phone.
  2. Again, boot into the recovery mode.
  3. Now, under this mode, select and perform ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ action.
  4. Once this action has been performed, exit the recovery mode.

That’s it, everything should turn to its default position on your phone. Now, turn ON your phone and it should boot up normally. Thereafter, just enter your Google account details to set up and configure your phone.

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While one of these actions should help you, in case they don’t, use the comment section below to reach us. Thoroughly, brief us the problem that you’re facing on your Samsung Galaxy A50. While writing to us, ensure to provide enough information about the issue, so we can precisely provide a solution to your problem. We hope that our readers would find this tutorial helpful. Share your thoughts, and views in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. I tried whatever you mentioned but there is no improvement and the logo stands still sometimes automatically reboots but not going beyond the galaxy logo. Actually it happened suddenly. There is no damage no liquid fall nothing. I just got a call and after ending that call mobile automatically switched to that logo thing. It’s really annoying even i did my factory reset and I lost my data too but meanwhile there is no result. I don’t know what to do. There is no authorized service center too near me. actually it’s been only 10 months of buying this mobile. I don’t know what to do. Can you help me in this?

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