How to Enter Download Mode on Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has many new features as compared to its predecessors. This smartphone is a perfect blend of a huge display screen and powerful hardware specs. Thus, the user gets a better phablet experience. While this phone brings new features, you must learn the basic troubleshooting. In this tutorial, we’ll help you enter Samsung Galaxy Note 9 into the Download Mode. There are many purposes of accessing mode. Perhaps, you’re about to update/flash the firmware on your phone. Therefore, you must know the possible ways to get into this mode and use it. There are different methods to get into the ‘Download mode’ and we will explore them here.

Whether you’re using the Odin flashing tool or working with the Android Debugging platform, you might want to access the Download mode. Through this mode, it becomes possible to flash updates and stock firmware on Samsung smartphones. While using the Odin to flash stock firmware, we need this mode. Similarly, there are even more purposes of this mode. Thus, it becomes important for you to learn this thing. Sooner, or later, you’ll seek this way. The Android operating system comes with many maintenance related modes, the Download Mode is one of them. And you could easily get your Galaxy Note 9 into the Download mode whenever you want.

Since this mode comes inbuilt, access it won’t hurt your phone. This action is officially accepted by Samsung, and it will not void the warranty on your phone. Samsung has implanted this mode for some reasons. The main purpose of this mode is to establish a connection with tools like Odin, ADB, etc. And allows these utilities to update the firmware on the phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be bricked and you might want to recover it, then you need to get into this mode. Post that, you’ll be able to flash the stock firmware and repair your phone. Or for performance sake, or to remove bugs and problems, you can flash the official firmware.

Basic the Download Mode environment is developed so that the Android software can be flashed, updated and modified. Thus, if you face problems related to Android software, and you want to remove them, you must know about this mode. During this tutorial, we learn different methods to get this Note 9 into the Download mode, where you can perform update related operations. Entering into this mode doesn’t require any sort of app or third-party utility. This mode can be accessed anytime using physical buttons. It is not similar to our usual Android UI, it is much different. If you’re after a better performance, you must read our tutorial that helps to Disable bloatware apps on Galaxy Note 9 and that saves 1.5 GB RAM.

Getting into the Download Mode is neither a tough task. If you have a root access, it becomes much easier. You can switch to different Android modes easily. Just like the Recovery mode, the Download mode has its own importance. Now, we should go further and learn the different methods to enter into the download mode on the Note 9 smartphone.

How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Download Mode: Galaxy Note 9

Method 1 — Through Physical buttons

This is the most preferred method. It includes a pattern, in which we got to press the buttons. It only takes a few seconds to access this mode.

This method works until all the buttons are working. If any of them malfunctions, this method won’t work. The pattern is very simple, and you could master it easily. While you update or flash the firmware on your phone, you could use this method to access this mode.

Just follow the below steps to enter into the Download Mode:

  1. Turn off your phone using the Power button.
  2. Now, press and hold Power, Volume Down, and Bixby buttons altogether for a few seconds.
  3. Release these buttons once the Samsung logo appears.
  4. Then, choose ‘OK’ on the next screen to confirm your action or just follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. You should now land to Download Mode.

That’s how you can easily access the Download Mode on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 using the physical buttons. Now, you’re free to connect with it Odin and Android Debugging tools.

So, that’s one way to land into this mode. There are a few more ways. The next method includes the use of ADB tool and its commands to enter this mode. This method doesn’t need the physical buttons.

However, you need some preparations to perform this method.

Method 2 — Through ADB Commands

This method is helpful when you’re unable to execute the first method. If any of the physical buttons has malfunctioned, you can use this method instead. This method doesn’t include pressing any of the buttons.

That makes this method so special and helpful. During this method, we are going to connect your phone to the computer, using the ADB tool (we use the minimal version, Fastboot tool) to execute a command that will land this phone into the Download mode.

Mostly, it is preferred by Android Developers. For ordinary users, it like once in a blue moon.

Before we do that, we need to prepare some requirements, these are the following:

You need a Windows-based PC (most preferably, or you could use a Mac, but for that, you’ll have to set up entire ADB tool on your Mac PC).

The USB drivers required. That will help your computer to detect your phone while you connect using the USB cable. You can download and install the Samsung USB Drivers from →here.

You must the USB Debugging on your phone, that will help the ADB tool to recognize your phone. Just follow our below guide for that purpose:

That’s all you need to prepare. Now, use the below instructions to use ADB commands to get into the Download mode:

  1. Download the Fastboot tool (ADB tool) from →here. This is the minimal version we have created for our users. Extract the content and run the file named Run me.bat. That opens a command prompt like this:Enter Download Mode on Galaxy Note 9 using ADB commands
  2. Now, use a USB cable and connect your phone to the computer. This tool will auto recognize your phone.
  3. Now, type the following command:
    • adb reboot download
  4. Your phone will reboot and enter into the Download mode automatically.

You’ve successfully accessed the Download Mode on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. That’s how you can almost access this mode on any Android phone.

This method won’t ask you to use any of the buttons.

The next method we explain is for root users. The root access gives some extraordinary privileges to users for customizing and personalization purpose.

Method 3 — Through a Quick Reboot application

It requires a root access to access this mode. Having a rooted Android phone many benefits over a non-rooted smartphone. If you’re serious about customizing your phone, then you must root your phone first.

That gives privileges to access and edit core files and customize the phone extensively. If you wish to root your phone, you must read the following tutorial:

We assume that you have the root access on your phone. There are tons of useful apps for rooted Galaxy Note 9, and Quick Reboot is one of them. This application allows users to switch to different Android modes directly from the regular Android UI.

You just need to download this app from Google Play Store, available at zero cost. It will add additional boot options to the Power Off menu.

Quick Boot App Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Whenever you open this app, it will display more options like Download mode, Safe mode, Recovery mode and a few more.

That saves a lot time. There are most root applications that you should try. Since Galaxy Note 9 packed with powerful hardware, we recommend you to play the PSP games on it through PPSSPP emulator. Just follow the below resources to know more:

That ends our tutorial here on different methods to enter into the Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. We hope that our readers would make the best use of this knowledge. Make sure that you leave your thoughts and opinions on this tutorial in the below comment section.

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