How to Unlock Bootloader on Moto G6 and G6 Plus

Unlocking the bootloader is the first step towards tweaking and customizing the Android phones. There are many OEMs that put a restriction layer over the Android OS on their phones. That prevents the Android OS from being customized by external actions and commands. The Motorola is one of these brands. If you really want to personalize your phone without limits, you must start by unlocking the bootloader first. In this tutorial, we will help you with the best method to unlock the bootloader on Moto G6 and G6 Plus smartphones.

These two smartphones are capable enough to satisfy your performance needs. However, the customization and personalization are limited due to restrictions. Basically, the bootloader is like a protective layer for your Android OS. The bootloader is essential too, as it has some boot up related data that is processed while your phone starts. Without the bootloader, your phone won’t work. Thus, it is not possible to remove or disable this layer. Instead, we can unlock. By unlocking the bootloader on Moto G6 and G6 Plus, it opens the door to multiple opportunities for improvements and customization.

The bootloader is essential to Android phones. This program loads some important scripts that help Android UI to load and work properly. Therefore, making it unlock will void the warranty of your phone. Unlocking the bootloader on Moto G6 and G6 Plus is against the warranty terms and condition. Thus, you must be sure about your actions. In order to regain the warranty, you’ll have to re-lock the bootloader. However, re-locking bootloader sometimes doesn’t wrap the warranty of the phone. You must read the terms and conditions related to the warranty of your phone.

You might be wondering about this process; Why you should unlock the bootloader? Well, the answer is simple. The bootloader locked Android phone has restrictions that prevent you from customizing most of the aspects. Even you can’t change the Android UI properly. In order to pull these restrictions out, you need to unlock the bootloader. After that, you can achieve better control over your smartphone through other tweaks. In future, if you choose to root or install custom firmware on your phone, then you first require to unlock the bootloader on your phone.

Unlock Bootloader on Moto G6 Plus

No matter what you want to do, the very first step is to unlock the bootloader on your phone. Otherwise, it won’t let you make changes to the Android OS. Most of the time, people do such unofficial things to improve general performance and productivity. And of course, you can do that well. After you unlock the bootloader, you can proceed to root. That will give you privileges to edit the core parts of the Android software. In that way, you can have total control over your phone, enhance performance, productivity, better customization, and personalization.


  • Since this is an unofficial task, you’re going to lose the warranty on your phone. This method has no relation to the manufacturer or Google. You mustn’t relate them. If something bad happens to your phone, only you’re to blame for that.
  • We dedicate this guide to Moto G6 and G6 Plus smartphones only. Applying the mentioned steps on any other smartphone is harmful. Do you not apply this tutorial on any other smartphone.
  • While we unlock the bootloader, your phone might get formatted. Hence, we recommend you to backup all the important stuff present on your phone. A general backup that includes photos, videos, contacts, message, etc., it’s the ideal one.
  • You must have a Windows-based computer to execute this process having internet connectivity. Also, gather the USB cable of your phone, so we can connect your phone to the computer.
  • Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock: As we will connect your phone to the computer, you enable the USB debugging and OEM unlock on your phone. Both the options are present under the Developer Options. Follow the →this guide to enable the Developer Options and these two options on your phone.
  • The last but important, charge your phone to a good extent. It shouldn’t turn down while we execute our process.

You must adhere to these prerequisites and make sure to enable the required options as mentioned. Otherwise, you won’t be able to unlock the bootloader of the phone.

To unlock the bootloader, we will use the Android Debugging tool (ADB tool). With some certain commands, we will unlock the bootloader on Moto G6 and G6 Plus smartphones.

Now, move forward to the core-steps of this tutorial.

How to unlock the bootloader on Moto G6 and G6 Plus

This process includes different steps. This process requires your attention. Do not skip any of these steps. If you want to unlock the bootloader on Moto G6 and G6 Plus, just follow the below steps exactly as we mention:

Step 1. Download the ADB tool and Run it

To reduce your efforts, we have combined all required files into one package – minimal fastboot package. You don’t need to install the ADB tool on your computer.

Instead, use the minimal fastboot tool to complete such tasks.

Download the minimal fastboot tool from →here. Extract the content of the package, to obtain Run Me.bat file.

Fastboot tool: Run Me File

We require this file to run the fastboot tool. Now, double tap on this file to run the fastboot tool on your computer.

The fastboot tool looks like this:

Minimal ADB Command Tool Android

Step 2. Connect your phone

Now, using a USB connect your phone to the computer. Make sure that your phone turned ON before you connect it.

The fastboot tool will automatically recognize your phone.

Make sure to install the USB drivers of your phone on the computer.

Step 3. Request unlock key

While your phone is connected to the computer. Type the following command on the fastboot tool:

adb reboot bootloader

It will reboot your phone and boot into the bootloader mode. Now, type the following command:

fastboot oem get_unlock_data

This will generate sting that you required to unlock the bootloader of your phone. Copy this string.

Now, visit this →link to register/login on Motorola’s site and request the unlock key.

Follow the on-screen instructions and put the copied string data to request the unlock key. Then, Motorola will send the unlock key to your registered email Id. It can take several hours to 1-2 days.

Be patience while Motorola’s team sends you the unlock key. Once you get the email, copy the unlock key.

Step 4. Unlock the bootloader using the key

Copy the unlock key from that email. Now, type the following command on the fastboot tool:

fastboot oem unlock unique_key

Note: – Replace the unique_key with your unlock key that you’ve received in the email.

Once this command is executed, you can take off your phone.

That’s it. You’ve successfully unlocked the bootloader on your Moto G6 and G6 Plus smartphones. Now, proceed further to install TWRP and root your phone to achieve unrestricted access on your phone. Customize your phone that the way you always wanted. You must check our list of best apps for Moto G6 and G6 Plus smartphones.

If you face any problem related to this tutorial or regarding your phone, make sure to leave comments. We’ll be glad to help you with solutions. Stay connected with us more helpful tutorials and lists.


  1. I have a Moto G6.
    When submitting the string on Motorola’s site, I get this;
    Your device does not qualify for bootloader unlocking
    Any ideas how to get around this roadblock?

    1. Me too, any luck yet? I was really looking foward to using this phone to its potential. Let me know please

      1. Try contacting customer service of Motorola. The custom representative will raise a ticket to resolve this issue.

  2. 1) After connecting G6 via USB, Fastboot Fails to recognize (acknowledge) phone, even after switching USB from “charging” to “transferring files” (could not find any “ADB communications” setting – which would have helped!?
    2) After entering command “adb reboot bootloader” Fastboot responds “device offline” (not sure how it knows a device is connected but “offline” – if phone is in fact “offline” … whatever that means!
    3) None of the [very logical] following commands do anything: “connect device” “device online” “online device” “find device” “locate device” So much for plain language common-sense command structures! ARRRRRGH!

    1. You must open “developer options” and enable USB debugging. Instructions on this can be found with a Google search. Good luck!

  3. adb reboot bootloader works/phone responds to command
    get oem data however does not being that it is in fastboot mode so how could usb debugging be running correct? that’s where im hung up at please help

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