10 Best Apps for Moto G6, G6 Play and G6 Plus

There’s one thing about Motorola that makes them so good, they offer rough and tough powerful smartphones. No matter if your phone fells down, it won’t get a scratch over it. Unlink the Samsung Galaxy J series, the Moto G smartphones are much stronger. In this roundup, we are about to share some of the best applications for Moto G6, G6 Plus, and G6 Play smartphones. Since Motorola offers a pure Android like interface, they ship their smartphone with least applications. If you’ve just purchased one of these smartphones, you should try out these applications. These should help you get started with your smartphone easily and make most out it.

All of the three smartphones run on the latest Android 8.0 operating system. That makes easier to use countless application. And Google Play store easier to make that happen. Though, finding appropriate applications can consume a lot of time. In order to save your time, use these gathered applications we list here. These applications are productive in nature. Thus, you can use your smartphone very efficiently. If you’ve been looking for some great applications for Moto G6, Plus, and Play, then this list would help you out. Based on their productivity, usability, and usefulness, we have collected this application.

Whether you’re looking for a photo editor or simple yet powerful file manager, we’ve something great for you. In this short list, we have tried our best to collect only useful applications. We hope that our readers would appreciate our efforts. Just like the OnePlus smartphones, Motorola smartphones have the least bloatware applications loaded. These smartphones have a user interface almost identical to the pure Android operating system. Thus, the users get maximum performance and an intact Android experience. Therefore, while having one of these, Moto G6, Plus, and Play, it is important to have appropriate apps installed on it.

Must have apps for Moto G6, G6 Plus, and G6 Play

1. ES File Explorer

ES Explorer File ManagerMotorola ships their smartphone with some useful applications that include a file manager application. For ordinary usage, that file manager app pretty good. But, if you’re looking for an alternative, then go for ES File Explorer. This application will extend to your options to manage file and directories on your smartphones.

It works with different storage sources like internal, SD card, and online cloud services. That makes it a better file manager. You don’t have to look for different apps to manage your files. With the ES File Explorer applications, it becomes seamlessly easier to manage files on Moto G6, G6 Plus, and G6 Play smartphones. Moreover, you get different options to optimize your phone and manage storage space in a good manner.

This file manager is equipped with a user-friendly interface. That displays different files and directories in divisions. Thus, you can easily search for music, videos, photos, and other files. This is a must-have application that we recommend to all Moto G6 users.

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2. Android Auto – Maps, Media, Messaging & Voice

Android Auto application for moto G6 PlusIf you drive a car then you can’t take off your eyes from this application. Specifically built for driving purpose, the Android Auto application can help you use your phone while you drive. However, we recommend not using the phone or any other device while driving a vehicle. That could be dangerous for you and other people.

Anyway, if you still need to use your phone, then start using it with the minimal interface. Once you activate the Android Auto app, it turns your phone into a basic one with a few options. While you drive, you can easily connect calls through Google Assistant (or using the Phone button) and other tasks. Basically, it displays about three options.

The very first one is for calling purpose, second stands for music and third should be the maps. And actually, that’s all you need while driving a vehicle. With this application, you get access to these functionalities with minimal efforts. Therefore, there are fewer chances to get distracted while driving. And that’s our motto!!

3. CM Browser

CM BrowserIn order to browse quickly, most of the people rely on browsers like Opera Mini. Such browsers strip different functionalities of web pages to speed up their loading time. What if you can get the same thing without stripping the web page functionalities? I know that would be much better.

The CM Browser intends to the same thing. This browser application is focused to provide faster internet browsing experience while saving your internet data. This browser has inbuilt features that block all kind of advertisements and load web pages faster. Moreover, just like Google Chrome, it has an inbuilt incognito mode that helps in browsing the internet safely and anonymously. In that way, you can keep your browsing history and footprints invisible to all.

If you’ve been looking to change the default browser, then CM Browser would be ideal for you.

4. Snapseed

Snapseed photo editing app moto g6Nowadays, there are countless applications that help us to edit our photographs. Many of these applications replicate features that we usually see on computer programs. Our smartphones are no less compared to the computer. Though there are countless photo editing apps available on the Google Play store, for newbies, it is hard to get started.

And if things are complicated, people may start to avoid such tasks or sub-consciously accept that such tasks are hard (just like me). When it comes to photo editing, I usually use Google Picasa on my laptop because it is the easiest photo editing tool ever made. Though Google had discontinued it a long time ago, I’m still using it.

For Android phones, I see Snapseed is something similar. With this application, even a newbie can create awesome photographs. This application doesn’t require so much efforts and creativity. With just a few touch-ups, you can create a masterpiece for yourself.

There are tons of customization options available for users. They can easily edit and create good pictures. For newbies, this application is highly recommended. With 5.7″ screen, the photo editing becomes a joyful work!

5. PowerDirector Video Editor App

PowerDirector Video Editor AppHere is the next best application we thought you would like to have on your Moto G6, G6 Plus, and G6 Play smartphone. Just like the Snapseed application, based on the usefulness and ease of use, we have added this application to our list. Basically, PowerDirector is a famous video editor tool created and distributed by CyberLink team.

This tool has been very popular with computer users. The same application is available for Android users at zero cost. The PowerDirector Video Editor App lets you edit/create stunning videos on your Android phone. You don’t have to be a skilled person. With your efforts, you can easily edit and create videos on the go.

Just like the professional desktop version, the editing interface includes multiple track timelines. So, you can add different photos, videos, audios, texts, and other objects to compile a video. With the recent update, slow motion and other similar effects have been added. And now you can output a 4K video with this application.

6. SHAREit -Transfer& Share

SHAREit file transfer appsThere is no need to introduce this application. Most probably, you’ve already aware this application and it would on your list already. These days, when it comes to transferring files from one device to another, seems that the Bluetooth option about vanishes. Most applications utilize the hotspot (WiFi) feature to transfer files at a higher rate.

The SHAREit application does the same. More than 3 years have passed since using this application and never felt to replace it. This application is very easy to understand and use. In the recent updates, there have many changes implemented. The user interface has been modified very well and now the application looks pretty well.

For music lovers, this application is more than just a file transfer tool. The SHAREit application has music and video player. And you can listen to fresh music and watch videos online as well. There is much more you can with this application.

7. SoundCloud – Music & Audio

SoundCloud Music App for Moto G6Here comes an ace for music lovers. Whether you’d like to listen to international music or local folk songs, you get everything on SoundCloud. Started as a platform for rockstars to showcase their work, now this application is being used by millions of people around the world to catch up with the latest music from the different genre, studios, and individuals. Therefore, we highly suggest this application.

Apart from music, you can listen to different podcasts as well. Based on your likes and plays, this application will bring you new stuff. There are tons of prebuilt playlists that you can use to important songs and music in your library.

With SoundCloud applications, you can discover new songs and music of your likes. As per the current status, there are about 120 million tracks from artists around the world. To enjoy the best services, you need to purchase its subscription that costs $4.99 per month.

8. QR & Barcode Scanner

QR and Barcode ScannerSeems an ordinary application but it worth value. Though we usually don’t use Barcode things but sometimes we need to scan some products or online pictures. In such cases, the QR & Barcode Scanner can help you a lot. You must have this application installed on your Moto G6 smartphone. Sooner or later, you might need to scan some sort of barcode or similar thing. There you can open up this application and see the filled information.

Most importantly, it helps to open links embedded within the barcodes. I have this application on my OnePlus 5. I rarely use this app but it worth its value. You can use it on a daily basis to read barcodes present on food items, clothing and so on.

9. Telecine

Telecine Screen Recorder AppThe Android operating system is no longer limited to certain mobile-only functions. From creating a website to writing programs, we do almost all tasks that we do on the computer. The Android OS allows users to record their screen. I remember it was a complicated task before Android 6.0 appeared. We had to obtain the root access in order to use such functionality. Thankfully, we no longer have to rely on root access.

Now, you can easily record screen with the help of the Android application. Telecine is one of them. First of all, this application is completely free and doesn’t show any kind of advertisements. This screen recording application offers several features to customize the recordings. You can switch between different resolutions and quality.

Telecine does the perfectly. The limited features and options won’t confuse you. Thus, you can easily record screens and share them with your friends. We would recommend this application to all Moto G6 and other Android users.

10. Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite application Moto G6In the current era, most of the people spend a lot of time browsing their Facebook account. For mobile users, a dedicated application is there. However, the Facebook application can impact the performance of your phone negatively over time. The Facebook application keeps accumulation tons of cache data and eventually cause performance issues. Also, the native app consumes a lot of RAM all the time, no matter whether you’re using it or not. It keeps running in the background.

For just a performance perspective, we suggest you using the Facebook Lite application. This is an official application from Facebook. This application consumes very less amount of processing power and RAM. Therefore, it will not impact the performance of your phone. Alongside, you can use the native Facebook Messenger app or Messenger Lite (if you wish). This app won’t gather loads of cache memory.

That ends our list of best applications for Moto G6, Plus, and Play smartphones. We hope that our readers would like our list and appreciate our efforts. Please share your thoughts and views on this list in the below comment section.

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