Enable Developer Options/USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy J8

There is a lot we can do with Android smartphones. Especially, multifold modes help to get the most out of the smartphone. Just like other smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy J8 has multiple modes and one should be aware of those modes. In this tutorial, we will help you to enable the Developer Options on USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy J8 and learn about its features. The Developer mode is one of the most feature-rich panels that have extensively useful options. This mode will help you optimize your phone for better output and performance. That makes this mode so useful and important.

While we connect our smartphone to a PC for file transferring or update process, the USB Debugging becomes mandatory. Basically, the USB Debugging options resides within the Developer options panel. Simply, it helps to establish an appropriate connection between the smartphone and the computer. Hereinafter, you can easily proceed with Android tools like PC suite, Android SDK (used by the Android Developers), and similar ones. If you ever need to enable the Developer Options and USB Debugging on your Samsung Galaxy J8, this guide should help you. Additionally, we will discuss some features of the Developer Options to improve performance and usability of this smartphone.

In order to enable USB Debugging on Galaxy J8 smartphone, first, we got to enable the Developer Options. Almost, all smartphones have this feature. However, for some reasons, OEMs keep this option hidden from the users. We can easily enable and access mode anytime we want. And most importantly, bringing it out doesn’t cost you anything. In no way, it will impact the warranty of the phone. Nor it harms in any manner. This tutorial, we detail all the important steps required to enable these two options and learn about them. The procedure is quite simple. No matter if you’re a rookie, you can get started with ease.

Apart from just accessing the USB debugging, actually there is other useful stuff. With the Developer Options, we can improve the user experience. It allows the user to customize animations, background processes, USB cable settings and so on. That’s why we recommend our readers to learn about this mode. Later, we can use it in improving the performance aspects.

How to Enable Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy J8

This mode will help you simplify many Android operations and improve them. Accessing this menu won’t void the warranty of your phone. Follow the below instructions to activate the Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy J8:

1. Open the Settings menu on your phone.

2. Now, tap on About phone entity present at the bottom.

3. Under this menu, scroll down to locate Software Information and tap on it.

4. Now locate Build Number entity. Tap 7 times on it to activate the Developer Options. Once it is activated, you’ll see a message —Now you’re a Developer.

Developer Options - Tap build number on Samsung Galaxy J8

5. You can access the Developer Options through the Settings menu.Enable Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy J8

That’s all you need to do. Now, you’ve enabled the Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy J8 successfully. We can move forward to activate the USB Debugging too.

The Developer Options is something that is essential to our Android phones. We have this menu on almost all smartphones.

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Now, let’s learn how to use this menu for better functionalities and productivity. Below, we mention some of the best things we could do with Developer Options enabled on Galaxy J8:

1. Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy J8

This is the most common thing we do with the Developer Options. The USB Debugging becomes imperative while we operate our smartphone through Android Debugging tools (Android SDK) or PC suites.

Even when we manually flash stock firmware using Odin tool (firmware flashing tool for Samsung devices), we prefer to enable this option.

-How to

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Now, open the Developer Options.
  3. Under this menu, look for USB Debugging and enable it: Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy J8
  4. Exit the menu.

That’s the way to enable the USB Debugging on Galaxy J8. That should help connect your phone to the computer appropriately.

2. Customize the Animation

If you’re a performance seeker, then can’t miss this point. Fortunately, the Developer Options allows users to customize the Animations going around the user-interface.

Moreover, we have an option to turn it off completely. But that makes your phone a bit ugly. There is a better way to do it. To bring out better performance, we reduce the extent and duration of animations instead of turning it off completely. Don’t you think that is far better?

That will improve the response time of your phone.

-How to

  1. Open the Developer Options.
  2. Look for “Windows Animation Scale”, “Transition Animation scale” and “Animator duration scale”.
  3. Set the default value of each to 0.5x.
  4. Exit the Settings.

Boom!! You’ll experience a bump in the overall performance of your Samsung Galaxy J8.

3. Change DPI value

The DPI is very similar to the screen resolution. But not exactly. Basically, as the DPI (Dot-per-inch) varies, the on-screen objects become smaller or larger.

Since the Galaxy J8 has 720 x 1480 pixels resolution, it displays objects very clear. And to render small objects, it requires a little bit more power as compared to big objects.

Therefore, if we decrease the DPI value, that increases the size of the On-Screen content. That requires less amount of power to get rendered on the screen.

In simple word, if we decrease the DPI value, it will improve the performance.

How to-

  1. Open the Developer Options.
  2. Look for “Smallest width” or “Minimum width”.
  3. Set its value to 340 or 360.
  4. Reboot your phone.

That decreases the strain from the processor and GPU unit a little bit. That improves performance.

4. Running processes

While we can see the running apps using the app manager, the Developer Options offers an even more detailed list. With this list, you can actually locate the apps consuming most of the processing power.

Either you can uninstall those or disable them.

How to-

  1. Open the Developer Options.
  2. Look for Running services and tap on it.

You’ll see a list of the running of processes. That’s it works.

That ends our tutorial here on how to enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy J8 smartphone. These two options should help you get the most out of your smartphones.

We hope that our readers would take full advantage of this mode. Don’t forget to share your views and thoughts on this tutorial. Make sure to leave a comment below.

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