How to Unbrick Samsung Galaxy Y with stock firmware [Updated]

This is the most updated guide to unbrick Samsung Galaxy Y with stock firmware. It only takes a few minutes to complete the procedure and repair the bricked Galaxy Y. Basically, we are going the flash the stock on this smartphone. That we often refer to as downgrading the device. Most probably, we get our device bricked while we flash the third-party firmware, custom ROMs, and mods. If something bad has happened or not working as you’ve thought, it is the time to restore the official firmware on your phone. That should revive your smartphone from worse conditions.

It has been more than 8 years since the Galaxy Y was launched all over the world. This handset has been one most sold smartphone so far. Still, thousands or even more using this smartphone. If you’ve somehow ended up bricking your Samsung Galaxy Y, then you’ve come to the right place. This tutorial will take you through the required steps to reclaim this smartphone and make it work again. You can unbrick or simply repair your Galaxy Y using the stock firmware. While we encounter major problems like OS crashes, boot-loops, unusual behavior, and similar issues, flashing the stock firmware helps a lot.

Flashing the stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy Y doesn’t take a long time. After you download the required files and prepare your phone, this process can be completed within a few minutes. If you’re having high-speed internet, then it shouldn’t take more than five minutes. Yes, you read it right. You can unbrick your Galaxy Y easily. There is no need to worry until the problem is related to the Android software. If something has happened with the hardware part, it wouldn’t be possible to perform a DIY and make it work. If that’s that case, you should take it to the nearest mobile repair shop.

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Before you get into the real action, there are important things that we should discuss. Putting a stock firmware will wipe out your phone first. All the files being stored under the internal memory will be wiped out. And you simply cannot revert this process. Therefore, an appropriate backup is recommended. You must backup things like Message, Contacts, Videos, Photo, and documents. Restoring the stock firmware will replace all the third-party applications and aspects with the stock ones.

Unbrick Samsung Galaxy Y with stock firmware

And all other settings will change to its default configuration. Post performing this downgrading process, you should get your phone in normal condition, working like it was before. We are moving towards flashing the stock firmware on Galaxy Y to unbrick, read the below prerequisites first:


  • This guide is dedicated to Samsung Galaxy Y users. Check your device model number before you get started with this guide. To check the device model number, tap on Settings->About Phone->Model number. It should be Galaxy Y.
  • If you perform this guide, it will wipe out your phone completely. The internal memory of the phone will be cleaned. So, it’s highly recommended that you create a backup of your phone. Stuff like messages, contacts, videos, photos, etc,. can’t be recovered if deleted once.
  • Flashing the stock firmware will revert all the aspects of the phone to their default versions. The custom recovery will be replaced with the stock recovery, for example. All the settings will be configured with the default values.
  • You need a Windows-based computer with a USB cable for connection purpose. And you should install the USB drivers of your phone on your computer. You can download the Samsung USB Drivers from →here.
  • The charge extent of your phone should be about 50%. Below this can cause issues in the midst of the process. Charge your phone to the good extent first and only then proceed ahead.

While we proceed further, there are some files that you must download. That includes stock firmware and Odin tool (it helps to update the firmware on Samsung devices). Download these files from below links:


First, you’ll need to download the stock firmware file for your Samsung Galaxy Y. We will flash one of this firmware through the Odin tool to revive your phone.

1. Firmware file – Based on your geographic location (country region), download the firmware using below source links and save them on your computer.

Extract the content of the package to obtain firmware files.

2. Odin tool – We gonna use this tool to flash the stock firmware on this smartphone. The Odin tool is the most popular firmware updating tool provided to Samsung users. Download the Odin tool using the below link:

Download the Odin tool from →here.

Extract the content of the Odin file to extract Odin_v3.07.exe or similar executable file.

We assume that you’ve downloaded both mentioned files, the firmware file, and Odin flashing tool. Now, you’re ready to proceed further repair your bricked Samsung Galaxy Y using the stock firmware.

How to flash stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy Y and unbrick it

The unbricking process is very simple and quite common among Samsung smartphones. Through Odin tool, we gonna flash the stock firmware on Galaxy Y to revive it back to its working condition. The below instructions will take you through:

Step1. On your computer, run the Odin program by tapping twice on Odin_v3.07.exe (or a similar one). The Odin program looks like below:

Odin Flashing Tool for Samsung phones

Step 2. Turn OFF your phone. Now boot into the Download Mode, so we can flash the stock firmware. press and hold Volume Down, Home and Power buttons all together. Release all the buttons once the Samsung Logo appears. You should enter into the Download mode now.

Step 3. Connect your phone to the computer using the USB cable. The Odin program will detect your phone and the ID:COM section will reflect a blue color (or a similar one).

Step 4. Tap on PDA, PHONE and CSC buttons on Odin and upload the firmware files appropriately from the extracted firmware package. Don’t make a mistake while you upload the firmware files.

Step 5. Tap on the Start button to begin the process. Once it is completed, a PASS!! a message will appear on the Odin.

Step 6. Disconnect your phone.

Now, your phone will reboot and take you to a new home screen soon. There, enter your Google account details to get started. You’ll feel like having a factory-fresh piece.

You’ve successfully unbricked your Samsung Galaxy Y using the stock firmware. This method works almost all the time. Whenever you find yourself stuck, you can use this method to propagate in the right direction.

In this way, you can easily repair your bricked Samsung Galaxy Y smartphone. Or simply, downgrade it to the official stock operating system. If you get stuck anywhere while following this tutorial, make sure to leave your comments below. We will be happy to help you repair your phone.

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