10 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus

The recently launched Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus smartphones are part of the famous Galaxy series of Samsung and therefore they are bound to have some really exciting features. Both smartphones have a splendid display screen with a big resolution. To get most out of your smartphone, we have some of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus. These applications should come handy to while and make things easier. These apps should improve productivity and help you manage your phone easily.

In both the smartphones, the internal memory is 64 GB which is quite impressive. It can be expanded to 256 GB with the help of a microSD card. Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 plus smartphones are great for photography enthusiasts. Both come with a 16 MP primary camera as well as a 16 MP front camera for taking selfies.

The high resolution will give you the perfect shot every time. With Android 8.0 OS, these smartphones have 3000mAh/3500mAH battery as its power source. Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi are the three connectivity options available on this smartphone. All in all, it is a power-packed Android phone that lives up to the expectations.

The Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus, both come with many pre-built applications. But usually, most of them remain useless until the very end. These usually called bloatware apps. In order to get you started easily, we have gathered these useful applications for Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus.

These apps should help you to carry out many daily tasks, reduce your efforts, and make your phone more useful. We hope that our readers would like the list of applications.  Now, let’s discuss the top apps for this amazing smartphone so that your life gets easier.

The best applications for Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus

1) LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password ManagerLet’s begin with the app that every Android phone must have – a password manager. You would obviously have a lot of accounts on different websites and if you have a high-performing smartphone like Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus you would usually log in to all of the accounts from your phone.

Having a password manager such as LastPass will help you save your login credentials without worrying about the security of your password. Apart from that, this app can be used to generate passwords that you can easily use for your accounts as they are difficult to guess!

This app is controlled by a master keyword. The best part about LastPass is that it can be used on any platform; be it a laptop, mobile phones or tabs. If you happen to get the premium version of this app, you can get more features. All in all, this one is a secure and friendly password managing app.

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2) TickTick

TickTick To Do List ReminderAre you someone who forgets things easily? Well, when you have an app that would remind of everything on time, you need not worry! TickTick is the best to-do list app around. All you need to do is set reminders and you will be sorted. The app reminds you of the different tasks to be done all day long and also lets you share them with others.

This works really well for small teams at the office or for a family. This way everybody will know what needs to be done at that time. You can even make grocery lists with the help of this app and never forget any item. TickTick’s free version has all that you need.

There is also a premium version but it is meant for enterprise use. Organize your day with TickTick and make the most of your smartphone.

3) Gallery Doctor – Photo Cleaner

Gallery Doctor Photo CleanerSamsung Galaxy A6’s amazing camera features would naturally make you click a lot of selfies and snaps of stuff you find unique and interesting! Though it is good to try absorbing the beauty around you, at times your phone can get filled with some not-so-good snaps or duplicate photos.

While deleting each of them one by one manually is one way out, you can keep your phone space clean with the help of Gallery Doctor as it is totally automated! It looks for duplicate photos and highlights them so that they can be deleted. You can check how it works just to make sure that it does not delete your favorite snaps!

Though Samsung Galaxy A6 has lots of internal memory space, it is always better to get rid of unwanted pictures and keep your space well sorted!

4) Greenify

Best Apps Galaxy A6 PlusWith heavy usage, your phone can run out of battery. What is the way out? How about an app that does not let your phone’s battery get drained? With Greenify, you can make the most of your smartphone’s battery! Though all phones have a power-saving mode, it would be nice to have an app that helps with saving power. Thus it is a must-have app for Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus smartphones.

Greenify works from the background and keeps a track on the power used by the different apps on your mobile. If you are not using certain apps, this app can freeze them for you and then defrost them instantly when you want to use them again. This way your battery life will increase and you won’t have to keep searching for a plug point to charge your phone! So, go green with Greenify!

5) Opera Mini

Opera Mini web browser Apps Galaxy A6 PlusWant to get the most of your data package? Well, most of us do because the chances are high that we don’t have unlimited data plans on our phones! With Opera Mini, you can browse more than you usually do as it reduces the size of images and videos and reduces the time taken by websites to load. It will save around one-third or even half of your data. This means you can watch more videos and have a lot more fun with the same data plan! Isn’t that great?

Moreover, if you go deep down, you’ll get to know that Opera Mini uses fewer power resources to run. Unlike Google Chrome, it doesn’t eat up your RAM and CPU power. Thus it doesn’t impact the performance while it runs. We highly recommend this application to all Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus users.

6) WiFiMapper

WiFi Finder app galaxy A6Having a swanky phone does not mean that you will have an equally swanky mobile data plan. This means that you would want to use the Wi-Fi as much as possible, isn’t it? However, finding a good and free Wi-Fi is not that easy all the time.

To end all the data woes, you can use WiFimapper. These are maps provided by the community regarding where you can get free Wi-Fi. This app will surely make your life less complicated and reduce your mobile data usage. Thus it saves a lot of time finding a WiFi network. The application is very innovative in nature. As per the community, there are about 3 million hotspots.

Probably, you’ll find one for yourself nearby.

7) Messenger Kids

Messenger KidsIf you are a parent, there can be nothing more worrisome than your kid using messenger. You won’t know who is contacting your kid and what kind of conversation is going on. However, with the Messenger Kids app, you can exercise some amount of parental control on your child.

You can approve each and every contact added and make sure that the kid is in a safer environment. It can be set to be used only at a specific time and the messages in it cannot be deleted. You can, therefore, have a look at your child’s activities and make sure that everything is fine. With this app, you would know that your child is safe and that is a huge relief!

8) Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo EditorLove sharing your photos on social media? Then Prisma is the right app for you! Currently, it is the most sought-after photography app. Its USP is that it makes use of AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms and neural networks to turn your snaps into a work of art.

The working is clever and complex but the end result is simply awesome. You don’t have to do anything as it is user-friendly. Just download it and share the modern-art-like pictures with your friends. While you share, you can precisely edit those photographs.

9) Trusted Contacts

Trusted ContactsThe Trusted Contacts is an app that will help you stay safe. All you need to do is add a list of trusted contacts and they will have the special access to find out where your phone is and when you were last active. They can send you a location request at any point of time and if everything is fine, you simply need to decline the request and they will know that you are not in trouble.

However, if you don’t reply within 5 minutes, the app will send your location to your trusted contacts even if you don’t have a signal or are out of battery. Additionally, you can get in touch with your friend or family member if you feel that you are about to get into a messy situation. It can be any kind of a situation.

Once you reach home safely, you just need to tap the banner present at the top of the screen and your loved ones can sit back and relax. Isn’t this a great app for the safety of your loved ones?

10) Google Fit

Fitness Apps Galaxy A6 PlusFitness is extremely important these days and a lot of people are working towards getting into shape and staying active all day long. With a smartphone, you can always reliable install fitness apps. Google Fit is one such app! Most Android devices these days have Google Fit already installed.

However, if it is not there, you should consider installing this one as it is a great fitness app. It works really well for tracking the physical activity you do all day long. This includes running, walking and cycling while carrying your phone. Additionally, it is compatible with Wear OS smartwatches.

This makes sure that your activity gets tracked without the need for carrying your phone. Google Fit provides you with recommendations based on your performance from all the tracking apps that are plugged into it.

So, go ahead and download the above apps to make the most of your Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus smartphones. You can enjoy life a lot more with these apps and also make your daily routine a piece of cake.

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