5 Best Chess Apps To Learn And Play For Android

Did you know that chessboard sales have skyrocketed in recent times? No, this has nothing to do with confinement due to the pandemic. Or if. Lady’s Gambit, the series that has become popular on Netflix, has caused a sensation. This, added to the fact that we now spend more time at home and that we need to entertain ourselves, may have been the perfect formula to inoculate people with the chess bug. Therefore, we have this list of the best apps to learn and play chess on your Android mobile with friends and family.

But not everyone can play. Although it is a game with very clear rules, it has a lot of intricacies. You have to know the rules by heart, but you also have to be a strategist. But how? No worries, these days, you could probably learn anything you want easily with the help of the Internet. There are plenty of websites and mobile apps/games that could help you with that. Although, it may take your precious time to find them. Thus, we gather some of the most useful mobile apps to learn and play chess on your Android smartphone.

If you plan to order a chess game, but don’t have a teacher who can teach you at home, don’t worry. Did you know that there are a lot of applications with which you can learn to play and be a true chess ace? We invite you to try and download these apps to get started in this exciting world. Let’s go there!

1. CHESS: PLAY AND LEARN – best Android Chess app


The first application that we present to you is called Chess: Play and Learn. Here you can play, but also learn the rules and countless practical tips to be a crack at the game. To use the application you will first have to register, although you can log in with your Google or Facebook accounts.

From there, you can start learning. You can choose if you want to start with an initial or advanced level, getting tips on openings, how to attack the king or how to activate your pieces.

Download Chess: Play and Learn here.


DroidFish Chess
DroidFish Chess

Let’s go for the next one. It’s called DroidFish Chess and it’s a much more practical application, in the sense that you can directly rehearse your moves from the beginning. In addition, you can activate different modes, to see instructions and the analysis of each of the steps you take.

The design of the application is very simple, but enough to train your skills as a chess player. You can activate different modes, get clues, and review the plays. This is among our favorite chess game, it has really a good user interface, that makes easier to learn and play chess.

Download DroidFish Chess here.

3. Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles)

Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles)
Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles)

Chess is a constant challenge, so any practice will be little. A good application that will help you train by solving challenges in Chess Problems. Here you will have access to different daily chess problems, at Easy, Intermediate, and Hard levels.

Through these exercises you will be able to learn every day and, as you do them, you will have the opportunity to obtain information about your progress. And over time, you should become a good chess player, and definitely, you can in the real world against your friends and family members.

Download Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles) here.


Chess Coach
Chess Coach

Let’s look at another app that will help you get your chess skills in shape. Chess Trainer is an absolutely complex application, in which the user will be able to practice an infinity of chess movements and plays, with clear and concrete examples at all levels (easy, medium, and difficult).

You will see that you can practice the Fork, Pull, Dunk, Defense Destruction, Double Attack, Deflection, Chess Trap, Open Check, Continuous Check, Counter Attack, etc. The application is graphical, very visual, and easy to use.

Download Chess Coach here.

5. iChess


The fifth application that we want to recommend to you is called iChess and it is quite simple but useful to learn to be an ace in this chess. You can choose if you want to see problems in the three operational levels (Normal, Advanced or Master) to start your daily challenge.

You just have to click on the day of the month that you want and start the game. Then you can check what your daily progress is. If you have doubts, you can also ask the system for a clue to make one move or another.

Download iChess here.

That’s the last one in our list. We hope that you would find this list of best chess apps for Android smartphones. If you have a better one, make sure to drop your comments below. We would be happy to hear from you.

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  1. I am chess coach. I have students that won prizes on international competitions.
    Recipe is simple: practice and have fun.
    For all my students I recommend app Max Chess.

    Very friendly interface. Even beginners can beat first computer levels.
    There are 4 game modes:

    1. “Rules of chess” where you can play chess against very weak opponent and using unlimited hints from your virtual coach.
    2. “Play vs computer”
    3. “Solve puzzles”
    4. “Practice”

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