Turn Google Chromecast Into A Gaming Console — [9 Best Apps]

Unlike other solutions on the market, the functionality of Google Chromecast depends exclusively on third-party applications. The good news is that there is a whole catalog of applications developed exclusively for the Google device to further expand its possibilities. Applications and even games and many other solutions that allow us to turn our Chromecast into a gaming console, as we will see below.

1. CastNES — Turn Your Chromecast Into a Nintendo NES

As its name indicates, it is an NES emulator developed for Google Chromecast. What this emulator does is load the different games from the Nintendo console to transfer them to the TV through the WiFi network, while the phone acts as a remote control.

Of course, the user experience depends exclusively on the speed of the connection and the delay of the signal or ping. Of course, the application lacks games, so we will have to use our own personal library.

Download this application here.

2. A Game Boy Color in Your Living Room With CastGBC

The same development group that CastNES has created this other Game Boy Color emulator whose operation is traced. We will only have to load the games into memory to send the signal to the television and convert our Google Chromecast into a whole console.

Speaking of games, the emulator is compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color files, either in the original format or in compressed (ZIP) format. Unfortunately, the app is not compatible with Game Boy Advance titles.

Download this application here.

3. The Mythical Angry Birds Now on Chromecast

We turn away from console emulators to talk about one of the most popular games developed for mobile platforms. We are talking about the mythical Angry Birds, which is now compatible with Google Chromecast thanks to Angry Birds, a version of the original title designed to be played in a group, both with friends and with people from the rest of the world.

With 24 new levels every week, the game has competitive tournaments in which we can duel to enter the podium of best players to earn points and improve our skills as players.

Download this application here.

4. Dance to the Beat of the Music With Just Dance Now

Ubisoft has also entered the Chromecast app market with one of the studio’s most iconic games. We are talking about Just Dance, which now reaches the Google device thanks to Just Dance Now.

The game, designed to be played in a group, will use the phone’s sensors to evaluate the different dance steps shown on the television screen, similar to the mythical Wii remote. Like Angry Birds Friends, it has a leaderboard to duel with other users of the application in more than 500 songs specifically adapted to the game, songs that are constantly renewed, on the other hand.

Download this application here.

5. Gamingcast — an Arcade Machine for the Chromecast

This curious application takes us back to the golden age of arcade machines with a series of developer games exclusively for the Google Chromecast. Specifically, GamingCast has six titles, including the mythical Snake, Pong with the option of multiplayer or Tetris. All of them controllable through the phone screen, although some users have reported performance problems.

Download this application here.

6. Drawparty — the Chromecast Pictionary for Group Play

The operation of this application traces the mechanics of the mythical Pictionary. Like the title it refers to, DrawParty is designed to play in two groups of people. The first group will be in charge of drawing what the application sets on the phone screen, while the second will be the one to guess what is shown on the television screen. As simple as it is fun!

Download this application here.

7. Alien Invaders — to Play as a Couple Killing Aliens

Another of the most popular titles of the last century comes in the form of a game for Google Chromecast with Alien Invaders for Chromecast. It is an adaptation of the mythical little martian game in which we will have to annihilate the different ships that the game presents.

In addition to being able to play as a couple, the game allows us to have up to six different players, each of them with a different phone connected to our home WiFi network.

Download this application here.

8. Wordcast — Did Anyone Say Apalabrados?

If DrawParty copies the philosophy of Pictionary, Wordcast imitates the mechanics of Words in all its detail. The chained word game borrows the options and guidelines of the mythical board game to enjoy from the comfort of the living room on the television.

Compatible with more than 20 languages, the application has a paid Pro version that allows us to unlock certain exclusive functions of the game. Fortunately, the basic functionality of Wordcast remains intact if we opt for the free version, although with a more limited number of options.

Download this application here.

9. Quiz4tv — a Trivia Game to Play on TV

You cannot miss the one that is the quintessential board game, Trivial. Quiz4TV brings us to the television the mythical category question game, with more than 20,000 pre-selected questions distributed in 8 different categories.

The game in question is compatible with up to five players and does not have any annoying advertising or popup. It should be noted that the application is in beta, while it is likely that we will find some kind of error when interacting with the different options and functions of the game. In fact, most users complain precisely about the operation of the app.

Download this application here.

So, these are the best apps and games for Google Chromecast that make it a good gaming console. We hope that our readers would find them helpful. What’s your favorite one? Drop your comments below.

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