The QR Code And Its Application In Mobile Marketing Strategies

The QR code opens up a world of possibilities in the connection between the offline and online world, and is one of the main tools for mobile marketing actions and, specifically, for proximity mobile marketing strategies.

What is the QR code?

QR codes are quite well known, however, they do not take full advantage of them, especially for those businesses that require the physical presence of the consumer. In a simple way, the QR code is defined as the two-dimensional version of the barcode.

It is made up of black squares and with a background that is generally white, but as we will see later, creativity has also reached this field and custom codes can be designed with the brand’s logo.

Advantages of using the QR code

These are some of the advantages of using the QR code:

As we have already mentioned, it is a free system, and there are different platforms that help you create it. It can be displayed both on screen and in traditional print.

Its scanning is simple. IOS devices already have it installed in the camera, and for the Android system, you have to download an application. But once installed it is only to use the camera to scan the QR code.

Consumer communication is more direct and effective. Interaction is simplified because the user will go directly to the corporate website or to a landing page created, without having to memorize the URL or open a search engine.

It is effective to carry out commercial actions with discounts, taking advantage of the fact that the user always carries the mobile with him or is near the physical establishment. In addition, it allows distribution and virality.

Dynamic behavior. Currently, it is possible to manage each QR with a URL, and depending on the content to be distributed at all times, one code or another is used, without having to change the QR codes already located in different locations. In addition, many of these platforms have statistics to know the extent of the interactions.

Use of the QR code in mobile marketing

The first thing to keep in mind is that the consumption and implantation of the mobile are almost omnipresent, to this is added the personal use we make of it and the trust we place in the people who write to us. Given this advantageous starting situation, it is logical to consider mobile marketing as a complement to digital marketing to reach the consumer. Bearing in mind that the QR code is effective for proximity marketing.

Therefore, the first thing to consider, as in any marketing strategy, are the objectives. If one of them is attracting potential customers to the physical or online store, it is a tool that works well and costs are low.

The great quality of this tool is precisely the ease of directing the user to the physical space, through, for example, giving visibility to the QR code on outdoor signs near the establishment, as well as the connection between the physical and virtual world.

The QR code is not only used to direct the user to a website, but it can include other elements: email address, contact telephone number; virtual business card; data about an event; data to access a guest Wi-Fi network; a YouTube video; access to social networks; a map, etc.

QR Code Generator

In addition, the QR code can be used with great efficiency in the distribution of coupons, discounts, promotions, loyalty, downloading catalog applications, etc.

One of the most complete and safe QR Code generator platforms is 

You can use this QR generate to build beautiful QR codes to expand and promote your business effectively.

As we have already mentioned, the world of QR codes has also evolved, so that nowadays it is possible to have codes with special artistic effects, as a differentiating element of the brand, that does not affect legibility and attract attention.

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