10 Best Wallapop Alternatives In 2021

Wallapop is a kind of store based in Spain where you can sell second-hand products at very competitive prices. It is no secret that this kind of space is quite relevant among users because they allow access to many goods in good condition and in perfect condition, without the need to go to a conventional store and spend a lot of money on a new one. However, it is not the only one, and there many other best alternatives to Wallapop that you should know.

Spain is known as a country with many economic opportunities, but the ingenuity of users is often the success. Therefore, we want you to know the most complete and spectacular proposals in the market with which you can take advantage of good deals and save money considerably.

List best Wallapop Alternatives to buy and sell in 2021

1. Sellfun

Let’s face it, most of us are looking for second-hand products such as cell phones or appliances. If that’s your case, then Sellfun will be the best alternative of all.

This site is relatively new and is designed to give you the opportunity to sell or buy any product that you no longer use but is in good condition.

You define the price and share pictures of the product’s features, so others can see how it is.

On the other hand, Selffun is a totally secure platform and will prevent you from having to communicate with third parties to complete transactions, since everything is done through the same page.

You send the money, they receive it, they send you the product and when you have it in your hands, the money will be assigned to the seller. This means a highly effective security opportunity, in addition to offering customer service with many benefits.

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2. Chicfy

And finally what we have all been waiting for: a platform where we can sell our used clothes. Chicfy is a phenomenon that is attracting users and subscribers in a considerable way.

It gives you the opportunity to buy or sell all kinds of clothes, although it is recommended that they are in good condition because only then people will be interested in acquiring them. In addition, the process depends entirely on a negotiation between the parties involved.

In that sense, Chicfy focuses on both genders and organizes all its stock by categories. You can also define the date of the clothes, it’s brand and even the current state in which it is, but you must add several photos to prove that it is really buyable.

If someone is interested, you should leave an information box with contact details so that you can get started. Send them via dropbox or meet in person for face-to-face deliveries.


If you are a cyclist and need an alternative to Wallapop focused on that market, then BKIE will fascinate you from the first moment. With its page, you can buy and sell various products related to cycling, whether gloves, pedals, handlebars, spare parts, accessories, lights, ornaments, rubber, tires, GPS tracking systems, sensors, security elements, integrated screens, paint, gloves, patches and everything that is needed in your precious wheeled vehicle.

It is worth noting that BKIE provides you with a quiet, safe, and mediated space so you don’t have to worry about scams. Being dedicated to a particular niche (bikes), all buyers and sellers know what they need and the true price of things, so you’ll avoid running into opportunists.

Likewise, after receiving your product you have up to 48 hours to return it, in case it is not what you requested or does not meet the basic conditions.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Recently, the most important social network in the world decided to add a space to its platform dedicated to purchases and sales, due to the relevance that this element obtained within the groups.

Facebook Marketplace is perfect for selling all kinds of products, whether used, second-hand or even new. But that’s not the only thing possible, because if you want, you have the opportunity to sell spare parts or spare parts, as well as services and make promotions as well.

Meanwhile, Facebook Marketplace will let you add the geographic location where you are so you can make personal deliveries. Sales are made based on a catalog, which positions them by category, relevance among users, and under a star rating system to see the prestige of the seller.

However, there are no mediations here, since all negotiations are made between the parties involved through Facebook Messenger.

5. Mercadolibre

Jumping to the American continent, Mercadolibre is practically the parallel Wallapop alternative. This buying and selling platform has been positioned for many years as one of the first in almost all countries in North and South America.

It allows anyone to log in, create an account and sell anything they want, as well as buy multiple products, based on hundreds of categories and featured catalogs, which are quite large and extensive.

In fact, MercadoLibre is a leader in the field of online sales, but security levels vary. To begin with, you choose whether to buy through mediation with the platform or through personal negotiation.

The seller uploads photographs of the product adds descriptions about it and after clicking on buy, you receive all the data to complete the transaction. In addition, there are offers and promotions, including new and second-hand products.

6. eBay

Returning to the international context, eBay has never gone out of fashion but continues to grow and grow every day. Although it is one of the alternatives to Wallapop that is more similar to Amazon, here you have the option to choose used and second-hand products with really incredible prices.

It is also worth noting the level of security that is available within their systems, taking into account that purchases and sales are made with mediations.

As if that were not enough, on eBay you can find almost anything, including the most absurd products you can imagine. From books, appliances, cosmetics, cell phones, computers, and clothing, to tablets, headphones, accessories, and spare parts.

You can choose how to complete the process, search everything through different categories, rate the sellers after finalizing any purchase and add comments to solve all your doubts and inconveniences.

7. Vibbo

Almost along the lines of Facebook Marketplace, Vibbo is making a big splash. This platform for buying and selling is designed for second-hand and used products with an excellent level of reputation that is worth trying.

In addition, here you will have to make all the offers and negotiate directly from the integrated private chat. If you are interested in a store or a seller, you can follow him to receive all the offers as soon as he publishes them.

8. Letgo

It’s time to know the stock of your community members, just by using Letgo. This incredible proposal was born after Wallapop and works almost the same, but its most centralized difference is the geolocation system.

For this, you can choose the products you want to visualize, but within your location range. For that reason, you have the opportunity to buy what your neighbors are selling and thus be sure that no one is going to scam you because you are in confidence.

9. Milanuncios

The main task of Milanuncios was to offer… Thousands of ads? The truth is that this platform will not only let you sell or buy first or second-hand products, but you will also be able to hire third-party services, whether private lessons, teachers for personalized lessons, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, among others.

You can access the page from their website or by downloading the smartphone app available.

10. Wish Local

And, in addition to used and new products, hyper-cheap Chinese-made products are also relevant. Wish Local is a platform dedicated to offering an interactive space to shop or make sales in a secure way.

There is a lot of stock with offers of Asian appliances, which are known to be imitations of the big companies, but at much lower prices. In addition, you can choose to search by geolocation.

Find deals, get second-hand products, buy them with geolocation, enjoy the quality, and more with Wallapop alternatives. Online sales and shopping platforms are gaining more relevance every day.

In this list, we wanted to highlight ten of the most competitive and effective proposals of all, especially if you want variety and quality through an outstanding security package. You are just a click away to download the app and access them.

We are becoming increasingly aware of the relevance of online shopping. It is no longer enough to just go to sites like Amazon to buy new but very expensive products. But now there are more economical proposals, which although they are used, maintain their quality and condition perfectly.

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