9 Ways To Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error In Windows 7/8/8.1/10 [Guide]

An ultimate guide to fix the DPC Watchdog Violation error on your Windows PC or laptop by step by step method. The error code: DPC_Watchdog_Violation.

If you’re using Windows PC or laptop then you definitely notice this DPC watchdog error because this is the most common error in the windows especially from Windows 8 and above versions. If you really don’t know about the error then don’t worry we let you know about this error.

What is the DPC Watchdog Violation error?

Actually, DPC stands for Deferred Procedure Call which is nothing but Deferred Procedure Call Watchdog Violation error. DPC Watchdog Violation error can also be called as Blue Screen error.

This error mostly occurs due to the hardware problems mostly on SSD (Solid State Storage Device) due to outdated firmware. It occurs not only for the SSD but also for every hardware device if the chipset does not support the current operating system. It will not only infected due to the hardware components but also due to software installations that may lead to effect Blue Screen Error.

Why Does the BSOD or DPC Watchdog Violation error Appears?

BSOD or Watchdog Violation Errors acts as a precautionary movement to stop corrupting data and damaging your computer. If an unknown hardware device may cause a threat to your device so this process can stop the whole process by showing an error DPC Watchdog Violation Error.

I think now you all know what is DPC Watchdog Violation Error, How, and Why does it affect your Windows PC.

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How to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error

Now we will know the methods to avoid or fix the DPC Watchdog Violation Error on your PC. I’ve tested these 9 methods to fix the DPC Watchdog Violation Error which has been worked perfectly for me.

1. Remove All External and Hardware Devices from your PC.

This is the first method you have to follow this is a not difficult method. First of all, remove all the external devices from your PC except Keyboard and Mouse(printer, external SSD, External CD or DVD Writer, Pendrive, etc.) if you’re using PC. If you’re using a laptop then remove every external device including Keyboard and Mouse.

After removing everything connect each of your external devices and check for every single connection. Then definitely one of these devices will show you Blue Screen error and replace that device.

2. Turn Off or Disable the AntiVirus on your PC

Turning Off the Anti-Virus on your PC may remove the blue screen error and that too mandatory if you’re using AVG Anti-Virus. It doesn’t mean that AVG anti-virus does not function properly but it will work sometimes.

3. Update Firmware of Hard Disk (SSD)

Download the latest firmware for your SSD (Solid State Storage Device) and update the SSD. Your Windows operating system can’t handle the outdated firmware. If you don’t know how to update the firmware then follow the below steps.

How to Update Firmware of SSD

To update the firmware of your SSD first we need the model of the SSD.

  1. Right Click on My Computer and click on manage.
  2. Choose the Device Manager on the left side.
  3. Choose the Sisk Drive SSD of your PC and there you can find your model number.

After knowing the model number and type of your SSD search for the latest firmware for that model on the web.

4. Update Chipset Drivers on your PC

When you upgraded to Windows 10 or any higher windows version from the lower version then you will get this error. To stop this error you need to replace your driver iaStorA.sys with storahci.sys. To know the complete process follow the below steps.

How to Update Chipset Driver

  1. Press Windows + X and then press M.
  2. Search for IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers option in the list and expand.
  3. Right, click on SATA AHCI controller.
  4. Go to the properties>>driver on top and update chipset drivers.

That’s it your driver was updated.

5. Scan and Fix System Files

Scanning and fixing system files can resolve the problem because the error can also appear due to the corrupted files. So scanning and fixing system files will resolve the issue if there is no problem in the hardware. Check the below steps to know how to scan system files.

  1. Press Windows + R on your PC.
  2. Type cmd in the box.
  3. The Command prompt will appear on the desktop.
  4. Type SFC /scannow and hit enter.

The process will start automatically.

6. Re-install the Display driver

Reinstalling the display driver on your PC may solve the blue screen error or DPC Watchdog Violation error. For reinstalling the display driver you need to uninstall the display driver.

How to Reinstall the display driver on your PC

  1. Press Windows + X and select Device Manager
  2. Go to Display Adaptors and uninstall the display driver(Right click).
  3. Then reboot your PC and install the display driver.

7. Check for Corrupted Files on your PC

Sometimes Corrupted files will leads to blue screen error so clearing the corrupted files will remove the BSOD error. For removing the DPC Watchdog Violation error we have to remove the corrupted files on your PC.

How to clear the corrupted files on Windows PC

  1. Press Windows + R on your PC.
  2. Type cmd in the box.
  3. The Command prompt will appear on the desktop.
  4. Type CHKDSK C: /F /R in the command prompt and hit enter.
  5. It will ask to schedule the scanning for the next time. Press Y and hit enter.
  6. Restart your PC and allow to scan the system files.

8. Install Blue Screen View Software

DPC Watchdog Violation Error will leave the minidump file and store this file at C:\Windows\Minidump. To know the information about the errors you should download the Blue Screen View software from Nirsoft.

9. Restore Windows OS on your PC

If your issue wasn’t solved by trying all the above methods then restoring the windows is the only option to solve the DPC Watchdog Violation error.

You should restore the windows in the safe mode. If you want more about the restoring windows then go to restore windows in safe mode.

Press F8 immediately for multiple times when your PC is switching ON for boot menu then select the Safe mode.

Final Words:

The problem of DPC Watchdog Violation Error will be rectified on removing external components up to 70%. If it won’t work then try all the below methods to remove the error. If you have any doubts then you can ask us on a comment section.

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