OneDrive: 11 Best Tips to Get the Most Out of It in 2021

Do you want to get the most out of your Onedrive subscription? Here we gather some of the best Onedrive tips and tricks to get the most value out of it, and use it more effectively, and smartly.

That Microsoft is doing very well with its online services is no secret. The perfect balance between Office, OneDrive, and Windows 10 has forged a powerful ecosystem that is ideal for both work and personal environments. Cloud storage is one of the cornerstones of this suite of services, but how can you get more out of OneDrive? Here are a few tips that you can put into practice right now and that will help you get the most out of Microsoft’s cloud storage service.

The tips mentioned in this guide can be carried out on Windows 10. However, some of them are also available on the macOS version. The tips for the mobile app are valid on iOS and Android. If you’re looking for Office tips, we’ve explained some tips for Word, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote.

List of best OneDrive tips and tricks 2021

Pause Synchronisation

While continuous file syncing is one of OneDrive’s strengths, you may sometimes prefer to pause it. Yes, believe it or not, it is possible to pause OneDrive for a certain amount of time. To do so, do the following:

  • Click on its icon in the system tray.
  • When the OneDrive status window opens, click on Settings and Help.
  • Select the Pause settings option.
  • Choose the time interval: 2, 8 or 24 hours.
  • During this time, OneDrive will not sync any changes you make to your documents and files.

Back Up Your Cameras Automatically

If you often transfer the photos you take with a camera or your mobile phone to your computer, this option is for you. Open OneDrive settings, go to the Backup tab, and check the box Automatically save photos and videos to OneDrive whenever I connect a camera, phone, or another device to my PC. From then on, every time you connect an external device with photos, OneDrive will automatically upload them to the cloud.

Download Your Files Offline on Your Mobile

We have become accustomed to always being connected. However, in the middle of 2021, coverage is still spotty in many places. That’s why it’s ideal to always have your most important files available. On your mobile phone, you can do this easily by opening the options for a folder or file and checking the Available offline checkbox.

Use the Auto-save Function With Office

OneDrive and Microsoft Office get along very well. One of the most prominent features they offer is the auto-saving of documents. To activate it, move the control next to Autosave in the top left corner of Word, Excel or PowerPoint. The application will prompt you to save the file to OneDrive.

From then on, your changes will be automatically saved every few seconds. Please note that to use this feature, the file must be hosted in a folder synchronized by OneDrive.

Make the Most of the Integration With the Operating System

OneDrive integrates seamlessly with Windows 10. And if you don’t believe it, take a look at what we tell you in the following sections.

Save Battery Life With Onedrive

The first integration is related to the battery-saving mode. In the OneDrive settings, in the main tab, check the Pause syncing automatically when the device is in the battery saver mode box. Whenever battery saver mode is activated, either automatically or manually, OneDrive will pause syncing to preserve battery life.

In the Windows 10 Photos App

If you sign in to the Windows 10 Photos app, you can view all your photos and albums you’ve created, both in the mobile app and on the web. You can also edit your photos and your changes will be visible on any device.

In the File Explorer

OneDrive integrates seamlessly with File Explorer. In addition to the sync indicators, you can easily share your files using the options available in the context menu.

With the Music Player

The last notable integration is OneDrive’s integration with the music application, Groove. If you upload music to your cloud, you can stream your audio files. The way it works is very similar to the Photos app. Sign in with your account and enjoy your favourite music.

Take Advantage of All the File Sharing Options

The options when it comes to sharing files are very varied. Using the integration mentioned in the previous section, you can do the following from File Explorer:

  • Create a link to share the file or folder.
  • Add a password or an expiry date.
  • Share via the applications installed on your computer.
  • Share via email (ideal if you have your contacts synchronised with Windows 10 or Outlook).

Your Photos Are Automatically Organised

We return to the mobile application to show you a feature that you may have overlooked. If you go to the photos section and click on Albums, you’ll see how your photos are being sorted automatically.

Two of the variables the app takes into account when organising your memories are location and date. This makes it much easier to view specific shots without having to browse through the entire gallery.

Use Office for Free From Onedrive

At, we have explained some ways to use Microsoft Office without spending a single euro. As in this article we talked about OneDrive, we tell you how to create your Office documents for free in its online version. All you have to do is right-click on the context menu.

Then choose the type of document you want to create. It will automatically open in a new tab. You will be able to edit it without any difficulty thanks to the online version of Word, Excel or PowerPoint. This is a very interesting option, especially for users who do not need all the Office functions.

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