Most Common Poco M3 Problems & Fixes

The Poco M3 seems to have the perfect combination for those who are looking for battery performance and some extras features that you would find in mid-range phones at an entry-level price. However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t have any issues aftermath. If that’s so, we have this guide that helps to troubleshoot and fix most of the common problems/issues on Poco M3 and get it working properly easily.

In addition to having the POCO layer that does not seem to be well optimized, users report some inconveniences that are already common in Xiaomi phones. Since it is an Android phone, it becomes easier to troubleshoot the problems and get rid of them. But do not worry, if you present some of these problems you may be able to fix them in a few clicks. Although we cover some of the common problems in this guide, you might still not be able to fix them. Therefore, you can always get in touch with us, so we can help ahead.1$

1# Fix Sound Problems On Poco M3

Some users have reported that they have problems with the sound of the speakers. If you have found that the problem is not related to a particular application, then the first thing you can do is to run a test from the CIT menu to check the status of the speakers.

To do so, just go to Settings >> Device Info >> All Specifications and click 4 times on “Kernel Version.

Once the application opens, choose the test that allows you to check the speakers. It is a small test that will only take a few seconds. This way you will be able to detect if it is a hardware problem or a software conflict.

In the first case, you will have to take it to the technical service, and if it is software then try formatting the device.

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2# Yellow Screen On Poco M3 When Using Chrome

Have you noticed that your mobile screen turns yellow? Some users are dealing with this problem on some Xiaomi models. When using Google Chrome they notice that it tends to change the color of the screen as if they activate the Reading Mode.

Apparently, the problem is related to the lack of compatibility with Google’s web browser. For this, you just have to apply a small change until there is a definitive solution.

Open the browser and type chrome://flags in the navigation bar to go to Chrome’s experimental features section. Then, look for “Dynamic color gamut” and change it to Disabled. All that’s left to do is restart Chrome and you’re done.

This change should be enough for Chrome not to affect the color of the screen.

3# Poco M3 Gets Too Hot

If your Poco M3 suddenly gets too hot, there are several factors you should check, starting with checking the activity of your device.

If you haven’t done anything unusual, then take a look at the “Battery and Performance” section to see if any application or process is demanding too many resources from the mobile.

If you check the data provided by “Battery Usage Statistics”, you will be able to see if there are any unusual processes or if in any given period your phone is spending more resources than usual causing it to get too hot.

A quick solution to solve any problems is to select “Optimize” to suggest a series of actions based on those processes that are draining the battery. For example, close apps that open other apps, or that have been automatically running in the background, etc.

And if you notice that any application is causing problems, try uninstalling it or uninstall the updates, as they may be causing conflicts with the mobile software. And if the heating problem does not seem to be related to the software, take into account other details.

For example, does your phone get warm when you plug the phone in? Then check the status of the charger with the help of apps like Ampere. It will let you know if it is working properly or has a defect.

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4# Fix camera issues on Poco M3 smartphone

The Camera app doesn’t open or closes by itself, or you get an error like “Can’t connect camera”? One of the first things you can do is to reset the camera settings to rule out any conflicts.

To do this, go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage applications >> Camera. Click on Storage and select Delete data, as you see in the image.

If you want to rule out that it is not a problem with the camera sensors, then install a third-party camera app, or use the same CTI menu (as we saw in the first item) that will allow you to check the status of each of the sensors.

5# Apps Crash, Close Or Show Errors on Poco M3

There are several options you can try if the apps present problems on your Poco M3. It does not seem to be a problem of the device, but some conflicts that may represent the app or some oversight in the settings.

So you just have to check some details. Start by deleting the data of the apps that are giving you problems. To do this, go to the “Manage apps” section, choose the app, select “Storage” and click on “Delete data”.

Take a look at the permissions requested and verify that you have enabled those essential for basic operation. On the other hand, go to Google Play Store and make sure that the apps that are causing you problems have the latest update.

And one last detail is to verify that the Power Saver you have configured does not prevent the apps in question to work properly.

Of course, we can always resort to reset the phone and return it to the factory to rule out any conflict in the mobile software. But do not get used to performing this process every time you have a problem with the phone. First, look for possible causes and try some possible solutions.

Sometimes the problems with a cell phone are only related to a bad configuration or bad habits of the users. And of course, major software updates also often cause conflicts, but you will not find a definitive solution until they release a patch or a new update.

So, these are the steps that you could follow to fix these common issues on your Poco M3 smartphone. If still find any problem, you can drop your comments below and would be happy to help you further.

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