7 Most Common Mi Band Problems & Fixes

Xiaomi’s smart bracelet is not without its problems and errors. Recently dozens of users have reported errors when monitoring sleep. Others ensure that the bracelet is not able to connect to the mobile through the Mi Fit application. This is something that is present in most versions of the Xiaomi Mi Band, such as the Mi Band 2, the Mi Band 3, and the Mi Band 4. We have compiled some of the most frequent problems to solve them.

Troubleshoot most common Xiaomi Mi Band Problems & Fixes

1. Xiaomi Mi Band Does Not Record Sleep Or Heart Rate Well

In the last week, many users have publicly denounced various problems with the Mi Band when recording sleep or heart rate. Everything indicates that it is an error in the latest update of the Mi Band or Mi Fit, we recommend updating both the bracelet software and the application itself to the latest version available.

To force the update of Mi Fit we can resort to the APK Mirror website, which we can access through this link. Once we have updated the application, it is normal for the Mi Band to show us a new package to update the firmware.

Still not recording the dream correctly? Within the Mi Fit application, we will go to the Profile tab. Then we will click on the registered Mi Band. Finally, we will go to the section on Heart Rate Detection. Now we just have to click on the Detection method to check the option of Automatic heart rate detection and Sleep assistant.

2. The Xiaomi Mi Band Does Not Count The Steps Well Or Does Not Count Them

A very common problem in the first versions of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. The solution again is to force the update of the bracelet by installing the latest available version of Mi Fit. It is also recommended to tighten the strap correctly so that the accelerometer detects our physical activity correctly, according to the brand itself.

3. The Mi Band Does Not Connect With The Mi Fit

The quickest solution for the Mi Band with Mi Fit synchronization problems is to remove the bracelet from the app and add it again. The process is really simple

Within My Fit, we will go to the My Profile tab. After accessing the configuration of the registered bracelet, we will slide to the Unlink option, which coincides with the last option available. Now we will only have to re-register the device following the usual steps with Bluetooth on and the bracelet as close as possible to the phone.

4. Xiaomi Mi Band Does Not Link With Mi Fit

A problem that is usually evident if we have previously synchronized the bracelet with other devices. To correctly link the bracelet with Mi Fit, we will have to make sure that we access the application with the same Xiaomi account that we have registered on other devices. This is extremely important, otherwise, we will have to format the Mi Band following the process that we will explain later.

Once we have synchronized our user account with the application, we will not have to re-register the bracelet, this process will be carried out automatically. The good thing is that this synchronization is done on all devices with a registered Mi Fit account. In other words, we can link the bracelet to several devices at the same time as long as the same Xiaomi account is maintained.

5.The Mi Band Does Not Turn On Or The Screen Does Not Turn On

This problem usually occurs when the bracelet has not been worn for a long period of time. The solution is to keep the Mi Band connected to its charger for several hours, after all, it is likely that the battery has completely depleted. It may also be due to a screen problem. In this case, the solution is to replace the component, although the cheapest thing is to use another bracelet.

6. Xiaomi Mi Band Does Not Charge

If the bracelet turns on correctly but does not charge, the problem is probably related to the connection of the cable or the connector of the bracelet itself. Generally, the cable connectors are usually quite fragile, as well as the capsule itself where the bracelet is inserted.

The red arrows indicate the charger connection pins, while the blue arrows indicate the charging points of the Mi Band.

It is advisable to clean both connectors and check if they are straight. Otherwise, we will have to straighten them with pliers or any other tool that allows us to manipulate them. We can also try to force the contact of the pins with the connection of the bracelet. If it doesn’t work, we can always buy an additional cable through eBay or Amazon. They do not usually exceed 5 euros.

7. A General Solution Most Problems: Restore The Mi Band To Factory Settings

The most radical solution to any Xiaomi smart bracelet related problem is to restore the software to factory settings. In other words, format the Mi Band.

This process varies depending on the version of the bracelet (Mi Band 2, Mi Band 3…), but it is generally similar in all cases. First of all, we will have to go to the More menu that we can find in the options of the bracelet. Within this menu, we will navigate to the Factory Reset option. Finally, we will keep our finger on the option in question to accept the operation.

To delete the data from the bracelet in Mi Fit, it is recommended to delete the registered bracelet following the process that we have explained previously. From this point, we can re-synchronize the bracelet with the mobile to check its operation.

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