8 Best Poco M3 Tips and Tricks

The Poco M3 is the new terminal of the Xiaomi sub-brand. As a strong best-seller candidate that it is, the Asian firm’s phone has already become one of the most desired phones in the entry range. And it is that in addition to having the latest version of MIUI, the terminal has a whole series of specifications more typical of the mid-range. To take full advantage of all its features we have made a compilation with several tricks of the Poco M3 that you should try right now on the phone.

1. Use Your Favorite Songs as Ringtones on the Poco M3

Like most layers of customization, MIUI 12 gives us the possibility to use custom tones as ringtones and notifications that we have previously stored in the phone memory.

The first thing we will have to do is go to the Sounds and vibration section in Settings. Once inside, we will click on Phone ringtone to change the ringtone of the calls or on Default notification sound if we want to change the tone of the system notifications and applications.

Finally, we will click on Choose a local ringtone and finally on File manager to choose the tone that we have previously downloaded.

2. Bring the Poco M3 to Life by Speeding Up System Animations

Although the Poco M3 has solvent hardware according to current standards, the truth is that we can accelerate its animations thanks to the Android development settings. To activate these settings we will have to go first to Settings, specifically to the About the phone section. Within this menu, we will press a total of seven times on the MIUI version section.

Speed up Animations on Poco M3

With the development settings active, the next step will be to go to the Additional settings section, where we can find the new settings under the name Development settings. Finally, we will access these until we find the following options:

  • Window animation scale
  • Transition animation scale
  • Animation duration scale

Within each of these options, we will mark the value 0.5x to accelerate the animations of MIUI and Android. We can also choose to disable them completely.

3. Activate the Hidden Settings of the Poco M3 With This Trick

Or rather, with this application, which is called Hidden Settings for MIUI. What this application does is collect various hidden MIUI settings for easy access from a single interface.

Some of these settings allow us, for example, to connect to a private DNS, view the notification history to view deleted messages or test the phone’s hardware for hardware errors.

We can also access device information, manage applications, and even the QMMI menu.

4. Lock Apps With Password on Poco M3

MIUI 12 also gives us the possibility to block access to applications through a personalized password or by using the fingerprint sensor. To do this, we will only have to go to the Applications section within the system settings. Once inside, we will click again on Applications and finally on Application Lock.

Now the system will show us a list of all the applications installed on the Poco M3. We will only have to select the applications that we want to protect and then configure a blocking method to proceed, as can be seen in the screenshots.

5. Duplicate Applications to Use Two Accounts at the Same Time (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook…)

Another trick of the Poco M3 no less interesting than the previous one is related to the possibility of duplicating application instances to use two accounts at the same time. This function is found within the same previous section, specifically in the Dual applications option.

Simply select the applications that we want to duplicate so that a new instance is generated on the phone. Of course, the number of applications compatible with this function is somewhat limited.

6. Configure the Action of the Poco M3 Buttons

Did you know that you can modify the behavior of the Poco M3 buttons, such as the Power button and the Volume buttons? Thanks to the MIUI options, we can associate different functions to each of the buttons, such as opening applications, turning on the flashlight, activating the split-screen, opening the camera, or starting the Google assistant, for example.

To change the action of the buttons we will have to go back to the Additional Settings section within Settings, specifically the Button Shortcuts menu. From this same menu, we can associate different actions to the Poco M3 buttons.

GCam for Poco M3: Download and Install the Google Camera APK

7. Get the Most Out of the Poco M3’s Camera With the Google Camera

We have already mentioned countless times the advantages of GCam over the camera applications that manufacturers design for their phones. In the case of the Poco M3, the device has several versions of the famous Google Camera. The most functional that we have been able to find on the web is the one proposed by the website.

To apply an XML file within the application and improve the results of the photographs, we can follow this other tutorial where we explain how to install the Google Camera on the Poco M3.

8. Improve Gaming Performance on Your Poco M3 With This Trick

Since MIUI 11 and the latest versions of MIUI 10, the Asian firm has stamped on its customization layer in a way that allows us to focus all the attention of the hardware on the execution of games. This application is called Game Accelerator (or Game Turbo).

And we can access both from the application drawer in the Tools folder and from the system settings. Specifically, through the Special functions section.

Once the application is started, the system will recognize all the games installed in memory. From the Configuration section, we can modify some graphic parameters of the system. Block incoming notifications, prioritize battery life…

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