CryptoBlades: A Play-to-earn Game Where You Can Earn Cryptocurrencies

Earning cryptocurrencies through play is now a reality, thanks to blockchain-based video games, which offer users digital assets as rewards for winning battles or trading in-game NFTs. While there are many titles available, CryptoBlades remains one of the most popular, as it is designed to allow users to control their tokens and play to win.

One particularity present in most crypto-video games is that their communities and minimum investment amounts are growing every day, making it often more difficult to break in as a novice player. Therefore, we will provide a complete guide with which you will be able to take your first steps with ease, learn the basics of the game, how to play CryptoBlades, what is the registration process, methods to earn cryptocurrencies playing, the requirements to start, what are CryptoBlades cryptocurrencies and some recommendations.

CryptoBlades: What is it?

It is a role-playing video game, in the medieval heroic fantasy genre, which combines elements of titles such as Albion Online and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but with a turn-based battle system. The essence of the game focuses on owning the strongest character on the platform, in order to increase the success rate during battles, using the best swords, tools and equipment that can be acquired according to the capital available.

With a turn-based gameplay system, gamers will have the opportunity to plan strategies based on the abilities of their avatars and those of their opponents, as they will be subject to the four elements of nature (water, earth, fire and lightning), each one being stronger or weaker than its counterpart. In this way, it is possible to fight against the most favourable enemies, which will allow you to gain experience and tokens.

As a non-linear game, users can perform different activities, such as battles, forge unique weapons, reforge other weapons to increase their power or control additional characters; activities that will allow them to earn cryptocurrencies, NFT and experience.

The server stipulates a limit of seven duels in a 24-hour period, with each battle providing approximately 0.07 SKILL, or $2.32 USD at the current exchange rate. Additionally, players will also be able to trade weapons and characters on the platform’s marketplace, as well as receive tokens as rewards or gamble their winnings.

CryptoBlades: A Play-to-earn Game Where You Can Earn Cryptocurrencies

CryptoBlades game: How does it work?

Developed by Riverted Games, CryptoBlades is a browser-based video game built on Binance’s Smart Chain Structure (BSC), which allows gamers to retain ownership of the avatar and in-game items they have earned in the form of NFT. The BSC is a blockchain that functions as a smart contract and is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, allowing for faster trading within the platform.

The currency used in the video game to carry out transactions is called SKILL, which can be obtained as a reward after winning fights. The main focus of the game is to earn SKILL tokens. To achieve this, gamers must defeat enemies, either in player-to-player combat or by participating in raids. At the same time, players can control additional characters and upgrade weapons to increase their power and stamina in battle, maximising their chances of victory and rewards. They can also trade avatars and equipment on the marketplace as a way to encourage cooperative play and receive tokens as additional rewards.

Unlike other blockchain games that use ETH as the currency for in-game transactions, in CryptoBlades gas fees are settled in BNB (Binance Coin). However, BNB must be exchanged to SKILL or vice versa, using a web wallet3 and a trusted exchange such as Binance.

Features of CryptoBlades

This video game shares many similarities with other titles developed in blockchain; especially in the functional aspect. Therefore, among its main features we have:

It is designed under the play-to-earn (P2E) model, whereby players can collect in-game items in NFT format, which can be used to enhance their avatar’s abilities or sell them for cryptocurrencies.

There is no downloadable file, so to start playing, players simply access the official website from a browser and connect using a Binance Smart Chain compatible web wallet3 (such as Metamask).

The game’s NFTs can be exchanged, bought or sold without having to leave the platform, as it has its own marketplace.

The token used on the platform is SKILL, which has a simple integration with traditional and DEX exchanges, where it is possible to exchange for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

The currency used to carry out transactions within the marketplace is the SKILL token.

NFTs and SKILL tokens are built on the Binance Smart Chain, which guarantees greater security, better performance, faster transactions and lower fees.

How to register with CryptoBlades

To start your adventure on CryptoBlades, you need to acquire your first character, which is an NFT must be purchased using cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you will need to have 1.2255 SKILL (approximately $40.68 USD) to recruit your first avatar and 0.025 BNB to cancel the gas of the first transactions. Below is the process for registering using a computer and Android devices:

Computer registration

Download the MetaMask digital wallet, which works as a browser extension that automatically detects the pages you interact with and configure it to use the BSC network. It is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, iOS and Android.

Create an account on the Binance exchange, providing the necessary information to unlock the intermediate level of security. Here they will be able to acquire the BNBs needed to make transactions on the CryptoBlades platform; they will then need to send them to their MetaMask wallet.

Go to the ApeSwap page to acquire the 1.2255 SKILL to buy your first avatar.

Access the CryptoBlades DApp to connect it to your digital wallets. Recently, the platform promoted a series of packages for players with a larger starting capital budget, which are made up as follows:

  • Value Pack: 4 avatars, 3 swords and 1 account. Offers annual earnings of approximately $1,100 USD.
  • Standard Pack: 4 avatars, 4 swords and 1 account. Estimated annual earnings of $1,800 USD.
  • Maximum package: 4 avatars, 5 swords and 1 account. Estimated earnings per year of $2,650 USD.

Once you purchase your first playable character NFT, you can start your adventure on the CryptoBlades platform.

Registration with Android

Download the MetaMask application from the Play Store, which weighs 32MB. Here we will store the BNB needed to make transactions and the tokens earned within the game.

When you enter MetaMask for the first time, you will have to create a wallet or import the one you are using. In either case, it is imperative that you remember to save the security phrase that will allow you to recover your account in case you lose it.

Now, you must connect the MetaMask wallet to the Binance Smart Chain network by clicking on the three-dashed menu in the top right corner. Click on Settings and then Networks. Once there, click on Add Network and paste in the following details:

  • Network name: Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL

Your MetaMask wallet will now work seamlessly with the Binance Smart Chain.

Now, go back to the three-line menu and click on the Browser option. You will now be able to start playing CryptoBlades from a smartphone or tablet by logging in to your game’s website.

Getting started: How to play CryptoBlades

Getting started: How to play CryptoBlades

Once you have completed the registration process, you will be able to start playing on the platform; which in principle has a series of standard initial steps:

Player start

The adventure begins in The Plaza, where you acquire your first randomly assigned avatar, with a default starting weapon. All characters start with 200 stamina points, an amount that will allow them to participate in 5 fights, as each one costs 40 stamina points. As you progress through the game and your character’s stats improve, your stamina points will increase and you will be able to participate in more battles, gaining you more experience and higher earnings.

At the start of the game, the platform will provide you with your first four enemies, which you must fight starting with whoever has the natural element that is at a disadvantage to your character. In this way, they will be able to take on a larger number of enemies and increase their win rate. In order to carry out a battle, the user must have BNB tokens to pay 0.010 gas, otherwise, it will not be possible to carry out the battle. On the other hand, experience is automatically integrated into the character’s stats after victory, while tokens are released at the player’s disposal.

Player Levels

All characters start at level 1, using combat victories to gain experience and tokens. Avatar levels serve several functions, such as: determining the amount of power they possess, calculating the number of tokens the player will earn after each victory, and setting how much experience they will be awarded.

Currently, CryptoBlades has a maximum level cap of 255. In addition, there are milestones that significantly improve avatar stats every ten-odd levels, i.e. 11, 21, 31, and more.

Weapon forging

One feature of the game is that it allows new weapons to be created and others to be forged to increase their powers, allowing characters to deal more damage to their opponents. It is worth noting that the forging process uses an RNG that will determine the level of the weapons obtained, the table being as follows:

  • One star: 44% chance. You will be assigned 1 element and 1 elemental attribute, with a random statistic from 4 to 200 (average of 102, minimum 1% and maximum 50%).
  • Two stars: 35% chance. You will be assigned 1 element and 1 elemental attribute, with a random statistic of 180 to 300 (average of 240, 45% minimum and 75% maximum).
  • Three stars: 15% chance. You will be assigned 1 element and 1 elemental attribute, with a random statistic of 280 to 400 (average of 340, 70% minimum and 100% maximum).
  • Four stars: 5% chance. You will be assigned 1 element and 2 elemental attributes, with a random statistic of 200 to 400 (average of 300 each, 150% extra power minimum and 200% maximum).
  • Five stars: 1% chance. You will be assigned 1 element and 3 elemental or power attributes, with a random statistic of 268 to 400 (average of 334 each, with 250.5% extra power and a maximum of 300%).

Earning cryptocurrencies by playing: Available methods and alternatives

Unlike other crypto-video games, in CryptoBlades there are not so many alternatives for earning tokens. However, we can earn good profits if we apply the following methods:


The main way to earn reward tokens in CryptoBlades is by winning battles, either in raids or against other gamers. To do so, players will have to use their avatars and NFT equipment to fight against others; actions that take place in the Combat section of the platform.

Battles are categorised as “chain transactions” that take into consideration the skills of the avatar and the enemy, calculating the values of both to determine which player wins or loses.


In CryptoBlades it is possible to engage in a sort of farmeo by selling swords and equipment to other players, receiving SKILL tokens in return. All items in CryptoBlades can be traded freely without threat of account banning; as the items are tokenised as NFT using blockchain technology that allows them to be converted into ERC-721 tokens. In this way, users become the sole and rightful owners of such digital assets.


In CryptoBlades earned tokens are not stored directly in the player’s account but must be claimed in the section called Rewards. The reason why cryptocurrencies are not transferred directly is that the platform offers two different alternatives: withdraw the winnings immediately by paying an early withdrawal tax or let a time-lapse for them to be transferred automatically. Additionally, it is necessary to consider:

The early withdrawal fee aims to reduce quick withdrawals and asset sales immediately so that the token is not as affected by market fluctuations.

Upon earning reward tokens, your withdrawal fee will be 15% and will decrease by 1% daily until it reaches 0%. In other words, every 15 days they will be able to withdraw their daily earnings without paying any fees.

Every time a player withdraws their unclaimed chips or stakes in the staking, the withdrawal fee is reset to 15%, as this is one of the ways in which the platform generates profits.


Another alternative to obtain SKILL tokens is through decentralised exchanges (DEX) and centralised exchanges (CEX), with which you will have to perform the following actions:

DEX: The best alternative available is PancakeSwap, where they will have to import the smart contract to have the option to claim SKILL tokens by leveraging other tokens supported by the platform. To achieve this, they will need to follow the steps below:

  • Login to the PancakeSwap website and search for the SKILL token.
  • Click on the Import button and tick the box containing the contract import terms.
  • Once loaded, you will be able to use the platform to buy or sell SKILL.
  • CEX: The best options available are, BKEX and
Pre-considerations for playing CryptoBlades

Pre-considerations for playing CryptoBlades

As an interested or novice player, you may have a number of concerns about how the game works and how to earn rewards, so we will provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions when playing CryptoBlades:

How much is the minimum I can earn at the start?

Players who are just starting out will be able to play a maximum of seven matches in a 24-hour period, which will be reset as indicated by the game server. Each victory will earn the winner a reward of 0.07 SKILL, or $2.32 USD at the current exchange rate. Therefore, a gamer with the skills to win the 7 daily matches could earn up to 0.49 SKILL or $16.24 USD per day.

However, it is necessary to consider that the actual profit obtained will be determined by the value of the token at the time of the transfer or its conversion to fiat money; as it can go up or down considerably depending on the factors that intervene in the market.

How to get CryptoBlades cryptocurrencies?

The platform’s native currency is the SKILL token, which is used to perform any in-game action such as buying swords, forging weapons, buying equipment or trading. The token economy indicates that the flow of SKILL is divided as follows:

  • IDO: 35
  • Development: 20%.
  • Initial Liquidity: 15% Initial Liquidity: 15% Initial Liquidity: 15% Initial Liquidity: 15% Initial Liquidity: 15% Initial Liquidity
  • Game Incentives: 20% Cash Incentives: 10% Cash
  • Liquidity Incentives: 10%

With these percentages, we can see how the maximum issuance of play tokens works, as well as how the currency can undergo incredible fluctuations within the market.

How to play and win in CryptoBlades?

CryptoBlades is an RPG in which players can level up their characters and form extremely powerful teams, customising their preferences as the adventure progresses. The game mechanics revolve around the four natural elements of water, earth, fire and lightning, which are automatically assigned to avatars, enemies, weapons and equipment.

As in Pokémon or Axie Infinity, the elements increase or decrease the likelihood of success according to the enemy they face, as follows:

  • Water: Strong against the fire element and weak against the lightning element.
  • Earth: Strong against lightning element and weak against fire element.
  • Fire: Strong against earth element and weak against a water element.
  • Lightning: Strong against water element and weak against earth element.

As players participate in fights, they will gain experience and adapt better to the game system, so they will understand which fights they can win and recognise which ones are risky.

Do I need to invest in CryptoBlades in order to play?

All play-to-earn games require the investment of a certain amount of cryptocurrencies in order to acquire the NFTs of playable characters, in this case, a warrior to battle. Unlike other titles such as Axie Infinity which requires approximately $800 USD to purchase an average piece of equipment, in CryptoBlades it is possible to buy an avatar with 1.2 SKILL ($39.83 USD at current exchange rates); a feature that makes it one of the cheapest P2E to date.

On the other hand, improving the avatar’s skills requires an excellent levelling strategy, so that they can gain a lot of experience and earn tokens, as a good investment is necessary to increase the character’s power. For example, a shield can cost up to 20 SKILLs (approximately $663.88 USD) thanks to currency fluctuation, so it is an excellent idea to purchase equipment as the market dictates. In addition, investing in such items can be an excellent medium to long term trading strategy.

Like most crypto-video games, CryptoBlades is designed to encourage the earning of tokens by performing certain activities in a repetitive manner, which can get boring for many people. We must remember that it is a play-to-earn, which are developed to earn cryptocurrencies by playing. Likewise, it should be noted that although the value of the SKILL has fluctuated incredibly, due to the error perpetrated by the developers, this remains a game with a large community waiting to see their token return to the top. Therefore, taking advantage of the current low prices could be an excellent opportunity to invest in the platform before the CryptoBlades price rises again.

On the other hand, when dabbling in the crypto-world it is necessary to keep in mind that any action presents a risk; as an investment could triple in volume or be lost in a matter of seconds. Therefore, the recommendation before starting in the CryptoBlades game or any other blockchain game is to research thoroughly.

We have learned how to play CryptoBlades, are you ready to become a crypto-gamer?

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